The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania Chapter 10

The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania Chapter 10

Chapter 10 

Breakfast went surprisingly well. I did not talk a lot. I figured it was the best way to be quiet and let them do the talking. I tried to glean information as much as I could. Sylas and Millie had no problem talking about everything with me around. However, as much as they try to be casual about it, I know they are also careful about what they say. For instance, I heard them mention other members of the Alpha King’s inner circle but they never once mentioned their names

Millie was friendly over the course of breakfast. She was the one who kept including me in the conversation and even as I gave her curt responses, she would nod and then move on to the next topic. Or give me some food to try. Sylas, on the other hand, was observing. I could feel his sharp stare as we ate and he was mainly the reason why I kept silent most of the time

I know everything is too sudden for you. I know that my cousin almost executed you in front of the bayou pack. I know everything about you and I truly understand where you’re coming from. Just know that this placeshe trailed and looked around and I did the same. This place is the best place you got.” 

I did not like that fact. I was set to build my own life. I was set to go live like a normal person. Even as deep down I knew it was impossible for a wolf to live like a normal human, I still dreamed of it. And I was pissed that dream was taken from me because of some horny wolf trying to assault me. This house is prison. And I will never feel differently, I said with enough bité in my words. I could have sworn she winced when I said that but I was too furious to care. I slammed the door shut and never let anyone in. They could easily barge inside the chamber and drag me out or force me to do anything they want but they never did. The house was quiet for the whole day and I was under the impression that perhaps Millie and Sylas had gone somewhere. Good thing they got the message that I didn’t want any companion

When nighttime came, I decided to finally get out of the room. I mostly slept for the whole day. For undeniable reasons, my whole body felt too tired to move. The wounds were gone but I still felt too tired. I could not see the maids that I had the previous night so I decided to venture my way down to the dining

Just as I was walking down the staircase, the door opened, and in came Lancelot. Bits of snow hung on his toodark hair and onto his black coat. He paused by the door as he saw me pause in the middle of the stairs. He angled his head and a feline smile curved his lips as he noted what I was wearing

Cursed dress. Why do they have clothes fashioned this way, anyway

Because, unlike your pack, I have a sense of style, Eleanor,” he answered and I glared at him, hoping it was enough of a warning to tell him not to barge into my head and read my thoughts

His eyes raked my whole attire. I wore the only clothing left of the wardrobe and the piece of cloth did a good job of leaving nothing for the imagination. The white silk offshoulder top was cool against my skin and it was just big enough to cover my chest and leave my abdomen exposed. The pants were nothing different. The slit on the inner and outer thighs gave more exposure. I adored the intricate sewings of gold and blue on the silk. Had it been a different circumstance, I would have loved the dress. But thinking about the fact that Lance personally chose it for me to wear made me want to tear it to shreds

He chuckled and removed his black coat before hanging it on the coat rack. Looking at him, he looked like a normal person living peacefully in the mountains. All those nasty rumors about him living in a castle full of monsters were farfetched from what I was seeing

It’s nice that you appreciate the dress and there is no need to rip it to shreds,he said and then 

stuffed his hands inside his pockets as he continued to check me out Of course, if you really want to 

get naked right here, who am I to complain?” 

Perverted asshole

His grin grew wider as he read what was on my mind


Cupter 10 

I don’t know if I shall commend you or call you stupid for talking to the Alpha King like that.” 

I don’t need your opinion and I don’t care.” 

He chuckled. Of course, you don’t.He then eyed the dining table and in an instant maids appeared out of the blue, serving food. Maybe he read the confusion on my face or perhaps he read what was on my mind that he gestured to the table

You came down for dinner, correct?he asked and I did not answer. If anything, I would rather much go back to the chamber and lock myself away until he finishes

Don’t be ridiculous, Eleanor,he said, walking casually towards the dining table. Join me for dinner.” He pulled one of the chairs and looked in my direction, waiting for me to accept his invitation

My brain was screaming to run back to my room but my feet were glued on the floor. It wasn’t because he was using his power on me but because the food served on the table was too delectable to ignore

I know he is probably reading my thoughts like a damned open book and as if it wasn’t already bad enough, my stomach growled. I think the sound was loud enough for the whole house to hear

My cheeks heated and I could see him suppressing his grin

Your head wants to run but your stomach disagrees. For once, you can accept one of my offers. Sit here and eat,” he said and I was tempted to pick up my show and throw it in his direction

I saw how his expression soured when I thought about it. My eyes flashed towards the food once again and thinking that I might not be able to come out later, I decided to take the steps down

He gracefully gestured towards the chair he pulled but I went to pull another and sat there instead. His brows rose at that but he said nothing as he pushed back the chair and settled in front of me

How are you feeling?he asked and I focused my attention on the fruits

Can we eat without talking to each other?” 

