Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora Chapter 25

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora Chapter 25

Chapter 25 I’ll Take Her There 

Though the Fletcher family didn’t have a long history as the Duran family, it was still a noble family with a rich heritage. The Fletcher’s house was located on Autumn Mountain. After parking the car at the door, Klein didn’t say a word to Renee but went directly in. Renee also ignored him

It was quiet at night while the main hall was brightly lit. Miranda had been pleasing and coddling the young in the Fletcher family as a stepmother. At the sight of Klein coming back, she hurriedly greeted, Klein, it’s been a busy day. Did Mrs. Freida Duran make things diflicult for you?” 

What else could she do to me except for talk about some crap?Klein sneered, I still couldn’t figure out why Mom agreed to make her daughter marry into the Duran family.” 

Miranda smiled, It was decided by your mom and Mrs. Kimberly Duran. They were good friends when they were young. You know that Mrs. Freida Duran disliked Mrs. Kimberly Duran, so she disliked your mom, tooPlease don’t take it to heart.” 

One of the reasons why the Fletcher family wasn’t willing to let Joanna marry into the Duran family was that the relationship between Freida and Kimberly could be described as bad. Chloe and Kimberly, Tristan’s mom, were besties, so Freida also hated Chloe. How could Freida be good to Chloe’s daughter

Ms. Shulman.Joanna walked in, holding Miranda’s arm affectionately and saying, You’re still waiting for us?” 

Miranda smiled, Of course I’m waiting for you. I have been worried about you since you went to the Duran family today. I was worried that 

you were spited by Mr Freida Duran ” 

There were so many people there, so she could go too for Joanna smiled, Now that Mr. Duran died, she couldn’t be as contemptuous as before” 

Miranda patted her hand and said, I had the mad make grits for you Glo and have some with Klein

Nope.Joanna answered, I’m going on a diet. How can I have grits?” 

They got along well with each other as if they were a real family. Rence stood in the doorway like a beggar who had been in the wrong 


Miranda said in a cold tone, as if she had just seen Rence, Renee, something came up and your dad just went out. We’ll talk about your return to our family tomorrow. Just go and have a rest.” 

Renee replied to her 

Joanna said, Let me show you the way to your room, Rence. I’m afraid you don’t know about it.” 

I’ll take her thereKlein rose to his feet and said, It’s a tiring day for you, too. Hurry back and have a rest.” 

Joanna was taken aback, a hint of coldness flashing in her eyes. Yet she still smiled sweetly on her face, Well, don’t pick on Renee, Klein. She’ll be sad.” 

At the sound of the words, Miranda asked, Klein picked on Renee?” 

Maybe it was because they seldom got along with each other.Joanna sighed, Klein is always picking on Rence. Everything will be okay if they spend more time with each other. After all, they’re brother and sister.” 

Miranda knew how she should treat Rence in her heart. She had thought that Renee was the biological member of the Fletcher family. Yet, according to Joanna, Klein, the most accessible member, didn’t like Rence, let alone the other two young masters. She had made at decision and knew what she should do with Renee in the future

Klein walked next to Renee and cast a glance at her, saying, Let’s go.” 

Renee knew nothing about the Fletcher’s house. Though she wanted to ignore Klein, she didn’t want to get lost. After hesitating for a while, she followed Klein, but she didn’t expect Klein to grab her and corner her to the apricot tree’s trunk when she had just walked into the yard


Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife" by Aurora is a captivating novel that explores the dynamic between a demanding employer and his affectionate spouse. The story delves into the complexities of love, power, and the delicate balance between professional and personal relationships in a compelling narrative.

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

  Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora SUMMARY Renee Fletcher, a true member of the Fletcher family, was switched at birth. At the age of 19, she was finally brought back by her family. Ironically, they did it only because they wanted her to marry a deceased man in place of their adopted daughter. Everyone thought that Renee was done for, but to their surprise, Tristan Duran, her fiancé, was perfectly fine and even pampered her. No one knew why Tristan, who was notoriously known for his ruthlessness, fell prey to her charm. Tristan let Renee call him "honey" jokingly at their first meeting. Little did he think that she would really be his honey.

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Title: Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: Spanish    

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora


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