The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 216

The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 216


Chapter 216 What an Absurd Idea

Simone couldn’t help but laugh at Tina’s comparison of herself to a pig. However, the analogy was not entirely inaccurate.

Why would they allow these individuals to become popular in the entertainment industry?

The people behind them wouldn’t be so benevolent. They were only thinking about their own children.

They were most likely waiting for them to succeed and then take advantage of them.

The luck accumulated in the entertainment industry, as long as it was obtained through legitimate means, would not have any impact on the fans.

They wouldn’t be discovered by special departments or geomancy associations.

Take her, for example. If she wanted to extend her career, she needed more people to like her, but because she gained fans through her own efforts, there would be no backlash and no impact on those who liked her.

If luck was obtained through witchcraft, not only would it take effect quickly, but it would also have a significant impact on the fans.

That would be considered stealing luck, and it would come at the expense of others.

For example, when a trouble-making celebrity’s luck skyrocketed, and their career flourished, their fans’ luck would be weakened.

The deeper and more loyal the fans, the more luck they would lose.

They would have to compensate for the rapidly increasing luck of their beloved idols.

However, this method was more likely to be discovered and dealt with by special. departments.

The person behind Tina and the others had been planning for twenty years or even longer.

They were patient, choosing a method of luck absorption that wasn’t easily discovered.

For example, they would let Tina and the others become popular and increase their luck, and then they would absorb it.

Considering this, there should be more individuals like her in the entertaiment industry controlled by their “parents”

‘I think there should be more. I’ll pay attention to it later, Simone texted.

‘I see that you appear to be enthusiastic about variety shows, but in reality, you’re playing it cool behind the scenes with those three people.

‘Are you actually not interested in becoming popular?’

Tina replied, ‘Yes. I don’t want to be taken advantage of or be quickly exploited.

‘I was forced into the entertainment industry and didn’t like it at all. I just pretend to work hard so that I won’t become too popular, but I can maintain a steady increase in popularity and luck.”

This way, others won’t suspect her of rebellion.

Alternatively, they might try other methods to push her forward forcibly.

After all, becoming popular in the entertainment industry was not that easy.

Apparently, unless they resort to witchcraft, they are afraid of being discovered, so they don’t dare to openly engage in mischief.

This was the loophole she was exploiting.

Sometimes, she couldn’t understand. Why did the others want to run away, yet Jodie still willingly walked into the trap and allowed herself to be controlled?

Simone found Tina to be a very clever girl.

Tina was still clear-headed and rational, knowing what she wanted, unlike Jodie, who was completely blinded by power and overly confident in herself.

Perhaps over the years, being pampered by the Gray Family had made her too self-assured, like a delicate flower that couldn’t withstand the storm.

Then came Tina’s next text. “They made me get close to you to win your favor and trust and then help Jodie to deal with you.”

I can only say that you and Jodie have a deep connection, and so do I with Jodie.”

Simone replied, ‘Alright, I understand. Let’s follow their plan and not alert them. Let them reveal their true colors.

After all, acting was their specialty.

Simone still didnt fully trust Tina. She had never had any interaction with Tina before, so if would be foolish to trust her wholeheartedly

Tina likely had reservations about her as well, but that was normal. So, she still needed to confirm whether Tina truly wanted to cooperate or if she was just pretending to get close to her.

She couldn’t let her guard down, but she also couldn’t be overly suspicious.

Of course. As long as Tina didn’t intend to harm her, she would sincerely consider her as a friend.

Tina smiled and replied, ‘Alright.”

Conversations and dealings with smart people are simple and comfortable.

They understood each other without needing to say anything and could even anticipate each other’s thoughts.

Simone enjoyed being with someone like Tina. It was effortless and pleasant.

After they finished writing, Eric and Brandon walked over with plates of grilled seafood.


put away the pen and went to help them. Then, when no one was paying attention, she threw the paper filled with words into the fire of the barbecue grill.

She watched as the paper turned to ashes before returning to chat and eat barbecue with everyone.

That night, they spent time on the yacht and returned the next day.

They met up with the production team and returned home together.

The Gray brothers didn’t accompany them this time, as they stayed in Slovance to wait for Salma to recover before returning.

Leon did come back with them, but he remained aloof throughout the journey.

