The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania Chapter 11

The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania Chapter 11

Chapter 11 

I went to bed that night with lots of thoughts inside my head. The house was too quiet and I don’t know if I was alone or if the maids were in the house somewhere or if Lance was there– 

“I am here” 

er caressing 

I almost jumped from my bed when I heard him inside my head. The familiar cold power the walls of my mind made my toes curl. I pulled the blanket up to my chin

Stop going inside my head.” 

I heard him chuckle. The sound was too lowtoo sensual to be called appropriate

“I can’t help it. Your thoughts are too loud I could hear it from my chamber.” 

You’re powerful Can’t you block it? What am I supposed to do then? Not think?” 

I could have sworn I heard him laugh from his chamber. I am quite surprised you’re not thinking of escaping anymore.” 

I am still thinking about it but it’s buried deep inside my mind where you can’t reach.” 

I could almost picture him raising his brows as he said, Oh? I guess the punishment was too light.” 

I bit my lip and clenched my legs as I remembered what happened that night. The feeling of pleasure was still there. I could still feel it. And I hated myself for thinking about it because I heard another chuckle from him

What kind of punishment would you like next time, little wolf?” 

Fuck you.” 

Such nasty little mouth you have.” 

Leave me alone.” 

“I would if you stop thinking about my hands between your legs.” 

I wasn’t thinking about that!I yelled and I heard him bark a laugh. It was then that I realized I had said it out loud and that his laugh was too near. Is he in the next chamber

That’s right. And I can smell you from here, Eleanor.” 

Stop making things up.” 

You desire me and I can’t really blame you for that.” 

I could imagine his smug look as he said those words and I resisted the urge to thrash the windows

I gave the wall a vulgar gesture and knew he could see it because I also flashed it inside my head. But then I felt the cold tendrils of power caressing my walls with more pressure this time, as if he was trying to make a point. It’s not going to do me well if I continue to banter so I closed my eyes and tried my best to sleep


I smiled to myself as the quietness settled in. Eleanor had gone to sleep and I don’t know if I should be happy about it or not. I still wanted to play with her. Tease her and see her reaction. But I also knew that she needed the rest. After what she had been through for the last few days, she needed the sleep

My eyes darted toward the bulge in my pants and muttered a curse. I could vividly see her thoughts and saw how she was thinking about that night she pleased herself all while thinking about my hands 



Chapter 11 

in her body. Eleanor’s thoughts are laid to me like a delectable food on a silver platter. I can do this. with anyone, especially wolves who have not been trained to put up solid walls around their thoughts. like Eleanor

Eleanor has no idea. She had no idea it took most of my selfcontrol not to barge into her chamber and do the exact same thing she had been thinking

But not now

For now, I need her to be at ease. I want her to feel that this is her home now. I understand it will not take that easy but I know I am willing to wait

The morning breeze was cold against my skin and I realized my window was open

I do not remember opening my windows before going to bed earlier

But then I smelled his presence inside my chamber before I noticed him sitting on the chair in the 


Morning,” he said, voice low

I knew this was gonna happen. Locks are useless, especially for a man who can transport from one place to another with only half a thought

I pulled the blanket up to my chin and glared at him. He smirked as he crossed his legs. Has he been there and watched me sleep

I have been here quite long enough to hear you say my name in my sleep. Tell me, little wolfhe trailed and then he disappeared. One moment he was on the seat the next, he was sitting on the bed next to me, almost making me fall down

have you been dreaming of me?” 

He took a strand of my hair and smelled it

GGet away,I stuttered

He chuckled and let go of my hair. He stood and stuffed his hands inside his pockets

Get ready. We’re going somewhere.” 

I am not going anywhere with you.” 

He was not even fazed. As though he’s already used to my attitude towards him

He just smiled and said. Yes, you are. Get dressed and I shall be waiting for you at the foyer.” 

Before I could even protest, he was gone. I kicked the blanket and punched the air out of frustration. I screamed in silence but I knew he could still hear me

When I looked at my bed, a box was already there. It revealed a pretty sundress that I would have adored if it hadn’t come from Lancelot

Having nothing else decent to wear, I wore the sundress and did my hair as well. A few minutes later I was done. I walked down the stairs and when I reached the foyer, he was there indeed, leaning against the massive columns

He noticed my presence and he did not hide the way his gaze raked me from head to toe. I fought the urge to blush and cleared my throat. His eyes went back to my eyes and a feline smile curved hist mouth

You look delectable,he said

What an absolute prick


Chapter 11 

A prick I might be but look at you now. You look less miserable than the first time I saw you.” 

Probably because the first time you saw me I was almost sexually assaulted by one of your warrior wolves and I just committed murder.” 

Or because you left your pack after your exmate refused to claim you as his.” 

His grin grew wider as I went silent

Where the hell are we going anyway?” 

We’re going to the city where I mostly stay.” 

How many cities do you own?” 

He paused to think and then he raised his brow at me. Interested, are we?” 

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and he added, I mostly rule every area in the North. That means every pack in the Northern area answers to me. The rest, they just recognize me as the Alpha Kirig but they are not my subjects.” 

They might not be his subjects but they all fear him. Everyone fears himthe ruthless Alpha King with the power of darkness

He smiled and held out a hand. Today we’re going to a very special place. Shall we?” 

I stared at his hand. The hands that probably took several lives with just a flick of his wrist. I looked at his face and I knew he was reading my thoughts. For a second, I could have sworn some kind of emotion passed his eyes but it was gone as soon as it came

I took his hand and he pulled me closer. The feel of his magnificent body against mine made me 


Then darkness enveloped us. It was cold but it was gentle. When I looked at Lance, he was just looking straight ahead

The surroundings became a blur and the next thing I knew, we were not in the house anymore


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The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania

The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania

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he Alpha King's Mate" by Misscesania is a paranormal romance novel that explores the passionate and tumultuous relationship between an alpha werewolf king and his destined mate. Filled with supernatural intrigue, pack dynamics, and steamy encounters, the story unfolds in a captivating world of fantasy and desire..

The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania

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Title: The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
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The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania


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