When I was pulled into the elevator and found out it was by Reign Fletcher, I could not believe my eyes. How could I? The Fletchers were the wealthiest family in London. His mother, Paige Fletcher was a music legend and it was no secret that she was spoiled silly by her husband who loved her more than anything else in the world.


Tiffany Fletcher, Reign’s sister was a popular singer who was just like her mother. She was presently on tour and I was one of her die-hard fans.


Reign was the different one who was believed to be enigmatic, avoided the media, and rarely granted interviews. There were no scandals about him and even though people knew a lot about the other Fletchers, he was the exception. What were the odds that someone like him would be kind enough to value a life like mine?


When he gave me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and I opened my eyes, it was as though I saw the face of an angel sent to me from above. I was awestruck by his kindness and humility.


What I was going through in the elevator was unexpected. I never imagined it and that’s why for a moment, I lost it and wished for death. My behavior was in stark contrast with Reign’s who seemed calm and in control even at such a time.


As though the universe was more interested in my negative speeches, I suddenly found myself on the brink of death. But more than anyone, I wanted to live. I was only twenty-one, in my prime, and still had many more years ahead.


I looked up at Reign, begging him not to let go of my hand. He was barely standing on his two feet as a larger part of the elevator had broken off. If he hadn’t been standing on the edge and hadn’t reached out his hand to me when he did, I would have been dead already.


My entire body was surrounded by heat as everything below me had gone up in flames. Reign was sweating when I looked up at him and when I looked below, all I could see was fire. That explosion….this was definitely not an accident.


I wondered if Reign knew this too. The more I looked at the fire below, the more I believed I wouldn’t make it. It didn’t seem like help was arriving since that should have happened a while ago.


I didn’t know why my life was filled with so much misfortune. I was sweating profusely, both because of fear and the heat, and in no time, this began to affect Reign’s hold on my arm.


My arm began to slip slowly from his grip and left with no choice, I finally accepted the inevitable; There was no way I was going to survive. I had to make peace with it.


I looked up at a distressed Reign and smiled before saying, “Thank you for everything, Reign. I will always remember you.”


As I closed my eyes, ready to accept my death, my life flashed before me.


I remembered how my mum died when I was just two and my dad remarried immediately because he wanted me to have a mother to look after me.


I remembered all the maltreatment and injustice I suffered at the hands of my stepmom and how my dad always stood up for me, even ready to divorce her back then.


I remembered when Avery was born and how she became the apple of everyone’s eye. She was the beauty princess with long legs like my dad’s while I had my mom’s height.


I remembered how Avery always looked down on me and put me down because she was the favorite child. My dad didn’t have much but he still used everything he had to send her to one of the best modelling schools in Paris so she could become an international supermodel.


I remembered how I struggled for a job after finishing law school. I went to a lot of firms but they wouldn’t hire me because I didn’t have a strong background. I also went to SUN INDUSTRIES to join their legal department but I wasn’t allowed and now I was going to die because of their elevator.


I remembered when my best friend, Emily told me about a job opportunity in a firm and I was so happy about it. When I got there, however, the only available job was that of a secretary. In my desperation, I took it and for two years, it paid my bills until my stepmom asked me to resign because I was getting married to Lucas.


At first, seeing her being so nice to me, I thought it was because I was getting married into a wealthy family, but it turned out that she just wanted to ensure I had nothing to fall back on.


I recalled the first time I saw Lucas, how my heart had fluttered, and how shocked I had been that he wanted to marry me.


I remembered our first date and how he made me feel special, the public proposal, professing his love for me in front of the media, and stealing my first kiss at the altar.


I remembered how he kicked me out of his bedroom so disrespectfully earlier in the day and I gritted my teeth. It was the most painful of all my memories.


The sound of a painful groan made me open my eyes and I realized I was being pulled up by Reign. The pain in my arm was intense and unbearable but I knew he was in even more pain.


However, he did not stop pulling me up with only one hand until I was right in front of him.


“Quickly hug me,” he instructed.


He let go of my arm and quickly caught my waist with the same arm while I threw myself at him, hugging his body tightly so I wouldn’t fall off.


He was breathing very hard and I knew he must have exerted a lot of energy. Everything suddenly felt like a dream. Was I still alive?


I looked up at him and saw that he was still holding onto the elevator with his other hand. How could a man like him, go to such an extent to save me?


He looked down and our eyes met again, drilling into each other’s. He did not look away but I did. I buried my face in his chest and closed my eyes. His scent filled my nose and for the first time, I could swear my body secreted pheromones.


It didn’t change the fact that I was in a lot of pain in many other parts of my body. My vision soon became blurry and a nagging fear began to eat me up; if I lost consciousness again, this time I would certainly die.


However, the lights came on and, the elevator doors swung open at this moment and a renewed sense of joy and hope filled me up. I looked up at him with tears brewing in my eyes and a smile on my face.


I could hear the expressions of surprise from those on the other side but our gazes remained fixed on each other until, he said, “We made it, Cora.”

Billionaire Series; Falling Into You Billionaire by Rosa Kane

Billionaire Series; Falling Into You Billionaire by Rosa Kane

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: , Released: 2024 Native Language: English

Billionaire Series Falling Into You Read Online Novel Story

SEQUEL TO MY LITTLE SUNSHINE On the same day I got married, I learned a heartbreaking truth; I was merely a substitute; a stand-in bride for my husband's beloved. My dreams and feelings didn't matter to anyone but me. In the eyes of the public, I was his wife but at home, I had to live as a furniture and a prisoner. Refusing to live such a miserable life, I ran, faster than I had ever done in my entire life, but then, I found myself walking on thin ice. I was on the brink of a precipice when someone reached out his hand and gave me a lifeline. He was Reign Fletcher, and he became my everything.~~~~CORA She bumped into my life unexpectedly, and suddenly, what started out as an accident became the most important moment of my life. I never understood what it felt like to love someone else more than I do myself until I met Cora Gilbert.~~~~REIGN *THIS BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE*


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