Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S Chapter 13

Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S Chapter 13

Chapter 13 


I love hurting people and enjoying their cries. I’m positive that your cry will be the best music to my ear,I whimpered at his words. All the stories related to him ring in my ears. Because of the circumstances, I wanted to reject you, Goddess, but you ended up giving hope to this dark soul, and now I’m not leaving you.” 

You promised me that you would stay loyal to me, but you still touched him,he 


complained. That wasn’t right,” 

YOU. ARE. SICK, I tried to shout, even though I was scared and panicked like hell while I waited for him to torture or abuse me. Instead, he started massaging my breasts with his big hands

And you’re my cure,he responded, his voice laced with desire and his eyes hooded with lust. He came close to me, and without wasting a second, I lifted my head and slammed it 

hard with his


Even his head was hard as steel. I tried to use my legs, but 


he was quick to guess my next move, and he hovered over me by entangling his legs with mine

Keep looking into my eyes and see to whom you belong,” he ordered

I don’t belong to anyone,’ I shouted, but as usual, it didn’t come out clearly. With this, I closed my eyes and went 

against his order

Open your eyes, Ellee.” 

Not happening,I smirked inwardly at my victory, but it didn’t last long when I heard him speaking

Open your f*cking eyes


Brielle, or I’ll f*ck someone else on the same bed as you,he threatened. I quickly opened my eyes and looked at him in disbelief. I didn’t dare 

to taste whether his threat was 

real or empty, not when I knew how ruthless he was

For now, he was fucking a woman behind my back. I couldn’t imagine him doing the same beside me on the same bed

Good girl,he smirked, watching my brown, teary eyes look at his red. Looking into 

my eyes, he leaned towards 


breast before wrapping his warm mouth against my erect buds. I whimpered when he bit 


my buds while playing with the other one between his fingers by pulling and 

squeezing it from time to time

I hated how I was enjoying this instead of hating him for forcing himself on me

I hated that he was controlling my whimpers and moans as per his wish. I can smell your arousal, Goddess. It looks like I need to check how wet you’re,” he muttered, after leaving my breasts red and swollen

FUCK. YOU,’ I tried to fight again, but he grabbed both my thighs tightly and pulled them apart to see my dripping, wet core. I was so mad at my own 


body, which was loyal to him

Looking at it hungrily, he dipped his head between my thighs

I will, Goddess. I will!he muttered before licking my clitoral area with his tongue. Your taste is still the same. So sweet and salty.I squeezed my eyes shut in anger; that was how my pussycat throbbed at his words and how I wanted him to continue instead of speaking. He licked and sucked my slit, and my body shook with pleasure

Even though I wasn’t one of them, I could sense my arousal


Chapter 13 

I arched my back when I felt him curling his tongue inside me. Before I knew it, I came into his mouth too quickly for what I had read and heard from the people to whom I was comparing. They might not have a sex god in front of them who knew what he was doing

A tear slipped from the corner of my eyes because of the frustration that I couldn’t even moan properly

Now comes the punishment part,he said, making my heart race like a horse. After he was done using his tongue, he used his teeth

I squealed as it hurt, and my 


Chapter 13 

scream was muffled because of the tape. He let me go when I couldn’t take it anymore. My chest heaved up and down, breathing rapidly

I felt he was done with me when he reached near me and slowly removed the tape from my mouth

Do you like your punishment, Goddess?” 

Fuck you,I hissed, glaring at him

Say that again, and I will indeed fuck you,he warned me with a low growl. I sucked my breath sharply, still glaring at him. The rebel inside me wanted to say to him fuck you‘ 


again and check whether he was true to his words or not

Fuck you!!There I was

Remember, you asked for it, he said, and he started 

unbuckling his belt

No! No!Words died inside my mouth when he applied tape to my mouth again

A moment later, I couldn’t breathe. The pain, pleasure, and hid dick were too much to take at the same time

Understanding my silent plea, he removed the tape from my mouth

Remember, Goddess, disobedience will only bring 


you pain. So, behave like a good girl because you’re still so tiny and innocent to take punishment like a bad girl,he said, moving inside me gently and slowly. My mind was on his speed more than his words. I doubted that he was being himself

You’ve no idea how much I’m controlling myself because I’m afraid you won’t be able to walk for a week after I’m done with you.My cheeks were heated up by his shameless words. Throughout the time, he made me look at him to show who owned me. My eyesight blurred with my tears, realizing that he owned me but I didn’t


I bit my tongue when I was tempted to tell him that no 

one owned me because I didn’t think I could handle getting fucked by a raging beast

But I would tell him this by leaving here silently

I hated how I had come three times already, but even though he was pounding inside me, hitting my Gspot every time, he didn’t come even once. Was my pussycat too tight for him

I hated him

I hated people like him who could cheat and act like it 

wasn’t a big deal. I knew he could sense my feelings, and

didn’t care. He could threaten 


me to keep my mouth shut, but he couldn’t change my feelings. I hated how I was enjoying everything because of Matebond, despite knowing that his dick was inside Jade in the morning

After a moment, he took out his dick and unfastened my handcuffs. I didn’t say a word or fight with him, even after my hands were free. I just kept glaring at him. The thick 

tension between us could be 

seen and observed with the naked eye

I observed his beautiful brown skin, bouncy black hair 

reaching his shoulder, sharp eyes, and jawlinetotally 


different from Alpha Tristan, who had fair skin and brown faux hawk hair

He had gotten his look from his mother, Luna Opal. The same woman who was going to slap me

He took a deep breath and changed his mind about 

speaking what he wanted to. He left the bed to wear his clothes to leave

I kept staring at his back until he reached the window. He looked at me for one last time 

before jumping out while tears slipped out of my eyes

I hate myself for not being able to hate you 






Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S

Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/21/2023 Native Language: English
"Lycan King's Unloved Mate" by Prachi S is a paranormal romance novel that revolves around the tumultuous relationship between a Lycan monarch and his neglected mate. Filled with passion, suspense, and supernatural elements, the story explores love's transformative power amid a world of mystical intrigue.

Lycan King's Unloved Mate By Prachi S

  Book Review Lycan King's Unloved Mate By Prachi S We shouldn't be doing this. This is... wrong," she whimpered as pleasure consumed her."And?""But... but it feels so good."*Brielle's father arranged her marriage with the Lycan King's brother, Tristan Deacon without her consent.She had no choice but to plan her elopement with her boyfriend Jameson, only to find out about his adultery with her stepsister, Jade. Hurt and angry by their action, she agreed to marry her arranged husband.She soon learned that her arranged husband was using her to get his first love. Feeling rejected, unloved, and suffocated with her life, she got herself wasted in a pub, only to wake up naked beside her fated mate, which she wasn't allowed to have the moment she agreed to the marriage alliance.She fled from there, returning to her arranged husband only to meet his twin brother, Ezekiel Deacon, Lycan King, the same man from the previous night, her fated mate.Caught between the ex-boyfriend, arranged husband, and fated mate, Brielle, who was once unloved, was now desired by all three of them.  


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