As we were rescued out of the elevator, Reign requested a stretcher for me. At this point, Lucas’ men in black suit who had been chasing me, all rushed towards me, wanting to take me away even in my condition.


Reign lost it and punched the first man who touched me. He landed on his back and lost consciousness. All the other men moved back, shocked by his action.


I turned and stared at him, surprised at how strong he was. A small crowd had already gathered and they were all staring in surprise. Reign looked disheveled and his shirt was soaked with sweat, completely different from how he looked when I first saw him.


I was so weak that I could barely move my body. I could not understand how he could still act as though nothing happened to him. Right before I was wheeled into the van, I mumbled a ‘thank you,’ to him and he smiled.


I didn’t know if I would ever see him again and the chances of our paths crossing again were almost zero. I sadly closed my eyes and waited for the van to move.


However, the moment it did, a voice asked, “How do you feel?”


I opened my eyes in surprise and stared at Reign. I wondered why he was following me to the hospital but then it dawned on me that he also needed to see a doctor.


I smiled at him and nodded, “So much better.”


Two hours later, I opened my eyes and looked around, I was alone in a hospital room. My arm had been bandaged and my body wasn’t in so much pain anymore.


I remembered falling asleep right after the doctor gave me an injection and I wondered if Reign had left the hospital.


The door was opened right at that moment and the person who walked in was Reign Fletcher. He seemed to have just washed his face since it was wet, and he held his jacket in his hand.


He sat down beside me and smiled, “You look so much better, Cora.”


“You didn’t have to come here but you did,” I replied. “Thank you so much. I owe you my life. Are you okay?”


He nodded, “I’ve always been like this, you know. I like to be thorough. I am fine and, I just needed to be sure you are okay.


About what you told me earlier, Cora…I want to give you a piece of advice. Do not run from your problems, face them and deal with them. Take this as being born anew. You got a second chance at life, make sure it’s worth living.


After everything I heard you say, I believe you are a strong woman. No matter what, always fight until the very end, don’t give up easily, and trust me, your resilience will take you far.


I’ve also once been helpless and in danger and someone risked their life to save mine. Don’t feel you owe me anything because I would never have forgiven myself if I failed to save you.


Here’s my personal card….about that job, you can always call me if you need help getting one.”


I received the card gratefully and smiled, “Thank you so much. You don’t know what this means to me.”


He nodded, “You’re welcome. I’ve paid for your hospital bills, you can be here until you are ready to leave. Take care, Cora.”


“I’ll always remember you as my hero,” I told him.


He smiled and got up to leave, but I reached out my arm and held his hand.


He turned and looked at me in surprise while I asked, “What happened to us….the explosion….was it really an accident or was….?


“Why are you being intimate with my wife?” A voice suddenly interrupted us, and recognizing who it belonged to even without looking, I felt renewed anger.


I turned and stared at Lucas briefly; the very reason I had almost lost my life. As he walked toward us, I turned my attention back to Reign.


He had not spared Lucas a glance all this time. I let go of his hand and he gently tapped mine, saying, “All the best, Cora.”


When he turned, I could see the look of shock on Lucas’ face because he recognized Reign. He had a plaster around his head and when I recalled the Vase I had smashed on the back of his head earlier, I felt a little better.


He pointed a finger at Reign in surprise and said, “Yo…you?”


Reign ignored him and walked away without another word. My gaze followed him all the way out and one question lingered in my mind, “How can a man be so perfect?”

Billionaire Series; Falling Into You Billionaire by Rosa Kane

Billionaire Series; Falling Into You Billionaire by Rosa Kane

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: , Released: 2024 Native Language: English

Billionaire Series Falling Into You Read Online Novel Story

SEQUEL TO MY LITTLE SUNSHINE On the same day I got married, I learned a heartbreaking truth; I was merely a substitute; a stand-in bride for my husband's beloved. My dreams and feelings didn't matter to anyone but me. In the eyes of the public, I was his wife but at home, I had to live as a furniture and a prisoner. Refusing to live such a miserable life, I ran, faster than I had ever done in my entire life, but then, I found myself walking on thin ice. I was on the brink of a precipice when someone reached out his hand and gave me a lifeline. He was Reign Fletcher, and he became my everything.~~~~CORA She bumped into my life unexpectedly, and suddenly, what started out as an accident became the most important moment of my life. I never understood what it felt like to love someone else more than I do myself until I met Cora Gilbert.~~~~REIGN *THIS BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE*


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