The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania Chapter 8

The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania Chapter 8


The bite was painful but the pain was shortlived. My mind could not wrap around what was happening. There was just the short pain sensation and a different kind of sensation right after

At first, 1 remembered myself thrashing against his hold. But the Alpha King refused to let me go. His hold was as strong as a chain, however, his had a hint of possessivenesssomething that made me feel like he didn’t want to let me go

Then he started to suck the spot where he bit and the warmth of his tongue sent volts of electricity down my spine. I arched my back and I was not sure if it was because I wanted to be free or if I wanted more. The line between getting away and getting closer to him started to blur until there was only one thing left I wanted to do: to be as close to him as possible. To feel the calloused hands against the exposed parts of my skin

I found myself wanting more and I hated myself for it. The desire started to build as he continued to suck against the tender spot on my neck. I could feel his warm breath as he breathed hard, shuddering, in fact.. 

Then he let me go

The warmth felt so good that I was too tempted to pull him back closer. But he let me go

My body was trembling. The pain from my wounds started disappearing, replaced with another sensation I was not supposed to feel. My legs were trembling and so were my hands. I knew that even if I attempted to stand, I could not hold myself together

I looked at Lance as he stood, towering over me. And that’s when I saw how his eyes glowed golden as he watched me on the floor. I saw how his throat bobbed as if it was the only thing he could do to control whatever he needed to control

The warmth went from my neck and started to spread all over my body, concentrating between my legs where I felt the most aching feeling. I was not too naive not to know what was happening. There was lust and an unrelenting desire burning in my body. I knew he felt the same as it reflected in his eyes

He walked to the settee near the floortoceiling glass window that covered the whole wall. He sat there and watched me as the smell of my wetness coated the whole room. He closed his eyes and sniffed the air which made me hitch my breath. I could smell it too. Even without my wolf, I could smell it too. Not just mine but his arousal as well

My gaze darted to the bulge on his pants and it made me swallow so hard. It made me lust even more. I knew he had done something by biting me earlier

WWhat did you do to me?I said, my voice was trembling. Not because of the cold but because of the sensation that was too much to bear. I started to clench my legs and I saw how his eyes moved from my face to my exposed legs

Your wounds are starting to cure,” he said. His voice was low, different from his usual tone. It was almost a growl. I could see him gripping the seat too tightly I was fearing he would break it

My eyes went to the wound on my leg and indeed, it wasn’t there anymore. There was a faint scar but then it disappeared a few seconds later. Soon, my leg was as smooth as it was before. He cured it but for a price

Why am I feeling this way?I dared to ask

Because I bit you and that is your punishment, little wolf. Now, what are you going to do?His voice was smooth as silk and as sensual as the night. He sat there, looking close to becoming undone but he was doing a damn good job controlling it, while I was already trembling

You are such a prick,” I hissed but it sounded almost like a moan. He grinned slyly, as though it was 




the most amusing thing

You’ve called me worse inside your head. Prick sounds like a compliment,” he said, grinning wider

My breasts felt taut and my nipples felt very sensitive against my clothes. The clothes I was wearing looked like scraps and they were exposing most of my skin. Despite that, I still felt like burning. The aching between my legs became more intense the more I clenched my legs

And as if my hands have a brain on their own, they started to move south, desperately wanting to cure the aching sensation. Desperate for pleasure

My other hand cupped one of my breasts and I let out a gasp when I pinched my nipple. I was too sensitive and every touch of my hand left fire in their wake

Trembling, I started to spread my legs, hiking my clothes higher, exposing myself. I bit my lip as my hand found my aching core. This time, a moan escaped from my mouth as the sensation sent bolts of electricity to my whole system

That’s it, little wolf. Embrace your punishment,he growled. I looked at him and he was still gripping the chair too tightly, his bulge getting bigger as he watched me

My fingers were already soaked and I could not get enough from just rubbing from the fabric. With expert hands, I shoved my underwear to the side, baring my naked self to him. I could have sworn his eyes glowed brighter and I heard his chair break from his gripping

Put it in, little wolf,he commanded. As if I was hypnotized, I inserted my finger and I arched my back with the sensation

Keep going, Eleanor,he said and his voice sounded so close to my ear that I shivered. It was then that I realized he was in my head, telling me nasty, nasty things that made me pleasure myself more

I found myself already lying on the floor, back arched. My fingers were getting in and out of my hole while the other was pinching my nipple

Think of your hands as mine. Those are my hands pinching your nipples and thrusting in and out of you,he crooned inside my head and the image formed vividly. I knew he was the one who planted the image inside my brain

We were on the floor and I was arching my back. He was looming on top of me, his magnificent body covering me completely. It was his fingers that went in and out of my aching core while his thumb rubbed against my clit. He was watching how pleasured I was, watching how my face contorted with desire as he continued to pump his fingers. Gently at first and then it continued to build and become faster

Think of my mouth on your breasts,he said and I let out a moan as I felt his warm breath on my nowexposed breasts. Think of how I play with those erect nipples, Eleanor.” 

I did. The image formed inside my head and the feeling was too real that I let out another throaty 


The pleasure was building up and the image started to change. He was leaning closer and closer until his mouthy closed into my nipples. He started to play it with his mouth, his teeth, and his tongue. I know it was his doing. I know he was feeding my head with those images, making the pleasure more intense

I could not stop myself from moaning too loudly as he continued to pleasure me with just his power

With one last stroke of my finger, I came undone. The climax came too powerful and I felt like I could break my back from arching too much

My whole body was trembling and my fingers were wet with my pleasure

I was breathing hard and I opened my eyes to see him watching him. The corner of his lips rose up, watching me with a cocky grin. The bulge on his pants was still there and he showed no 

embarrassment as he stood and walked over to where I was



He crouched down in front of me and his eyes watched my chest as I was heaving hard

I know you’d feel humiliated after this but that was the point of your punishment, he started. Then his eyes went to where my other hand was buriedin between my legs. Gingerly, he held my wrist and lifted my hand

I was about to pull it from his grip when he tightened his hold and gave me a warning stare. Without breaking eye contact, he brought my wet fingers to his mouth and licked it clean, making me gasp

Perhaps I lost all my strength from what I did earlier but I could not pull my hand away. I enjoyed the feel of his warm tongue more than I care to admit

When he was done, he placed my hand gently on top of my stomach and licked his lips. I know my face is already red with embarrassment. As much as I wanted to curse him out, I couldn’t

Then much to my surprise, he pulled the scraps of my clothing to cover my exposed breasts and before I could process it, he was already lifting me towards the bed

Next time, I’ll make sure you 

and I felt drowsy all of a suddon’t have it as a punishment,he said before he snapped his

I wasn’t able to talk as sleep took me too fast


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The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania

The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/19/2023 Native Language: English
he Alpha King's Mate" by Misscesania is a paranormal romance novel that explores the passionate and tumultuous relationship between an alpha werewolf king and his destined mate. Filled with supernatural intrigue, pack dynamics, and steamy encounters, the story unfolds in a captivating world of fantasy and desire..

The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania

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Title: The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English
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e Alpha King's Mate Chapter 01: Gone "I'm sorry, Eleana," said Harold. Those three words managed to shatter my whole world. I stopped hearing things. Everything that Harold said after those three words was a complete blur. I felt like I was floating. "H-Harold. Please tell me this is just a huge joke—" "It's not, El. This is real. I reject you as my mate." Suddenly, breathing was hard. Every inhalation felt like she was being pierced by shards of glass. "But we were there! We felt it. We felt the mating bond. The moon goddess chose us to be mates. You felt it too! What is this?"
The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania


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