Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara Chapter 65

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara Chapter 65

Chapter 65 

Lola’s POV 

I woke up before Adrian and took in his facial features. He looked so peaceful and handsome. His hair was starting to fall across his face, he probably needs a haircut, not that I’d mind if he allows his hair to grow out

I resisted the urge to run my fingers across his cheeks because I did not want to wake him up. I gently pried myself from him, stopping when he moved in his sleep. I waited for his breath to even out again before I further tried to detangle j myself from him

I was surprised that he did not wake up all through but I was also thankful because he would have stopped me and I had what I had to do. Once I had successfully closed the door of his room behind me, I took a deep breath befire running to my 


Why did we leave so soon?” Jasmine whined in my head once I had closed the door to my room. We have things to do Jasmine. The whole werewolf world depends on us, we can’t flop, I tiredly answered

I also wanted to be with my mate but there’s a lot on the line and I have to sacrifice my joy and happiness if that’s what will save the people I’ve grown to love here

I brushed my teeth and got dressed to go and work out. I needed to work on myself first. I stopped in front of Adrian’s door and contemplated telling him I was going to the 


Chapter 65 

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basement to work out but decided against it. He’d find me

With that in mind, I went into the basement and started working out with headphones plugged in

I have a lot to work on


Adrian’s POV 

I woke up with a smile and light mind. Despite what was going on, I got to sleep in the arms of my mate yesterday night. I reached out to pull her into me but I found the bed empty

My eyes sprung open and I sat up. I looked around the room but she wasn’t there. I listened for any sound but only the sound of Mom hitting the pots together reached my hair

She’s probably downstairs with Mom, I thought. I was a bit disappointed I did not wake up to her pretty face but I can live with that. I brushed my teeth, took a shower and dressed casually to go and have breakfast

Good morning, Mom, I greeted her as I entered the dining area where she was setting the table. I was so eager to see Lola but she wasn’t there, maybe mom sent her on an errand

Good morning, son. Where’s Lola? I thought you guys would come down together since you spent the night together“, Mom teased and wiggled her brows suggestively but that did not really register in my mind

She was gone when I woke up this morning. I thought she’d -be with you, I replied her, my heart starting to beat 

erratically. If she wasn’t downstairs, where could she be


Chapter 65 

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Mom stopped what she was doing and looked at me. What do you mean she’s supposed to be downstairs? I haven’t seen her this morning either, she said in a panicked voice

I sniffed the air and her scent was still staring in the air. I turned around and went down to the basement, suddenly remembering that she said she wanted to start training again in the morning

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw her working out with headphones plugged on. I walked towards her and pulled her into a hug from the bag, startling her

Before I could say a word, I was on my back and my ribs hurt like hell. She removed her headphones and placed it in a nearby bench before rushing towards me

Oh my goddess, I’m so sorry, she muttered as she knelt down beside me. Remind me to never hug you out of the blues, I groaned out but she did not laugh. She looked super worried and kept on apologizing

I tried to raise myself to pull her into me and stop her worrying but it was proving to be difficult. I’m an Alpha wolf which means I healed 5 times the rate other werewolves do but it was taking a while

She placed her hands on my ribs that were hurting and looked like she was about to cry. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, she closed her eyes and allowed a tear to fall

I was about to talk when a white light started emitting from her palm that was on my broken rib. She suddenly gasped and raised her head. Her eyes were glowing so bright and I got another shock of my life when my broken ribs became healed and there wasn’t any pain


Chapter 65 

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She realized what she did and pulled her hands away from my body. We both looked at each other. She looked at me in question and I looked at her in pride

I think you’re slowly unleashing your powers, baby. You just healed me, I said with a big grin on my face while she looked at her hands in amazement

Unknown’s POV

I paced my room as I awaited feedback from one of my men. The door suddenly opened and he came in. He bowed his head and I responded with a wave of my hand

How’s it going? Any new informations?I asked eagerly and he nodded. Yes, King. Her powers are developing. It’s only a matter of time before she realises her full potential, he said with his head bowed

You can go. Keep me updated on every little thing about her. Tell the messenger that failure to uphold their end of the deal will lead to the termination of their life, he nodded before he stepped out of my room

Finally! It wouldn’t take long to reach her full potential, then, I’d take her and make her mine

If only father was alive to see me come this far without his guidance, he’d have been proud of me

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
"Luna Lola: The Moon Wolf" by Park Kara is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of mystical adventures involving a unique protagonist, Luna Lola, who possesses a connection to the moon. The narrative unfolds with a blend of fantasy, magic, and suspense, creating an enchanting reading experience..

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara


Introduction Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

"You're the moon wolf, Lola. You're the wolf with the power of the Moon goddess", Serena said and collective gasps were heard in the room. After being rejected by her mate in Moonlit pack, Lola escaped on a full moon only to enter the territory of the next Alpha King who also happened to be her second chance mate. Adrian is the next Alpha King but he hasn't been able to assume his role because he needed a Luna by his side. A rogue that trespassed on his territory, whom he ordered be killed turned out to be his mate leaving him in a dilemma. Will Adrian reject Lola because she came into his territory as a rogue? Will he overcome what happened to him in the past and give Lola a chance or reject her and go ahead with Fay as his chosen Luna? What will happen when everyone finds out just how much power Lola wields and how she's supposed to protect her kind in an oncoming war? Find out in Lola - The Moon Wolf!

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Title: Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
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Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara


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