Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara Chapter 66

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara Chapter 66

Chapter 66 

Lola’s POV 

Wow this is so cool, I thought as I looked at my hands in amazement. I did not mean to harm Adrian at all, he just happened to walk up to me when I was not aware of my surroundings

He looked really hurt and my observation was confirmed when he tried to move and winced in pain. I just wanted him to be fine, I wasn’t thinking when I placed my hands on his broken ribs. I was responsible for hurting my mate and the guilt weighed me down

I was surprised when I felt a surge of electricity run through me and white light shone from my palm. Adrian looked shocked before it changed to a look of pride

Oh jeez, I just unlocked my powers

I looked at my hands in amazement and looked up when I saw Adrian get up without showing signs of pain. He offered his hand to me but I hesitated in taking it

I don’t wanna hurt you again, I whispered and he chuckled. Baby, you were able to get me because I wasn’t prepared to be attacked, he gave me a reassuring smile and I put my hand in his

You’re really improving, baby. Not any wolf can easily overpower me even in my relaxed state. I’m so proud of you


Chapter 66 

baby, he said once he pulled me up

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I learnt from the best, so what did you expect?I flipped my ponytail and we both laughed. The sound of his laughter made me want to jump his bone. He’s so perfect and amazing and I suddenly wanted to complete the mate bond

Just because the fate of the werewolf world is in my hands doesn’t mean I can’t have a little time with my mate, right

He must be feeling the same way too because his eye colour suddenly became a tad darker and filled with lust. He pulled me closer to him and I noticed his eyes kept going to my lips, making me lick them in anticipation of what’s to come

Don’t do that, he whispered huskily. Do what?I questioned like I did not know exactly what he was talking about. I’m going to kiss you now, you don’t mind right?” Unable to answer because my voice betrayed me, I nodded my head

He did not waste anymore time before he locked lips with me. This time around, it felt different. The rush of electricity running through me increased and I moaned into the kiss. I did not have anything to blame this time, not the heat, not Jasmine. I was purely acting on my instincts and I was loving every moment of it

He pulled me impossibly closer while I held onto the back of his neck to deepen the kiss. We broke the kiss after a while but he still held on to me

That was different, he whispered and I nodded. I feel strange. I looked at his face and they were strange indeed. I could see hints of the blue of my eyes in his hazel one and hints of gold in his green one



Chapter 66 

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Your eyes are strange, I told him and led him towards a nearby mirror. Look closely and you’ll see“, I told him. He peered into the mirror and seemed surprise when he finally saw what I saw

I think this was what Selene meant when she said we would grow together“, I said. He suddenly broke into a smile and turned towards me. “I now have something to always remind me of you when I look into the mirror, he said excitedly and I got excited from his excitement

Mother must be wondering where I went too. She was worried when I told her I couldn’t find you when I woke up. He said. I told you I was going to start working out in the morning before I slept, didn’t I?Maybe it was my imagination

You did, he pouted, I was just alarmed when I did not see you beside me nor with Mom in the kitchen because I forgot you said so for a while. He pulled me back into him and sniffed my hair, please, write a note for me next time and also, he pulled back from me a bit, you should wash your hair“. 

With that, he ran towards the door and I ran after him. Hey, stop right there. I washed it yesterday, I shouted as I ran after him making him laugh too

We ran into the kitchen and met Rose and Jayden sitting at the dining area. Rose looked at us with her eyebrows raised and my cheeks became red from being caught acting like a child

It was Adrian, I rushed out before she could talk and she just shook her head at me. Go and freshen up and come have



Chapter 66 

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bite, she dismissed me. I went up to my room,hearing Adrian laughing after me

I took my bathe, washed my hair, definitely not because of what Adrian said, and dressed up in a cute playsuit. I left my hair down to dry and went downstairs to eat

I was surprised to see that Adrian did not eat until I came down to eat. We ate in silence, only exchanging glances and smiles. After cleaning up, he said he was going into his office to work on some papers and I followed after him

His office had a library so I took a walk around and looked for books to read. I was about to give up when a book caught my attention. The Prophecy of the Moon Wolf, was written boldly on it. I picked it and sat down on the floor to read it

I was amazed to learn a lot of things about myself and the prophecy that I was supposed to fulfill. How come I knew nothing about this before? I asked myself. You were deprived of schooling after a while, durhhhhh, Jasmine responded

I sighed and continued reading until I got to a part that made me very excited. I placed the book back on the shelf and went to where Adrian was working

Adrian looked up when he sensed me and gave me a smile. Bored?He asked but I shook my head

I want you to mark me, Adrian


Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
"Luna Lola: The Moon Wolf" by Park Kara is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of mystical adventures involving a unique protagonist, Luna Lola, who possesses a connection to the moon. The narrative unfolds with a blend of fantasy, magic, and suspense, creating an enchanting reading experience..

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara


Introduction Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

"You're the moon wolf, Lola. You're the wolf with the power of the Moon goddess", Serena said and collective gasps were heard in the room. After being rejected by her mate in Moonlit pack, Lola escaped on a full moon only to enter the territory of the next Alpha King who also happened to be her second chance mate. Adrian is the next Alpha King but he hasn't been able to assume his role because he needed a Luna by his side. A rogue that trespassed on his territory, whom he ordered be killed turned out to be his mate leaving him in a dilemma. Will Adrian reject Lola because she came into his territory as a rogue? Will he overcome what happened to him in the past and give Lola a chance or reject her and go ahead with Fay as his chosen Luna? What will happen when everyone finds out just how much power Lola wields and how she's supposed to protect her kind in an oncoming war? Find out in Lola - The Moon Wolf!

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Title: Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara


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