His attitude, especially towards Zac, was filled with hostility and dislike.

Zac naturally didn’t tolerate him.

Who among them wasn’t a scion of a wealthy family or a top-tier celebrity?

Not only did he ignore Leon, but he also continued to switch seats and sit next to Simone.

On the way back, the two of them chatted easily and joyfully, showing that they were comfortable in each other’s company.

It was evident that Simone felt relaxed and happy when she was with Zac.


This made Leon feel uncomfortable and even more resentful towards Zac.

Upon arriving in Corynthea, the group exited the terminal.

Simone saw Gwen standing in the reception area.

Gwen also saw Simone and smiled, waving her hand. “Simone, I’m here.”

Simone bid farewell to the program crew, Zac, and the other guests before quickly walking towards Gwen.

Leon saw Gwen waving at Simone as if she hadn’t seen him and felt slightly sad.

He followed behind Simone and walked toward Gwen.

Gwen reached out and held Simone’s hand. “Let’s go.”


Simone held onto her luggage with one hand and was held by Gwen with the other. “Okay!”

She had specifically told Gwen the time of her return, and Gwen had volunteered to pick her

The two walked ahead, with Leon following behind.

They arrived at the entrance to the parking lot.

Gwen turned around and inexplicably looked at Leon. “Why are you following us?”

He replied, “You’re my sister. Can’t I follow you?”

“If you’re here to pick Simone up, can’t I hitch a ride with you?” He followed along because he wanted to hitch a ride in order to spend more time with Simone.

Gwen was at a loss for words. “When did you become so shameless? Although we are siblings. our relationship is not good at the moment. Plus, who gave you permission to hitch a ride? You think too highly of yourself. My car is for Simone to ride in.”

Then, she gave Leon a disdainful look. “You should have your two good buddies come pick. you up.”

Why did he want to hitch a ride? Did he think she was foolish? Did he think she would help him? What an absurd idea.

Leon’s face turned dark. “I am your brother.”

Gwen pursed her lips. Then, let’s end our sibling relationship. Don’t follow us. Find your

own ride.


After saying that, she waved at Leon and walked into the parking lot, holding onto Simone.

Simone never turned around to look at Leon, nor did she say a word.

Feeling rejected by his own sister and hearing such harsh words, Leon couldn’t bring himself to hitch a ride anymore. As he watched Simone’s figure disappear in front of him, his filled with disappointment and pain.

Feeling even more frustrated, he put on a mask and headed toward the cab exit.

He had specifically instructed his assistant not to come pick him up today.


After getting into the cab, he messaged the other two to join him for a drink in the group


Synopsis The Heiress’ Return & Revenge

Synopsis The Heiress’ Return & Revenge

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/9/2023 Native Language: English
The Heiress' Return & Revenge Novel depicts the compelling tale of a wealthy heiress who, after facing betrayal, embarks on a journey of retribution. Fueled by determination, she returns to reclaim her legacy, navigating a web of deceit and intrigue to exact vengeance on those who wronged her.  

Synopsis The Heiress' Return & Revenge

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In her past life, Simone and her adopted sister got kidnapped. Surprisingly, her parents, five brothers, and even her boyfriend, who had grown up with her, all chose to rescue her adopted sibling, and this led to Simone's unfortunate end. After being reborn, Simone decided to cut ties with her parents and her lousy brothers. She also broke up with her boyfriend because she'd had enough of all of them. To make a living, she had no choice but to dive into the entertainment industry. Simone's eldest brother had wielded immense influence within the industry. In the blink of an eye, however, Simone's management studio ascended to the top tier.
Her second brother, a top-tier talent agent, quickly found himself outperformed by Simone, who had become the industry's foremost agent. Her third brother, a mega-popular singer, saw Simone's debut song set the world on fire in an instant. The fourth brother, a distinguished and up-and-coming director, gazed in envy and admiration as Simone's directed movies achieved remarkable box office success. Her fifth brother, the hottest young sensation, watched as Simone transformed into an award-winning leading actress in no time. Upon witnessing her astounding accomplishments, Simone's parents, brothers, and even her ex-boyfriend pleaded for her forgiveness. "No way!" Simone firmly replied.

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Synopsis The Heiress' Return & Revenge


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