You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone Chapter 131

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Teasing Her


Choosing between Lucian and the dog. Her answer wouldn’t matter anymore because it’s just not

possible to make her reply sound nice.

Fortunately, Lucian wasn’t that immature to nitpick over things like this. He stopped pressing on

Calista when he saw she wasn’t interested in delving into this topic.

He sat in the driver’s seat after closing the car door. An awkward silence hung in the car. Lucian’s

frosty gaze was fixated on the road.

Calista sealed her mouth shut to keep herself from blurting out something that’d trigger him.

She was a bit thirsty from the honey she had at Stansend Manor. As she was about to open a

bottle of mineral water from the storage compartment, she sensed Lucian turning toward her.

She stopped and gestured the bottle of mineral water to Lucian. She turned her head toward him.

“Do you want some?”

Lucian scoffed at Calista. He made the atmosphere unpleasant again. Calista rolled her eyes

scornfully. She was desperate for a sip of water, but Lucian’s gaze was far too forceful for her to ignore him.

She handed the bottle to him

“Here. You have it instead.”

Yet, Lucian avoided her.

“I thought you despised my skills in bedSo what’s up with the flattery now?” 

Calista was impressed by his logic but she forced herself to sympathize with him. Lucian was the

only son of the prestigious Northwood family.

It’s not surprising as he was only surrounded by people with ulterior motives since childhood. Calista ignored him and took a big gulp of water, She shivered as the cold water sent chills in her stomach.


Lucian was speechless. Calista got out of the car once the car pulled over to her condominium. She dashed back to her place as if she was fleeing from her enemy.

The winter night was tranquil, except for the hustling leaves from the howling cool wind. The already dim street lights became darker after they were clouded by fog.

Aside from the guard on duty, only a few pedestrians were walking by.

Calista’s condominium was located in the farthest building. The biting air stung her bare skin as she walked. She adjusted her clothes and buried her chin in her scarf as much as possible.

The silent night was torn apart by a burst of chaotic footsteps along with obscene jokes. Calista raised her head and she saw a few men with bleached hair appear.

They were dressed flamboyantly and they couldn’t stop cursing. Anyone could tell at first glance that they weren’t good–natured.

The path was wide enough to accommodate two groups of people. Calista was on the right and that

group of men were on the left.

There was no way they would’ve bumped into each other, but as the distance between them narrowed, she sensed that they were getting closer and closer.

She accidentally met eyes with one of them. The man grinned, revealing his yellowish, nicotine- stained teeth.

Calista had no idea who they were. But she was aware of their evil intentions at first glance. She turned toward the main entrance. The guard was hiding away from the cold in the security booth.

Lucian exhaled the last puff of his cigarette. He ignited his car and left once the smoke in the car faded.

When he was looking at the right rearview mirrorhe caught glimpse of something shimmery as his gaze swept past the front passenger seat habitually.

It seemed like a metal ornament was stuck between the seat and the compartment. Maybe it broke from Calista’s belongings since she left in a hurry just nowShe must’ve been unaware of it.

Lucian took it out and it was already damaged. The connecting part of the ornament was ripped apart He frowned and played with it for a while,

In the end, he finally made up his mind to bring it to Calista’s place.


He stumbled upon a gang of thugs on his way to her place. His expression darkened when he

heard their risqué jokes.

Lucian saw Calista standing on the roadside in the distance. He frowned as he approached her.

“What’s wrong?

Calista jumped in fright. She turned and saw Lucian, and then her tense body gradually relaxed.

She shook her head.

“It’s nothing.”

She glanced over at those thugs disappearing into the distance.

When Calista sensed their bad intentions, she was positive that they were about to lay their hands

on her. She could tell that something wasn’t right when they purposely ran into her.

But it turned out that nothing happened. They just walked past her. They were stinking with

alcohol. The smell of alcohol was still lingering in the air after they left.

Lucian followed her gaze and locked his gaze on them. He had a stern look on his face.

“What’s wrong? Did they do anything to you?”

“No, they didn’t.”

