The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania Chapter 12

The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania Chapter 12


Chapter 12 

Chapter 12 

One thing I can say about the place is that it was very cheerful. It was not something I expected at all. It was completely different from the house in the middle of the woods

I did not realize I was still clinging to him until I felt his fingers brush at the exposed skin on my back. I shivered at the contact. If he felt my reaction, he said nothing

My eyes feasted on what I could see from the surroundings. The environment was very different from his house in the middle of the woods. Here, people were walking around, busy with their own. businesses. The streets were bustling as there were shops lining the streets. Pretty trees with leaves in different colors provided shade for the people.. 

I could hear merry music from a distance and the faint sound of singing as well. This place is not that place suited for the ruthless Alpha King

The people here look happy. They look satisfied with their lives and they don’t seem to have any complaints

However, what surprised me more was that the people smiled in Lance’s direction, greeting him good morning. The most surprising thing was Lance greeting them back and knowing their names

I did not realize I was looking at him until he met my eyes

Is it that surprising that I know my people’s names?he asked after reading my thoughts

I shook my head. Now that I think of it, you can easily get their names using your absurdly convenient ability.” 

He let out a chuckle. The sound was light and carefree. The image of the ruthless Alpha King that people paint him out to be was slowly beginning to fade inside my head

I can do that, yes. But I truly have known these people since I was young so I don’t need to use my abilities.” He started walking and I had no choice but to follow him

Why am I here?I asked as I continued to look around. The people continued to mind their own lives. They would greet Lance and continue what they were doing. There was no fear. The people in this place do not fear the Alpha King

Just what is going on

They don’t fear me because they don’t have a reason to.” 

But I had several reasons

You’re ruthless,” I said and looked at the kids playing a ball. They saw Lance and waved at him. He waved back. This is not the man that people use to scare their kids at night. This is not the man that people call ruthless. This man in front of me is different

You have had life taken by your own hands. You don’t hesitate to kill. You have a nasty reputation for those reasons. WhyWhy do they not fear you? Aren’t those reasons enough?” 

He was silent for a moment as he continued walking. The cool breeze blew past us and it swayed his hair, making it dance. It made him look uncharacteristically solemn

They don’t need to fear me, Eleana. That is why they don’t feel it with me.” 

But why? Why are youdifferent here?” 

He gave me a sideways glance before he said, I was born to be the Alpha King of this continent. At a very young age, I came to understand the weight I would bear should I become the King. I know I will have to make sacrifices. One of the sacrifices is my reputation. If I could protect my subjects, my people by being ruthless, then I don’t mind being painted as ruthless.” 

Do they even know? Do these people know that you manage a group of wolves in the bayou who 



Chapter 12 

don’t hesitate to assault women? Do they know that you sent me to be executed for protecting myself? Do they know you did not even bat an eyelash when that fire was starting to spread, ready to devour me alive?” 

Once again, he was quiet. But a few seconds passed and he answered, They know what I do. They know the roles I have to play and the masks I have to wear. They know I do it to protect them. That’s why they don’t fear me.” 

Then it’s damn lucky for these people to never experience that fear. The fear I felt when I met him. The fear I felt when I was so certain I was about to die. They are damn lucky they don’t have Lance as the embodiment of a nightmare

My people are blameless, little wolf” 

This is not your only people.” 

They’re the ones that matter to me. The others are my masks. The ones I use to play the role l’have to play. I let them play however they want but I still give them punishments.He stopped walking and faced me. What happened with you with the wolves from the bayou was unfortunate. But you gave justice and killed him.” 

I scoffed. Justice? You were going to execute me.” 

I had to do that.” 

Because it was part of the role you have to play?” 

He nodded slowly and my stomach turned leaden. If he did not feel that mating bond that daywould that mean I would have been dead by now? Would I have been burned alive? Would I have died in one of the most horrific ways of death

The thought made me shiver. Was it one lucky circumstance that he felt I was his mate? Or is this a curse? A curse that could doom my life for eternity

He was looking at me, eyes searching. I know he could read me like an open book and I freely let him

He did not say anything about what he saw and just sighed. Looking at him at the moment, I felt like I was looking at a completely different person than the Alpha King who is famous for being a monster. A damn goodlooking monster. When I first saw him, I couldn’t help but gape at how beautiful he 

Perhaps he was a monster in that sense, too. He is too beautifulenough to get anyone to let their guard down and trust him with their lives. He is dangerous. Beautiful and dangerous./ 

The compliment rang in my head so much that I heard him let out another chuckle

I am not complimenting you,” I spat

He started walking again and gave me a look over his shoulder. From you who either curse me out or call me horrendous nicknames, what you said is the closest to a compliment you could ever come 

up with.” 

I know my thoughts are splayed to you like a food ready to be served but can’t you try and not do that?” 

He angled his head as he turned and started to walk backward. Why so? Are you afraid I might discover your nasty little thoughts about me, little wolf?” 

Shameless prick

You fed those nasty thoughts to me. I’d rather not have a brain than think about it.” 

He tipped his head back and laughed. For a moment, I was stunned. He looked so boyish. So young He did not look like an Alpha King at all. He did not look like the man who could make the whole 



Chapter 12 

room go silent by his mere footsteps

That is when I realized why he especially takes care of this place. This is the only place where he could show another kind of emotion apart from being cold and cunning. This is the place where he could be himself. His real self

He stopped walking and looked at me. I noticed we stopped in the middle of a cobblestone bridge. I peered over and gasped at the sparkling river water down below

You’re right,he said, referring to my earlier realization. “This place holds a special spot in my heart. This is the only place where the people don’t fear me. The only place with people who understand me. That’s why I want to give back and give them the best life possible.” 

He stared ahead, straight to the streets where I could see people dancing to merry music. I could see the people’s happiness. I could see how contented they were living here. As much as I hate to admit it, I could say one thing: Lance is a good ruler to them

What is this city called? I have never heard of this city where the people don’t fear you.” 

He faced me and smiled before he said, Spressa City. The city of hopes and dreams.” 

And why did you bring me here? Do you fear I would escape again once leaving me alone?” 

I simply wanted you to see something different. And I also wanted to introduce you to my inner circle: the Holy Order pack.” 

I’m sorry, what?” 

Instead of answering, he extended his hand and smiled. Shall we?” 

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The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania

The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania

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he Alpha King's Mate" by Misscesania is a paranormal romance novel that explores the passionate and tumultuous relationship between an alpha werewolf king and his destined mate. Filled with supernatural intrigue, pack dynamics, and steamy encounters, the story unfolds in a captivating world of fantasy and desire..

The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania

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e Alpha King's Mate Chapter 01: Gone "I'm sorry, Eleana," said Harold. Those three words managed to shatter my whole world. I stopped hearing things. Everything that Harold said after those three words was a complete blur. I felt like I was floating. "H-Harold. Please tell me this is just a huge joke—" "It's not, El. This is real. I reject you as my mate." Suddenly, breathing was hard. Every inhalation felt like she was being pierced by shards of glass. "But we were there! We felt it. We felt the mating bond. The moon goddess chose us to be mates. You felt it too! What is this?"
The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania


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