You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone Chapter 314

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Isn’t She Your Type

It wasn’t Calista. Someone behind her delivered the kick instead. He was wearing black suit pants and

black leather shoes.

Calista’s heart raced. She turned around and saw a familiar, yet unfamiliar face. His face was familiar

because he often appeared on television.

But he looked unfamiliar because it was the first time she met him in real life. It was Diego. He smiled as 

he waved his hand in front of her.

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

Calista shook her head as soon as she regained her senses.

“No, I’m just a bit taken aback. Since it’s my first time meeting a celebrity in real life.”

Leopold, who was still howling in pain, was quickly dragged away. But before that, Calista trampled on his foot with her heel.

They were in a public space after all, so his shriek of pain immediately attracted attention.

As she trampled on him forcefully, she leaned in and said, “Leopold, make sure to watch your time.”

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Diego smiled as he watched her.

“Ms. Everhart, you’re quite interesting. I heard from Vivian that you’re my fan?”


Calista was quite embarrassed as she had to lie right in front of him. Worried that his next question would

be asking her which of his roles or songs she liked best, she quickly shifted the topic.

Thanks for helping me out earlier on.”

wasn’t into celebrities, and she was simply using Diego as an excuse to approach Vivian

ly managed to remember how he looked like after seeing him countless times in the 

one kilowing what shows and songs he performed in

eful nough but she didn’t expect she’d meet Died

in person and

Calista was stunned. Although it was touching, it was a bit excessive.

The music at the banquet suddenly switched to a dance track, and people started to move hand in hand toward the center of the hall. Diego also extended his hand like a gentleman.

“I wonder if I could have the honor to ask my dear fan for a dance.”

Calista clenched her fists.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know how to dance. If you can excuse me to go to the washroom.”

He gestured for her to go ahead. With his manners and dazzling looks, he could make women go weak in

their knees at first glance.

However, Calista, being her usual blunt self, wasn’t a single bit attracted to him. She strode briskly out of the hall. She finally looked at what was in her hand after there wasn’t anyone around.

As Diego watched her disappear from the hall, his eyes narrowed slightly. He ran his tongue along his

lower lip, and there was a look of keen interest lingering in his eyes.

His phone buzzed. He took it out and glanced at it. It was a text.

“How was it? I didn’t miss the mark, didn’t I? Isn’t she your type?”

He casually replied to the text.

“Indeed, you know my preferences best. If it works out for us, I’ll buy you the sports car you had your eye

  1. on

“No need for that. Just treat her well. I’m warning you, she’s the first friend I made in Capeton. You’re not

allowed to toy with her feelings.”

Diego snorted and responded mindlessly to the text. If it wasn’t for him who knew Vivian well, he

would’ve believed the shit she said.

She wouldn’t even introduce Calista to him in the first place if she treated Calista as her friend. Beneath their seemingly decent disguise, they’re birds of the same featherThey knew each other’s true colors.

The longest he had dated a woman didn’t exceed half a month. He would be a fool to miss the forest for

When Calista was back in the hall again, she was surrounded by Vivian and her friends.

“Callie, these are my friends from Apthon. They’d like to get to know you after watching your show.”

Callie, you’re so good with your hands! I fancy artifact restoration, but it’s a pity that I didn’t know how to sign up for it. I heard that your line of work is all about passing on knowledge. Could you teach me? I’ll

give you a toast.”

“Yeah, when I watched the show, I was wondering is it possible for someone to be this skillful? I’ll also

toast to you.”

They kept on bombarding her with flattery. Soon enough, Calista realized that they didn’t admire her that

much–they were just trying to get her drunk.

She turned to look at Vivian, who was smiling at her. It was getting all warm and friendly. Calista started

to feel quite overwhelmed after a few drinks. She shook her tipsy head.

“I can’t handle it anymore. I’m getting a bit drunk.”

“The restroom is just upstairs. We’ve hit it off so well, can’t you just drink a bit more? Vivian booked the whole place for three days. If you’re drunk, you can just go back to your room and sleep until the next


They finally let her go upstairs to rest after accompanying them for two more rounds.

“Callie, you’re quite drunk. Do you need a server to help you out?”

“No, it’s fine. You guys can go ahead. I can still see the room number.” She lay flat on the bed once she entered the room.

At the same time. Diego received a text that said ‘ok‘. He excused himself and nonchalantly made his way


When he got out of the elevator, he took a room key out of his pocket. The room number written on the top right corner of the key card was 2018.

The banquet downstairs was brimming with activity, whereas there wasn’t a single soul in the corridors He swiped the door open.

room was dark as the lights were off, but he could briefly see someone on the bed from the corridor

longue as he closed the doorThe light faded gradually along h

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/30/2023 Native Language: English
"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Cora Smith is a poignant novel that explores the complexities of love, loss, and self-discovery. The story follows characters grappling with the inevitable departure of a loved one, delving into themes of resilience and the enduring impact of relationships.

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith



The day Calista Everhart gets divorced, her divorce papers end up splashed online, becoming hot news in seconds. The reason for divorce was highlighted in red: "Husband impotent, leading to an inability to fulfill wife's essential needs." That very night, her husband, Lucian Northwood, apprehends her in the stairwell. He voice was low as he told her, "Let me prove that I'm not at all impotent …"  

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Title: You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith
Ratings: 9.9 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith/ Review

"It's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Cora Smith is a captivating novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships, self-discovery, and the inevitable passage of time. The narrative unfolds around the protagonist, exploring her journey through life's highs and lows. Cora Smith skillfully weaves a tale that spans different periods of the protagonist's life, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and emotions. The title itself hints at a sense of departure, suggesting that the protagonist's absence will leave a void in the lives of those around her. This theme of departure becomes a central motif, as the novel explores the impact of choices made and the repercussions on both personal and interpersonal levels. The characters in the novel are vividly portrayed, each with their unique personalities and struggles. The author masterfully explores the intricacies of human connections, illustrating the fragility of bonds and the resilience of the human spirit. Through the protagonist's journey, readers are taken on a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the bittersweet nostalgia that accompanies the passage of time. Cora Smith's writing style is evocative, drawing readers into the emotional landscapes of the characters. The novel invites reflection on the transient nature of life and the inevitability of change. "It's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" is a poignant exploration of the human condition, leaving readers with a lingering sense of introspection and a profound appreciation for the intricacies of the human experience.


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