Calista shook her head again. She frowned at him.

“Why did you follow me though?” 

Calista seemed very disapproving. Lucian’s expression darkened as he tossed the ornament to her.

Keep an eye on your belongingsIf I come across you being that careless again, I’m just going to dump your stuff in the bin.

Calista took it and realized it was the deco from her bag. She bought it from the night market and

it wasn’t something precious.


It’s hard to leave those thugs unnoticed given their appearance. The guard immediately recalled

who they were without a single hint from Lucian.

“Nope, they’re here to look for someone. They’ve never been here before.”


Lucian frowned, filling the air with tension. The guard’s heart was pounding when he saw

Lucian’s expression.

“Mr. Northwood, we have top–notch security here. We confirmed each visitor with the owners

before they were allowed to enter. It’s also compulsory for them to go through registration before

entering the condominium.”

“So what? How can you tell that they’re not here for something else despite having the owner’s

confirmation? Don’t you think it’s too late for the registration to be of use if they’re scheming on


Although the guard had to admit that they didn’t look proper, especially with all those cursing,

how could Lucian judge a book that easily by its cover? How did this have to do with scheming?

Yet, the guard had no guts to put his doubts forward in front of Lucian.

“We do have people watching over the CCTVs all day long. Aside from the condominium’s interior, there are surveillance cameras everywhere in the building to make sure everything happening in

every corner of the residence is caught on tape.”

Lucian peered at him coldly.

“Even if the culprit was caught on tape, wouldn’t it be too late for you to rush over to the crime scene? The poor victim’s soul would’ve left his body already.”

The guard was speechless. Shithe’s just here to nitpick on things, wasn’t he?

It’s a condominium and it’s nowhere near a highend residential areaResidents from different backgrounds would be expected in this large community

It’s just unreasonable to arrest someone just by the looks of them. They’re security guardsnot disciplinary teachers who’d pick on students with flamboyant clothing

But Lucian didn’t find his suspicion strange He was still staring at the guard, sending chills down


“Or or….

patrol 24/7. We can get people to do it on different shifts.”

we could strengthen our patrol around the residence? The whole area will be under

After a while, he finally heard a sound of approval from Lucian. The guard loosened up and heaved

a great sigh of relief once Lucian left. Damn, he was scared to death just now!

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/30/2023 Native Language: English
"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Cora Smith is a poignant novel that explores the complexities of love, loss, and self-discovery. The story follows characters grappling with the inevitable departure of a loved one, delving into themes of resilience and the enduring impact of relationships.

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith



The day Calista Everhart gets divorced, her divorce papers end up splashed online, becoming hot news in seconds. The reason for divorce was highlighted in red: "Husband impotent, leading to an inability to fulfill wife's essential needs." That very night, her husband, Lucian Northwood, apprehends her in the stairwell. He voice was low as he told her, "Let me prove that I'm not at all impotent …"  

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Title: You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith
Ratings: 9.9 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith/ Review

"It's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Cora Smith is a captivating novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships, self-discovery, and the inevitable passage of time. The narrative unfolds around the protagonist, exploring her journey through life's highs and lows. Cora Smith skillfully weaves a tale that spans different periods of the protagonist's life, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and emotions. The title itself hints at a sense of departure, suggesting that the protagonist's absence will leave a void in the lives of those around her. This theme of departure becomes a central motif, as the novel explores the impact of choices made and the repercussions on both personal and interpersonal levels. The characters in the novel are vividly portrayed, each with their unique personalities and struggles. The author masterfully explores the intricacies of human connections, illustrating the fragility of bonds and the resilience of the human spirit. Through the protagonist's journey, readers are taken on a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the bittersweet nostalgia that accompanies the passage of time. Cora Smith's writing style is evocative, drawing readers into the emotional landscapes of the characters. The novel invites reflection on the transient nature of life and the inevitability of change. "It's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" is a poignant exploration of the human condition, leaving readers with a lingering sense of introspection and a profound appreciation for the intricacies of the human experience.


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