Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S Chapter 10

Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S Chapter 10

Chapter 10 


I groaned and opened my eyes, looking at the head healer, who made sure that my body 

looked similar to what I had before I came here and was 

sitting beside me with a bowl in her hand. I had no idea what damage this punishment did to my body, except that I was feeling extremely weak

I was awake when I was taken 

out of the dungeon, and 

everyone started giving me this VIP treatment, but I couldn’t understand the reason 


behind it

Lady Brielle, you need to drink this,” she said softly

I doubted that I was capable of even lifting my hand. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I didn’t want to sleep and never 

wake up

So, with the help of other omegas, they made me sit on the bed before the head healer started feeding me whatever medicine or food it was. It 

didn’t have a great taste, but I could feel my energy returning to my body after having it

After that, I was taken to my bedroom so that I could sleep peacefully. Rory helped me 


settle on the bed and wanted to 

stay with me, but I asked to leave before I doubted that I would wake up in the middle of the night after not being able to sleep for five nights

But I was so wrong about this thought. Because of the 

moment, a hand wrapped 

around my waist. I took out my dagger from under the pillow, ready to kill the person who touched me

But a hand grabbed my dagger tightly. Within a few seconds, blood started oozing out of his palm, but ignoring that, we stared at each other

He snatched my dagger from 


me and looked at me with 


No one has the power to make me bleed and stay alive to say that,he muttered, licking the blood from my dagger with his long, dark pink tongue

I must admit that his tongue was too good at licking. Either it was my dagger or my clitoral

I wanted to argue with him for not telling me who he was

I wanted to ask him why he was here

I wanted to kick him out of my 


I wanted to reject him


sleep and get my energy back. Immediately, his eyes 

softened, and, placing the dagger aside, he pulled me into his arms. I tried to resist when he whispered

I know you’re a fighter, Goddess Brielle, but fighting with someone on your own team isn’t good.” 

I hated how good I was feeling in his arms. I hated how his voice was the only lullaby that I wanted to hear. I hated how much I liked it

I didn’t realise when I ended up falling asleep again until I felt someone slipping his warm 


Chapter 10 

tongue inside my mouth. Before I knew it, he kissed me 

like he was drowning and I was his air

I pushed him away and glared at him. We should reject each other.” 

Weren’t you the one who convinced me that we should keep our mate’s bond secret and not reject each other? Now that I’m fully convinced, you’ve got to take 

responsibility for 

everything.My jaw dropped at his words. How easily he was blaming me for everything

At that time, I didn’t know you were Alpha Tristan’s younger 



Started getting cold feet already, Pink?He asked, and I realised that I was wearing a pinkcoloured night suit. What was his problem? He kept changing my nickname with the colour of my clothes. What would he call me if I were wearing nothing

I shook my head, realising that I was getting distracted from the point

Yes,I admitted, like a coward. Not because I didn’t want him, but because of who he was. After knowing who you are and the fact that I’m your brother’s fiancee, this will 


make things complicated. This is sin,I said, and I found him glaring at me

Even though he was glaring. I was getting turned on

I didn’t mind the Moon Goddess pairing me with a halfbreed, but I hated being mated to a coward.Tears welled in my eyes at his bitter words. I waited for him to 

reject me because, just like he mentioned, I was a coward to reject him first, but instead, his hand snaked behind my neck and forced me to look at him. If this is sin, then you’re worth every sin.He spoke with determination. He was furious, but his voice came out calm. In 


Chapter 10 

the next second, I watched 

him leave my room from the window

I took a deep breath and realised that I was feeling 

normal, as if I had never received the punishment

Along with that, I felt that I had the best sleep of my life after 


I, too, left the bed to make sure that no one could sense his presence in my room. And I cleaned my dagger with my tongue to wipe his dry saliva. Closing my eyes, I imagined his lips licking my vertical lips


After an hour, Rory walked 


inside my room with juice in her hand and saw me 

practicing with the sword. Well, I had packed my 

weapons in my luggage; after 

all, they were the jewellery of


Woah!She exclaimed

Good morning, Rory!I said it with a wink

Go. Good morning, Bri!She sluttered. Keeping my sword aside, I reached near her and drank the juice that she brought. I asked her to keep my sword in my wardrobe by covering it with its cloth. She updated me with everything that I missed. From the Lycan 


