The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 232

The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 232

Chapter 232 He Was Truly Terrified

Titus returned home at night. He was in a group video call with Harold and Leon. As he pushed open

the door to his room, he was startled to find Jodie sitting inside, the dim light of a desk lamp illuminating her face. His heart skipped a beat. He regretted not locking the door before leaving earlier. Despite feeling uneasy, he walked in.

The camera on his phone switched to the view inside the room, and Harold and Leon also. saw Jodie. Both of them were equally surprised and remained silent, watching the scene. unfold.

Titus looked at Jodie with astonishment and asked, “Jo, why are you in my room?” He positioned his phone on his chest, pointing the camera directly at her.

He didn’t want to end the video call as he felt uneasy. Having his two friends with him on the phone provided some comfort.

Jodie, wearing a black silk camisole dress that perfectly showcased her figure, seductively looked at Titus and said, “Titus, didn’t you say that if I dared to come find you, you would accept me? So here I am.”

She blamed Titus for everything that had happened that day. If he hadn’t rejected her from the beginning, the other brothers wouldn’t have rejected her either.

She also wanted to improve her luck in the next variety show and restore her beauty.

After some thought, she realized that merely having one-third of Andrew’s luck might not b enough.

However, since she was going to accompany him on a variety show next, she couldn’t afford for him to be too unlucky, as it would affect her as well.

Therefore, she couldn’t take too much of his luck.

Pondering over it, she decided to target Titus, blaming his ruthless nature. She realized that Luca and Aaron were led astray by Titus.

Otherwise, they would have never treated her that way in the past.

Moreover, Titus himself said that he would take responsibility for her. It was a perfect excuse. which made it more convenient for her to act.

Among the five brothers, Titus was the most handsome, with a tall and well-proportioned figure. She wouldn’t be losing out.

In the future, if she could not stay in the Gray Family anymore, she could use this as a threat




to force Steven and Salma to let her stay.

Jodie didn’t say it explicitly, but Titus knew very well what she meant when she said he dared to take responsibility.

He awkwardly smiled and said, “I was just joking. Why did you take it seriously?”

Jodie laughed coquettishly and replied, “Titus, but I took it seriously. I really like you!”

Titus didn’t find her cute or charming at all. Instead, he felt a chill run down his spine.

“But I’m not interested in you. Let me walk you back to your room.”

He just wanted to get rid of this trouble as soon as possible. He was genuinely scared.

Jodie smiled and reached out her hand. “Alright, then. Carry me back.”

Titus took a deep breath and decisively refused. “I dare not. I’m afraid my dad will punish me and make me kneel outside.”

This remark made Jodie’s smile fade a little.

“But you were the one who said before that if I came to find you, you would want me!” She glared at Titus. “One can never trust a man.”

Titus got goosebumps all over. “Just treat it as nonsense.” If he had known that Jodie was like this, he would never have said those things before.

Jodie was relentless. “I can’t just pretend. I’m serious.”

Titus was annoyed by her words, and he countered, “If you want to take it seriously, go ahead, but I won’t play along.”

He said coldly, “Either you go out by yourself, or I’ll have your etiquette teacher come and escort you.”

Jodie secretly resented him for not keeping his word. She made up her mind that since he didn’t listen to reason, she would have to use extreme measures.

Her smile faded as she said, “Fine, then. Since you don’t want to keep your word, I won’t force it. Come over; carry me to the wheelchair and take me back to my room.”

But Titus didn’t dare to carry her. “You came in by yourself, so you can go back to the wheelchair by yourself. My parents have been watching me closely lately, and there’s also an etiquette teacher. I dare not overstep my boundaries.”

Jodie said nothing. He was the boldest one in the family, and now, he seemed timid.


Frustrated, she hobbled back to the wheelchair with one leg and sat down, looking at him. “Then please push me back to my room. Is that too much to ask?”

Titus just wanted to get rid of her quickly, so he muttered, “Fine, I’ll push you back.” He guessed that Jodie wanted him to escort her to her room and then cause trouble. He planned to leave as soon as he brought her to the door.

As he pushed Jodie out, his phone, which he had placed in the pocket of his shirt, exposed the camera. Just a few steps away, Jodie suddenly grabbed his hand and turned her head, looking at him with charm. “Titus, can you share your luck with me?”

Titus was startled and about to wave her hand away to refuse, but unexpectedly, he couldn’t control himself.

At that moment, he only wanted to be good to Jodie and was willing to give her anything. He nodded, I… I…”

Before he could finish the last word, he suddenly felt a burning sensation in his chest. Instantly, he regained his sanity and quickly pulled away Jodie’s hand, stepping back a few steps in a hurry.

He gazed at Jodie with a sense of dread and demanded sharply, “What have you me?!” He then placed his hand on his chest.

done to

Fortunately, he had followed in Harold’s footsteps and previously purchased a talisman from


Initially, he had bought it casually for some psychological reassurance, but little did he know it would prove to be so effective.

Jodie hadn’t anticipated that Titus would regain his sanity so quickly.

She had ignited a special incense in the room and utilized a talisman given to her by her brother to cloud his mind.

Within a brief period, it could cause the person who touched it to lose their sanity.

Although the effect was temporary, it was sufficient for Titus to comply.

That was why she had used it..

Who could have predicted that just as she was on the verge of success, he would regain his sanity?

And wasn’t it said that when someone was deceived by the incense and talisman, they could not recall what had just occurred? How was it that Titus not only remembered but also sensed that something was amiss? The incense and talisman were too unreliable.

Jodie feigned ignorance. “I merely touched your hand. What’s the matter with you, Titus?” She then put on her usual act of appearing teary-eyed and wronged. “Titus, do you truly despise me now? Can I not even touch your hand? You weren’t like this before!”

Titus was fearful as he muttered, “Yes, I truly despise you now. So please, cease bothering me any further.”

He reached for the talisman hanging around his neck, but it was gone, as it must have been. used up and turned to ashes.

He couldn’t remain in the room any longer.

If Jodie were to do something again, he would be in trouble.

“Fine. If you won’t leave, then I will.”

Thus, he swiftly opened the door and fled at the utmost speed..

Jodie was at a loss for words upon seeing that. Is there really a need for this? I’m not a ferocious beast!


Synopsis The Heiress’ Return & Revenge

Synopsis The Heiress’ Return & Revenge

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Synopsis The Heiress' Return & Revenge

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Synopsis The Heiress' Return & Revenge


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