Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 40

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Chapter 40

Chapter 40 

Give the document to Zeke. I’m outta here, Mia said, about to leave

Wait, what name should we use for the gift? We can’t use yours, right 

Put it under Cathie Wright. Figure out the rest yourself.Mia dumped the problem on Jango as she turned to go. She had to leave before Brandon and Zeke showed up; otherwise, it would be hard to explain if they saw her

Let’s go, Mr. Hall. The auction is over,Zeke said, making a move to walk downstairs. 

At that moment, two people approached them. Hello, Mr. Wilson.” 

Cathie Wright sent me to deliver this to you,one of them said, handing a document bag over to 


Cathie?Zeke and Brandon’s eyes widened at the name. They couldn’t have misheard, right? The famous and mysterious investment queen, Cathie Wright, was here

But they didn’t hear anything about it

You mean Cathie, the elusive investment queen?Zeke asked again, still finding it hard to believe


Zeke took a deep breath. He had never met Cathie before, and they were total strangers. He was confused by her sudden move to offer him something

What is this?Zeke cautiously asked, looking at the document folder

Open it and find out,” Jango said, giving the documents to Zeke’s assistant before leaving

Brandon watched the two people leave, his gaze falling on the document folder. He didn’t expect Zeke to know Cathie. Why didn’t he mention her before? But judging by Zeke’s reaction, it seemed like they didn’t know each other. What was going on here

This is the deed for plot No. 3!Zeke exclaimed in surprise as he read the documents

What?Brandon was shocked by his words, coming closer to take a look. The documents held by him were really related to plot No. 3

Brandon couldn’t help but wonder about the situation. Cathie had actually given Zeke plot No. 3, which cost over 281 million dollars. It was clear that they had a close relationship

Congratulations, Mr. Wilson. You got someone to give you the land without any effort. If I had known this, I wouldn’t have bothered coming. Brandon said indifferently

Despite the sudden surprise, Zeke’s face showed no signs of happiness. He silently looked bewildered at Brandon. At that moment, his mind was filled with questions about why Cathie had given him the plot. What the hell was happening

Seeing Zeke’s stunned expression, Brandon didn’t stay any longer and left with steady steps

Mr. Wilson, what do we do with this land?the assistant gently asked, snapping Zeke out of his thoughts

For now, let’s leave it alone. Find a way to contact Cathie and get some answers,” Zeke replied, then left with the documents in hand

Yes, sir.” 

Brandon’s car slowly pulled out of the parking lot, and Zeke also got in his car and drove away, but he 

I notice that familiar sports car


Brandon gat in his chair, replaying in his minel what happened at the 

auction. He picked up the phone and dialed Daniel Come to my office

At Hall what an I do for you Dantel walked in and stored in front of Brandone deak 

seau vin in fod on when Cathie Wright arrived in the country and when she’s been doing here

Brandon thought to himself, What are you up to, Gathier Why did you suddenly show up at the auto tostay and give the land toeber What’s your relationship?” 

Beke’s car came to a sily stop at Wilson Manor 

Mom, what are you doing?Zeke’s voice suddenly broke the silence, startling Fally

When did you get back? Vi didn’t even tell me. You almost scared me to death, Lily complained with a loving and reproachtul expression 

He asked, just got back. What are you watching?” 

You’re really lying the good life. I haven’t watched a movie in ages

Are you alone at homerZeke looked around and saw no one else

Yeah, everyone’s either at work or school. It’s just me here,Lily said helplessly. Zeke noticed her boredom and asked, Why haven’t you been filming lately?I read a script a few days ago, but I didn’t really like it, so I turned it down

What have you been busy with lately? How come you suddenly found time to come back?Lily curiously asked

Well, just finished attending an auction, so I thought I’d drop by and see you and Dad.” 

Lily gave him a playful look as she asked, So, If you didn’t get an opportunity to swing by, you wouldn’t have come back, right?” 

No, I was already planning to come back today. I just had to go to an auction at the last minute.” Zeke quickly corrected himself

I don’t buy it,” she said skeptically

Mom, I’m homelJust then, a clear voice echoed into Zeke’s ears

He didn’t recognize it and immediately turned towards the person

Mia walked in from outside, surprised to see other people in the house, so she quickly quieted down

Hello, Mia. Come over here, let me introduce you.” Lily enthusiastically waved to her

Mom, did you call her Mia?Zeke curiously looked at Mia

Mia, this is your brother, Zeke, who gave you the car.Lily introduced Zeke to Mia

Zeke?” Mia was momentarily stunned by hearing this name. She didn’t expect to run into him again. so soon after their split at the auction

Zeke, this is your little sister, Mia. Get to know each other,” said Lily as she smiled at both of them

Zeke was stunned by Mia’s beauty. He couldn’t believe that she could be so radiant, like a star

Hi, I’m Zeke.” 



Th. Zeke, Im Mix Thank you for giving me the car She extended her gratitude to him

You’te wekome. Is the car good to drive?” he casually asked

Oh yeah! It’s great to drive.” 

That’s good” 

Mentioning the car, Zeke suddenly remembered the sports car he saw in the parking lot. So he asked. By the way, did you go for a joyride in your car?” 

No, I had classes and was at school all day.She denied it. She thought to herself. Why would he ask that? Did he see the car in the auction’s parking lot 

Oh, are the courses at school very demanding now?he continued to inquire

It’s okay. Some professors give really interesting lectures, so I sneaked into their classes, Mia replied happily

Really? That’s similar to what I used to do, I would often attend classes in other departments and end. up forgetting to attend my own mandatory courses. Zeke reminisced, setting aside his doubts and sharing some amusing stories from his college days with Mia

Zeke, stay for dinner later. I’ll ask the maid to prepare it,Lily said as she got up and left

While Zeke and Mia were engrossed in their conversation, Sophia walked in from outside. When she saw Zeke, she happily ran over and sat next to him, saying, Zeke, when did you get back? I haven’t seen you in so long. I missed you so much.” 

Really? Did you just get back from school?Zeke smiled at her. 

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Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Deceptive Charades of Love" by Jennifer Oven is a captivating novel that explores the intricate layers of romantic relationships. Through nuanced characters and unexpected twists, Oven delves into the complexities of love, revealing the hidden truths and illusions that shape the emotional landscape of her narrative.

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel



Night fell. The Smith family's house was brightly lit. A party was being held to celebrate Jess Smith's 18th birthday, the beloved child of the President of the Smith Group. She wore a pricey dress, looking happy and proud. Tonight, everyone's attention was on her. She felt happy and complacent. There was a sudden commotion in the crowd. "Is that the other daughter of Mr. Smith?" "She's just as beautiful as they say." Jess turned around when she heard the crowd's discussion and saw that Mia was coming downstairs. Although Mia wore a simple white dress instead of something grand, she was still a head-turner. She had captivating eyes and pretty red lips. Her perfect face and stunning figure overshadowed Jess. Seeing this, Jess was extremely jealous.  

Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel

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Title: Deceptive Charades Of Love By Jennifer Oven Novel
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