King announcing my punishment and how I was treated like the royal princess that I was because my step- sister was arriving today along with my personal omega from my previous pack 

Along with that, she also told me how the news of this 

incident wasn’t known to most 

people. Using the power

everyone was ordered to keep their mouths shut, including her

By the time she was done telling me everything, I was already ready to join everyone at the breakfast table

But out of nowhere, my so- 


called fiancee decided to visit me. Rory, you can leave,he ordered her. Bowing her head, she silently left

I already knew why he was here. To warn me to keep my 

mouth shut

How’re you?he asked

Alive,I responded curtly

Behave, Brielle.He warned

Or what? You will punish me again.” I mocked him. Go ahead; I’m not scared of speaking the truth.” 

In that case, didn’t Rory tell you it wasn’t me behind the 



All I know is that you were involved in this either directly or indirectly.Even if it was his younger brother’s decision. I knew that the bond between the brothers was strong, and the King wouldn’t have listened to his older brother

Too bad, you didn’t learn anything.he said, not minding showing himself on the 

positive side anymore. I was glad that he was behaving like he was. He reached near me and wrapped his arms around my waist, signalling for me to leave. What did you think that I would let you go just like that after learning how you made fun of me by introducing a rat in my place?he said calmly


gritting his teeth

Well, you started it first. So, don’t start something that 

can’t handle,I said with


smile, even when his grip tightened around my waist. It will be better if you will stop wasting your time hurting and breaking me and use that time to get your first love,I added

Quiet, not here. Even walls have ears,he warned as his grip loosened around my waist. I nodded my head. But you’re right. At the same time, one of the things on which you should start working is respecting me.” 

Respect is not demanded but 


earned, Alpha Tristan.” I reminded him. You can’t expect me to respect you when you act like nothing but an asshole; after all, respect is a twoway street,I added, looking directly into his eyes.

saw him raise his eyebrow in 

amusement, but he didn’t anything


Your sister is already here. I hope you will keep your mouth shut.” 

Is that an order or request?” 

Don’t taste my patience, Fiancee,” he growled at me in a low tone, making me chuckle. I was in no mood to talk about it 

with anyone either. I wasn’t


kid who would complain about everything to my parents

I joined everyone at the breakfast table and saw Jade already sitting there, laughing and giggling like a hyena. The memories of her cheating on me with my exboyfriend flashed through my mind, but I still smiled when our gazes met

I didn’t miss how the woman beside Jade was glaring at me as if she would eat me alive

Alpha Tristan pulled the chair for me like a gentleman that I couldn’t recognise, but then he might be acting in this way to irritate the woman near Jade


Soon, Ezekiel joined everyone. And the very first thing that I saw was the lipstick mark on the collar of his shirt. I looked away only to see Jade wearing the same shade of lipstick and her eyes on my mate

I was aware of the King’s great sexual appetite, but I didn’t know that I would get a live example



Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S

Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/21/2023 Native Language: English
"Lycan King's Unloved Mate" by Prachi S is a paranormal romance novel that revolves around the tumultuous relationship between a Lycan monarch and his neglected mate. Filled with passion, suspense, and supernatural elements, the story explores love's transformative power amid a world of mystical intrigue.

Lycan King's Unloved Mate By Prachi S

  Book Review Lycan King's Unloved Mate By Prachi S We shouldn't be doing this. This is... wrong," she whimpered as pleasure consumed her."And?""But... but it feels so good."*Brielle's father arranged her marriage with the Lycan King's brother, Tristan Deacon without her consent.She had no choice but to plan her elopement with her boyfriend Jameson, only to find out about his adultery with her stepsister, Jade. Hurt and angry by their action, she agreed to marry her arranged husband.She soon learned that her arranged husband was using her to get his first love. Feeling rejected, unloved, and suffocated with her life, she got herself wasted in a pub, only to wake up naked beside her fated mate, which she wasn't allowed to have the moment she agreed to the marriage alliance.She fled from there, returning to her arranged husband only to meet his twin brother, Ezekiel Deacon, Lycan King, the same man from the previous night, her fated mate.Caught between the ex-boyfriend, arranged husband, and fated mate, Brielle, who was once unloved, was now desired by all three of them.  


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