“Excuse you!” Lucas could not believe his ears.


“Are you accusing me of theft in my own house?” He snapped. “What card are you even talking about and why the hell would I steal it?”


Listening to his response, I realized I had gone overboard because I had no proof. How could I say it was Reign’s personal card when I had already bragged that he was my bestie?


Without another word, I turned and went back into my room. I sat on the bed and hugged my knees, feeling very sad. I regretted not saving Reign’s number the moment I got that card. What if I never got the chance to meet him again? The mere thought of this made me feel like crying.


My eyes lit up when it finally occurred to me that I could reach him on social media. However, my bubble was busted when I realized that he was not on social media. How could he live like that?


The closest thing to him which I found was FLETCHER CONGLOMERATES, but that was his company’s account. It was probably managed by someone else so there was no way I could reach him.


I became sad again. However, my eyes lit up once more when I realized I could go look for him at his company. Why didn’t I think of this from the start?


I picked out a simple dress and wrote down everything I planned to say, in case I was interviewed on the spot. I left the house very early the next day. However, when I arrived at FLETCHER CONGLOMERATES, I was not allowed to see Reign because I did not have an appointment.


I spent over thirty minutes, trying to convince the three receptionists at the counter that Reign was expecting me but they refused me entry.


At this point, a beautiful lady in a black designer dress arrived and the receptionists greeted her respectfully.


“Is Reign in his office?” She asked.


“Yes, ma’am,” they replied uniformly.


She went up without sparing me a glance, but I recognized her. How could I not when I had almost died in the elevator of her company?


As she walked away, the receptionists whispered among themselves, “She is so lucky to be Mr. Fletcher’s fiancee.” “She is very beautiful so it’s no surprise that she captured his heart.”


Hearing their words, I began to ask myself, “What are you doing here, Cora?”


I turned and walked out of the company. It was stupid of me to keep thinking about Reign and building castles in the air. I wanted to return home but then, I remembered that I needed a job and Reign had promised to help me get a job.


I decided to wait outside for Reign with the hope that he would have to leave at the end of the day and I would get a chance to speak to him before then.


I waited for more than eight hours but did not see any sign of Reign or even his fiancee. Refusing to give up, I continued waiting until it became dark.


The guards asked me to leave because they wanted to shut the gates.


“I’m waiting for Mr. Fletcher,” I informed them.


“He already left a long time ago.” The guards replied shocking me. I went back home feeling defeated and extremely unhappy.


Lucas was waiting in the living room when I entered and the moment he saw me, he got up and said sternly, “We had an agreement, Cora. I will not tolerate you keeping late nights. I don’t want any embarrassing scandals.”


Without saying a word to him in reply, I walked into my room and locked the door. I sat on my bed feeling sorry for myself. In the end, I decided to search for a job somewhere else tomorrow and move on with my life.


I picked up my dirty laundry and decided to do them to get my mind off my misfortune. Just before I put them in the machine, the card Reign had given to me fell out of my blue dress.


I stared at the card in shock, since I had searched for it in the blue dress the day before but could not find it. I became so happy and quickly dialed Reign’s number.


As it rang the first and second time, I worried that he would not take my call since he did not have my number. The thought had barely crossed my mind when he answered the call.


“Hello,” I said.


“Cora! I’ve been expecting your call,” he replied.


My heart skipped a beat, hearing his words. “Sorry, that I’m calling so late. About that job….”


“Come to my office as early as seven tomorrow and we’ll talk about it.” He said quickly.


“Seven?” I asked.


“I meant to say eight,” he replied. “I’ll be expecting you, Cora. Goodnight.”


After the call ended, I jumped for joy, feeling like the happiest person in the world.


I woke up very early the next day and got ready. I paid special attention to my looks, making sure my makeup game was top-notch.


I put on the white dress I had gotten and the red stilettos before heading out. Lucas was about to leave for work when he saw me leaving as well.


He stared at me in surprise because I had never put in so much effort to look good, before.


“I should give you a ride to wherever it is you are going,” He offered.


I shook my head, “Thanks, but no thanks.” And walked out of the house, taking a cab to Reign’s company.


This time, the receptionists sent me to the fifteenth floor where Reign’s office was located because he had given the order. When I got to the elevator, I remembered what happened the last time I was in an elevator and opted to use the stairs.


I was breathless when I got to the fifteenth floor, but worse than that, the stilettos were killing me. I regretted wearing them. I must have been out of my mind when I spent so much money buying a pair of death traps.


I stood in front of the wide glass door, wishing I could take off my shoes as I tried to catch my breath. After collecting myself together, I was about to knock when the door was opened from inside.


I gasped as I came face to face with Reign. He was wearing a royal blue colored suit, looking dashing. We stared at each other and for me, time seemed to have stopped.


He finally smiled and opened the door for me, “Come inside, Cora.”


As I went inside, my heart began to race. I looked around the spacious office but all I could think of was how Reign looked even more handsome than he did the first time I met him.


I was waiting for him to offer me a seat when he asked from behind me, “Are you comfortable?”


I turned and stared at him in surprise, while he pointed at my shoes, “Aren’t those like ….deathly painful?”


I so badly wanted to say yes but I was trying so hard to not make a fool of myself.


“Hold on,” he said to me and walked over to his table. He pulled out a pair of white flip-flops from a drawer and walked back to where I stood.


To my surprise, he squatted in front of me and placed the flip-flops on the floor. “You can make use of the flip-flops for now,” he said as he held my leg and carefully removed it from the shoe.


I placed my hands on his shoulders for support as my heart thumped loudly. Everything felt like a dream, yet he was truly in front of me.


After helping me out on the flip-flops, my height significantly dropped to its true level.


He lowered his body so his height could be equal to mine. He looked around the office, turned his attention to me, and moved his face closer to mine as he asked, “Are you okay? You’re sweating even though the air conditioner is on.”


I was about to speak when he took out his handkerchief from his pocket and began to wipe my sweat. The same smell I had perceived from him in the elevator filled my nose and I could feel my panties getting wet.


I didn’t know how deep my affection for him ran until that moment. His eyes kept peering into mine as he touched my forehead with his hand and said, “Your temperature seems fine. What could be the problem, Cora?”


My voice shook as I spoke softly, “Reign, I think I’m feeling a little weak in the knees.”

Billionaire Series; Falling Into You Billionaire by Rosa Kane

Billionaire Series; Falling Into You Billionaire by Rosa Kane

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: , Released: 2024 Native Language: English

Billionaire Series Falling Into You Read Online Novel Story

SEQUEL TO MY LITTLE SUNSHINE On the same day I got married, I learned a heartbreaking truth; I was merely a substitute; a stand-in bride for my husband's beloved. My dreams and feelings didn't matter to anyone but me. In the eyes of the public, I was his wife but at home, I had to live as a furniture and a prisoner. Refusing to live such a miserable life, I ran, faster than I had ever done in my entire life, but then, I found myself walking on thin ice. I was on the brink of a precipice when someone reached out his hand and gave me a lifeline. He was Reign Fletcher, and he became my everything.~~~~CORA She bumped into my life unexpectedly, and suddenly, what started out as an accident became the most important moment of my life. I never understood what it felt like to love someone else more than I do myself until I met Cora Gilbert.~~~~REIGN *THIS BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE*


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