In my periphery, I saw him resting his chin on his folded hands, watching me struggle with the fork and the damned fruit

That’s spectacularly boring. Although, I can just watch you eat and I’ll be entertained enough.” 

I finally pierced the piece of pineapple with the fork before I gave him a glare

Why do you like taunting me?” 

He grinned. I find it my greatest pleasure to see you pissed.” 

You are an asshole.” 

Tell me something you haven’t called me yet.” 

I clenched my jaw, cursing him out inside my head. But it doesn’t seem to have any effect on him. In fact, he looked rather amused by everything

He unfolded his hand and leaned back on his seat. I thought he was going to finally shut up but then he started talking again

About what happened last night–” 

Say another word and I am going to stab you with this fork.” 

Another smile curved his lips while his tongue played inside his mouth. Adorable. But I was just about to say that it was normal.” 

Nothing about it was normal. Your biteyour bite was not normal. My reaction was not normal. My wounds healing up in seconds is not normal. Everything that has happened so far in my life is not normall” 



Chapter 10 

He did not say anything and I took that as a signal to keep going. You claim I am your mate but I can’t feel a single thing! Perhaps you were just lying. Maybe you took me here so you could have your personal plaything.” 

Ah. Of course, having a personal plaything would live up to my reputation of being the ruthless Alpha King. Is that why you kept thinking of yourself as a plaything? A mere plaything? How low do you see yourself, Eleanor?A wolfish smile but this time, there was a hint of aggressiveness on it. But I held my ground

You are not a plaything. I don’t have a personal plaything and I never had one. Let me tell you this: people are going to continue looking down on you as long as you look down on yourself. Why is it so hard for you to believe that you are the Alpha King’s mate?” 

He angled his head and I know he has dug deeper inside my mind to know the answer to his question. And I knew he was going to pull it to the surface and let me face it

Is it because you were rejected? Is it because you’ve always felt like the second option to your sister? Is that why you see yourself as not good enough? Not worthy?” 

Get out of my head,I spat

Oh, I don’t need to get inside your head to know these things. It’s obvious, Eleanor.” 

Fucking asshole

I could not feel him inside my head, indeed. I could not feel the cold presence of tendrils of power and the brutal feeling of imaginary claws touching the walls of my brain

You killed a warrior wolf from the bayou pack. You tore his beating heart out. When you were about to get executed, you faced it headon. There was fear in you but I saw what was inside your head that time and you were cursing me out. You were cursing everyone out. Hell, you could curse death and it would back out. And last night, you injured two wolves from the Midnight pack all while poison continues to spread inside your body.” 

I gripped the fork harder and I saw him look at my hand. He then jerked his chin to it, beckoning me to look at it as well. I saw how the fork was bent just with my sheer strength

I do not know if you have been keeping it or you genuinely have no idea, little wolf.” 

About what?” 

About how strong and brave you are. Had you been training, I reckon you could defeat your Alpha heir exmate and be the Alpha of your pack.” 

I froze in my seat

There was never a female Alpha. Ever since the beginning of time, there was never one.” 

That’s because females were never given the chance.” 

What are you trying to say, Lancelot?” 

A smile tugged the corners of his mouth and then I felt the cold tendrils of his power inside the walls of my mind

I’m saying that you can be stronger than you are now and show them what you are capable of.” 

I don’t need to prove myself to them.” 

He shrugged. That is true but I know what you seek, little wolf, and I can help you with that.” 

I stared at him longer than I intended and I could have sworn his hazel eyes glinted with some kind of feral shine

I dropped the bent fork I was holding and clenched my jaw. He knew what that meant. He didn’t need to see inside my head to know that I was considering it. He gestured to the teapot,. 


Chapter 10 Tea?” 

I picked the teacup and he poured tea on it. All while grinning to himself triumphantly

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The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania

The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania

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he Alpha King's Mate" by Misscesania is a paranormal romance novel that explores the passionate and tumultuous relationship between an alpha werewolf king and his destined mate. Filled with supernatural intrigue, pack dynamics, and steamy encounters, the story unfolds in a captivating world of fantasy and desire..

The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania

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e Alpha King's Mate Chapter 01: Gone "I'm sorry, Eleana," said Harold. Those three words managed to shatter my whole world. I stopped hearing things. Everything that Harold said after those three words was a complete blur. I felt like I was floating. "H-Harold. Please tell me this is just a huge joke—" "It's not, El. This is real. I reject you as my mate." Suddenly, breathing was hard. Every inhalation felt like she was being pierced by shards of glass. "But we were there! We felt it. We felt the mating bond. The moon goddess chose us to be mates. You felt it too! What is this?"
The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania


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