You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone Chapter 21

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone Chapter 21

Chapter 21 She Is Callie


Lucian ended the video call. He opened the door, took the clothes the manager had brought over,

and threw them to Calista

Calista took the bag and headed over to the bathroom. She heard Lucian say through the door, “My

mother’s going to the hospital for a checkup later. You’re coming with me.”

I need to go to work.” Calista was also worried about Selena, but she had taken too many leaves

right after she had started at the studio. Taking more would look bad on her. “Let me know when

the results are out.”

Lucian stared after her and said coldly, “So you don’t even care about Mom’s health anymore now you have that cleaning job?”

Calista did not stop to explain her job. “She won’t be my mother–in–law soon.”

She was just speaking the truth. But to Lucian, it sounded like she would be distancing herself

from them after the divorce.

Lately, all their conversations seemed to find their way to the topic of divorce. Lucian frowned.

Feeling irritated, he said, “She might as well have gotten a dog. At least it would be more loyal to


Calista turned to him and glared.

On what grounds did he stand, accusing her of being ungrateful? Over the past three years, she

had accompanied Selena on every hospital trip and cared for her. In comparison, Lucian rarely

turned up.

You’re right. A dog would know better,” she retorted coldly. “I should have gotten a dog instead of

marrying you.”

Her audacity rendered Lucian speechless. How could she possibly turn the tables on him

Calista opened the door and exited the room. She went out of the club and got a taxi to Justa.

On the wayshe called Yara. “How are you doing?”

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On the other end of the phone, Yara said through gritted teeth, “That bastard. The doctor said I’d

fractured a bone and would be out of commission for some time. I’m going to sue him! Luminary

Lounge definitely won’t give me their surveillance footage. That will be a problem.

“Just get the doctor to issue you an injury diagnosis. I’ll help you with the rest,” Calista said.

Yara did not want Calista to get into trouble because of her. “Forget it. Even if we manage to win

the case, he’ll probably only receive light sentencing. I’ll have to find another way to deal with

him. This isn’t Alexander’s first time forcing himself on women. I’ll try and find other evidence.”

Calista leaned against the car window dejectedly. “I’m sorry for bringing you into this, Yara ”

“What are you talking about? I should be thanking you for giving me the chance to rid the world of


They spoke over the phone until the taxi arrived at Justa. Only then did Calista hang up the phone.

When she got to her desk, Jacob called her into his office. “Callie, come here.”

Confused, Calista did as she was told.

“Let me introduce you to Ms. Scott. She needs your help to restore an old painting. You’re free to

set your price.

Calista looked at where Jacob was pointing and found Lily sitting on the sofa. Her face was

obscured by sunglasses, a black mask, and a hat.

When she heard the name “Callie,” Lily looked up. She frowned at the sight of Calista. She made

no move to hide her disappointment. I’m sorry, Mr. Xanders. I think you might have.

misunderstood me. I don’t need her. I need the famous Callie, whose restoration skills are


Jacob was stunned. Calista took a moment to understand what she was saying.

Lily was here for Callie?

My painting has been badly damaged. I don’t think a regular apprentice will be able to restore it.

I’ve seen Callie’s work on that oil painting. It was amazing! However, I couldn’t find any

information on her. I thought you would know her. That’s why I came to you.” 

Jacob realized that Lily had gotten the wrong idea. Since she was friend, he smiled and said,

This is Cal-


Mr Xanders, Calista interrupted, “We shouldn’t take this lightly. If I’m not the one Ms. Scott is

looking for, then we shouldn’t try to change her mind.”

Jacob could tell that there was some enmity between the two of them. After a stunned pause, he

nodded “You’re right.”

Before Lily could figure out what she meant, Calista turned and left.

Lily stood up hurriedly and went over to Calista. “Calista, do you know that Paul’s having a

welcome home party at Riverside Manor?”

“I don’t.”

“How could he not tell you?” Lily dropped her purse on the ground. An invitation card slipped out,

black with golden lettering.

She bent down and picked it up in a smooth motion as if she had accidentally dropped it. “If you

like, you can come with me. Paul’s been busy ever since he returned. He must have forgotten.” 1

Calista smiled calmly. “Ms. Scott, I believe the invitation card stated ‘and family‘ after the

addressee. As Lucian’s wife, it’s only proper that we get a combined invitation. This is common

etiquette. Did your family not teach you that?”

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/30/2023 Native Language: English
"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Cora Smith is a poignant novel that explores the complexities of love, loss, and self-discovery. The story follows characters grappling with the inevitable departure of a loved one, delving into themes of resilience and the enduring impact of relationships.

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith



The day Calista Everhart gets divorced, her divorce papers end up splashed online, becoming hot news in seconds. The reason for divorce was highlighted in red: "Husband impotent, leading to an inability to fulfill wife's essential needs." That very night, her husband, Lucian Northwood, apprehends her in the stairwell. He voice was low as he told her, "Let me prove that I'm not at all impotent …"  

Detail Novel

Title: You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith
Ratings: 9.9 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith/ Review

"It's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Cora Smith is a captivating novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships, self-discovery, and the inevitable passage of time. The narrative unfolds around the protagonist, exploring her journey through life's highs and lows. Cora Smith skillfully weaves a tale that spans different periods of the protagonist's life, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and emotions. The title itself hints at a sense of departure, suggesting that the protagonist's absence will leave a void in the lives of those around her. This theme of departure becomes a central motif, as the novel explores the impact of choices made and the repercussions on both personal and interpersonal levels. The characters in the novel are vividly portrayed, each with their unique personalities and struggles. The author masterfully explores the intricacies of human connections, illustrating the fragility of bonds and the resilience of the human spirit. Through the protagonist's journey, readers are taken on a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the bittersweet nostalgia that accompanies the passage of time. Cora Smith's writing style is evocative, drawing readers into the emotional landscapes of the characters. The novel invites reflection on the transient nature of life and the inevitability of change. "It's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" is a poignant exploration of the human condition, leaving readers with a lingering sense of introspection and a profound appreciation for the intricacies of the human experience.


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