You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone Chapter 9

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Her New Date

Calista thought something must be wrong with her to wait for Lucian. However, she had underestimated how fast he was. 

Just when she was about to walk out the door, she saw a tall figure heading her way.

Lucian was dressed in a fitted black shirt and perfectly pressed tailored pants. He looked handsome and refined, befitting someone of his stature. He carried himself with a natural arrogance, causing him to stand out.

He was handsome, graceful, young, and rich.

If one disregarded the fact that he was a scumbag, Lucian was definitely the perfect heartthrob.

David was walking beside him. When compared to him, Lucian’s presence was impossible to ignore.

Calista was momentarily stunned.

Lucian stood in front of her. “Jonathan told me you didn’t go back yesterday night?”

His furrowed brow showed that he was not in a good mood.

Calista wondered if he had come just to ask her this.

“Didn’t Jonathan tell you what I said? Not only did I not go back yesterday night. But I also won’t be back again.”

Calista turned around. She wanted to leave.

However, David stopped her, “Ms. Everhart, Mr. Northwood only came after finding out you’re here.”

“So what? Does he expect me to cry?” Calista wondered.

David was one of the few around Lucian that knew of the couple’s actual relationship. However, he always referred to her as Ms. Everhart.

Despite Calista having been at Lucian’s beck and call for three years, Lucian and everyone around him never thought of her as his wife. They couldn’t even be bothered to pretend that they cared.

Calista was enraged when she saw David blocking her way. “David, do you know what they call people like you? A lackey!”

“Calista.” There was anger in Lucian’s voice. “A couple’s fight is part of the fun in marriage. But it’s unnecessary to go too far.

“You left all your stuff at home. Aren’t you just trying to make me win you back you? David, go ahead and make a dinner reservation.”

After ordering David, Lucian told Calista, “Let’s have dinner tonight. You can choose whatever you like in the jewelry store after.”

This was how Lucian would pacify her after a fight. He would give her bags, clothes, jewelry, anything money could buy.

Back then, Calista used to console herself that he was just an ordinary guy. He didn’t know how to treat women right. It wasn’t until she saw how he cared for Lily that she knew how wrong she was.

Calista sneered.

“It’s not that I didn’t take those things, but I left them for Lily. She seems to enjoy collecting people’s unwanted junk. You can consider that trash to be your wedding gift!” she said in a shrill voice.

Beside her, Queenie said, “Madam Calista, you’ve misunderstood Lily. Although she likes Mr. Northwood, she never considered breaking up anyone’s marriage!

“She only asked Mr. Northwood to reserve this bag since she isn’t a member of this brand. If you like this bag, we can give it to you. You don’t need to keep insulting her by repeatedly saying she’s a mistress.”

If bitches had levels, the woman standing before Calista would be in the top tier.

Since she brought up the bag, Calista turned around and smiled alluringly. “Okay, then. Thank you very much.”

The bag was hard to get. Plus, Yara would definitely like it.

Most importantly, Calista wouldn’t need to pay for it. There was simply no reason for her to turn the offer down.

She didn’t care what Lucian thought.

However, Lucian grabbed her wrist when she was about to head to the cashier. “Stop playing around. I can reserve another one if you like it. It won’t take long.”

Calista’s heart sank. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes.

She thought of the lonely marriage she had for the past three years. How hurt she was because of it. She could not help but compare herself to Lily. That woman had always been favored.

Calista understood what Lucian meant. She couldn’t touch this bag. It was for Lily.

She didn’t let Lucian see how her face paled.

“I want to buy this men’s bag.” She turned around and pointed at a bag to the salesperson.

Lucian pursed his lips. Although he didn’t like the design in particular, his solemn attitude over the past few days improved slightly.

She wasn’t angry anymore. She had even bought him a gift.

His voice softened. “Let’s have dinner tonight, okay? I’ll ask someone to bring your luggage from Yara’s place.”

Calista ignored him. She continued to ask the salesperson, “Can you write a card?”

