Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S Chapter 11

Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S Chapter 11

Chapter 11 


Are you okay, fiancee?Alpha Tristan asked me with a soft smile. He might have sensed the sudden change in my mood. I smiled at him and 

nodded my head

So, Tris, out of all the she- wolves in our world, you chose a halfbreed who can’t even 

shift?The same woman beside 

Jade spoke. At least, you 

should have chosen someone of your standard.” 

She is of my standard, Raya. I don’t know which meter you’re 


using to check that. Whatever 

it is, you need to update it. And about her wolf, I will see a way to bring her wolf,” he added, defending me. I knew this was all fake and wanted to show Raya that he had moved on and was interested in me

I couldn’t help but watch Jade staring at Ezekiel opening, and he was focused on eating his breakfast, ignoring everyone at the table

From tomorrow onwards, you will train with me. Unless your body is strong, there is less chance that your wolf will surface,Alpha Tristan said when his mother spoke


She has a strong body, son, She brokeShe immediately realized Jade was on the table, whose eyes and mind were mostly on Ezekiel, but they doubted the same case for her ears. So, Luna Opal changed the subject to breaking the vase instead of breaking her bone

I forgot to breathe when Alpha Tristan wiped the sauce from the corner of my lips with his napkin. I knew it was all drama, but I was scared of my mate’s reaction, who was acting like he wasn’t watching me but knew everything

I couldn’t imagine how he would be feeling right now


I hoped he would understand that it would be better to reject each other

Woah! Aren’t you overreacting now, Tris?Raya again commented. You’re acting like you’re so much in love with your fiancee, but then you left her alone at her welcome party, which she attended with a mouse. Poor girl,” 

Really?Jade’s interest finally shifted when Raya mentioned me. You didn’t tell us about it, Bri.Alpha Tristan was about to speak when I placed my hand over his, stopping him from speaking

There is nothing to tell about


Jade. That night, Alpha Tristan might have failed as a fiancé, but it proved that he was an amazing Alpha because he left his bride for his people, who got stuck in the storm in the sea. So, I respect him for that,I said, gathering all the information that Rory had given me. The night when everyone was busy partying, Alpha Tristan was working. Since the pack was on the island, trade through ships was common, and one of the ships got lost in the sea

I could feel that my words had shocked many people, including Alpha Tristan himself


At the same time, the loud sound of a chair screeching brought them to reality, and I was Ezekiel leaving from there without a word, and as usual, his beta tailed behind him

I looked around, and my eyes landed on Zera, who was smirking

She knew

If not about us being friends, then definitely about our one- night stand

So, you respect me?Alpha Tristan asked, cocking his brow


Well, as an Alpha, yes! It is not a surprise that you’ve 

maintained the pack extremely well,” I said, knowing that the pack duties were handled by him while the whole kingdom’s duties were handled by Ezekiel

He grinned widelya genuine one. I’m sorry for 

disrespecting you,He 

apologized, and I wouldn’t lie, but I was shocked that he said those three words, but I didn’t comment anything or tease him that he apologized to me because Alpha’s ego was thin as a thread and I wasn’t interested in turning the table. We spent that day together to show others that we were getting 


along while discussing our plan to bring Raya into his life

From what I learned, Raya was Luna Kali’s niece, and felt that she wasn’t a good woman and was more interested in 

Tristan’s money and status than him. Everything was fine between them until Tristan lost the match to Ezekiel, and the Lycan’s King title passed to Ezekiel instead of Tristan

Instead of going through the rule of the elder son taking the position of king, Tristan gave an equal chance to his four- minute younger brother 

because he felt the best among 

them should serve the 



1 hatin’t seen it yet but from 

is words. It was clear that he loved his younger brother a lot Unlike women men were less expressive when showing their 

I prayed their bond remained the same till the end 

***rrow onwards. I will see your vaining to bring your woll out He spoke after I was done telling him what 

Once too me about how my 

Wo Ayo Bay dot come ow. So, you really think 

Mom’s broke, or did she do all 

this drama to trap you 

What do you think?” 

That she framed you.I smiled 

I hadn’t seen it yet, but from his words, it was clear that he loved his younger brother a lot. Unlike women, men were less expressive when showing their love

I prayed their bond remained the same till the end

From tomorrow onwards, I will start your training to bring your wolf out.He spoke after I was done telling him what Oracle told me about how my wolf may or may not come out. So, you really think 

Mom’s broke, or did she do all 

this drama to trap you?” 

What do you think?” 

That she framed you.I smiled 


Chapter 11 

at his assumption and didn’t correct him. These men could pray to the Moon Goddess,

woman, but at the same time 

think of them as damsels in 


While I was returning to my room, Raya crossed my way like a black cat, spewing 



If you think that you can use 

beautiful face to woo Tris

then that won’t work on him

He has loved me all his life and 

will choose me over anyone.” 

Thank you for telling me that I have a beautiful face,I said with a smile, adding fuel to her anger. I was about to leave 


when she grabbed my arm and made me stand where I was, using her strength

Don’t disrespect me, human. It won’t take me a second to break your neck.” 

Go ahead. I want to see you try. Now, let go of my arm, or I will tell Tristan how his would- be Luna is treated by a guest in his own pack.I made fun of her by calling her a guest, which she practically was

If looks could kill, then I would have been dead by now

Didn’t you hear what Lady Brielle said?I heard a loud 

and powerful voice, and within seconds, Raya left my arms.


rubbed my arms softly because of the pain that this wild cat had given me

Ezeee!! Did you hear what she said? She is not the Luna of the pack yet, and she called me a guest.I pressed my lips tightly, watching her cling to my 

mate’s arms like a child throwing a tantrum

I don’t think she said anything wrong. You’re not family anymore, Raya. Not after breaking up with my brother,Ezekiel said, grabbing her perfectly manicured hand into his. I couldn’t see this 

anymore. I didn’t know their equation, but watching him 

hold someone else’s hand 


I turned my heels to leave when I heard a bonecracking sound followed by Raya’s scream. I turned around only to find that Ezekiel had broken her wrist, with which she had grabbed my arms tightly

Ezekiel had a maniac look on his face before he spoke, You shouldn’t have touched her.” 



Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S

Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/21/2023 Native Language: English
"Lycan King's Unloved Mate" by Prachi S is a paranormal romance novel that revolves around the tumultuous relationship between a Lycan monarch and his neglected mate. Filled with passion, suspense, and supernatural elements, the story explores love's transformative power amid a world of mystical intrigue.

Lycan King's Unloved Mate By Prachi S

  Book Review Lycan King's Unloved Mate By Prachi S We shouldn't be doing this. This is... wrong," she whimpered as pleasure consumed her."And?""But... but it feels so good."*Brielle's father arranged her marriage with the Lycan King's brother, Tristan Deacon without her consent.She had no choice but to plan her elopement with her boyfriend Jameson, only to find out about his adultery with her stepsister, Jade. Hurt and angry by their action, she agreed to marry her arranged husband.She soon learned that her arranged husband was using her to get his first love. Feeling rejected, unloved, and suffocated with her life, she got herself wasted in a pub, only to wake up naked beside her fated mate, which she wasn't allowed to have the moment she agreed to the marriage alliance.She fled from there, returning to her arranged husband only to meet his twin brother, Ezekiel Deacon, Lycan King, the same man from the previous night, her fated mate.Caught between the ex-boyfriend, arranged husband, and fated mate, Brielle, who was once unloved, was now desired by all three of them.  


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