The salesperson nodded. “Yes.”

“Write ‘Happy Valentines Day, Mr. Quigley.’”

Lucian’s eyelids twitched. His grip on Calista’s wrist tightened. He asked, “Who’s Mr. Quigley?”

Calista replied casually, “My date for tonight.”

She forcefully pulled her hand out of his grasp. “Don’t play around. I can reserve another one if you like it. I’m sure it won’t take long.”

Lucian’s temple throbbed when he heard the words he said being repeated to him. His jawline tensed up as he gritted his teeth.

The salesperson had already prepared the bill. However, she didn’t dare to say anything in such a situation.

Calista took out a card and handed it over. “Here.”

Lucian’s expression darkened even more. “Do you think you can buy this bag with your monthly salary?”

He had already canceled the black card he had given her. Apart from spending it at the hotel the previous night, she had never used that card.

Even if she didn’t eat or drink for one year, the amount she saved wouldn’t be much. She couldn’t even afford to buy a bag worth half the price.

Unexpectedly, the transaction had gone through. The POS machine started to print out the receipt.

Calista took over the gift box from the salesperson before leaving.

Lucian’s eyes were filled with anger as he watched her leave.

Calista was impassive after coming out of the mall. She decided to call a taxi to Yara’s antique shop. It was getting late.

Yara wasn’t busy. So, she quickly went up to Calista after seeing her. “Why did you come? Didn’t you say you want to make a stew for me tonight?”

Calista flung the gift box over to her. “Don’t even talk about it. I have such shitty luck.” She sat down on the couch, exhausted.

Yara was excited as she looked at the box. “What is this? Is this my birthday gift?”

Calista closed her eyes and mumbled, “Yes.”

At that, Yara eagerly unwrapped the packaging. When she saw the men’s bag inside, she was disappointed. “I know you don’t think I’m a woman. You don’t have to remind me like this.”

“You can give it to your boyfriend.” Calista didn’t care.

Yara was speechless.

“What boyfriend? Do all the men I met in the club count?” she wondered.

Calista rested for a while. After calming down, she told Yara what happened in the mall.

Yara thought it was weird that Lucian insisted on Calista moving back. She was silent for a while. Then, she asked, “That jerk! Has he really fallen in love with you?”

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/30/2023 Native Language: English
"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Cora Smith is a poignant novel that explores the complexities of love, loss, and self-discovery. The story follows characters grappling with the inevitable departure of a loved one, delving into themes of resilience and the enduring impact of relationships.

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith



The day Calista Everhart gets divorced, her divorce papers end up splashed online, becoming hot news in seconds. The reason for divorce was highlighted in red: "Husband impotent, leading to an inability to fulfill wife's essential needs." That very night, her husband, Lucian Northwood, apprehends her in the stairwell. He voice was low as he told her, "Let me prove that I'm not at all impotent …"  

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Title: You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith
Ratings: 9.9 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith/ Review

"It's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Cora Smith is a captivating novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships, self-discovery, and the inevitable passage of time. The narrative unfolds around the protagonist, exploring her journey through life's highs and lows. Cora Smith skillfully weaves a tale that spans different periods of the protagonist's life, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and emotions. The title itself hints at a sense of departure, suggesting that the protagonist's absence will leave a void in the lives of those around her. This theme of departure becomes a central motif, as the novel explores the impact of choices made and the repercussions on both personal and interpersonal levels. The characters in the novel are vividly portrayed, each with their unique personalities and struggles. The author masterfully explores the intricacies of human connections, illustrating the fragility of bonds and the resilience of the human spirit. Through the protagonist's journey, readers are taken on a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the bittersweet nostalgia that accompanies the passage of time. Cora Smith's writing style is evocative, drawing readers into the emotional landscapes of the characters. The novel invites reflection on the transient nature of life and the inevitability of change. "It's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" is a poignant exploration of the human condition, leaving readers with a lingering sense of introspection and a profound appreciation for the intricacies of the human experience.


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