I drove back home with a sad expression on my face because somewhere inside of me, I believed that Lisa was right.


In the eyes of the law and the world, I was a married woman. Despite knowing that Reign was engaged to her, I was harboring romantic feelings for him and daydreaming about him. She had every right to be upset with me.


When I got home, I thought deeply about it and decided to take Lisa’s warning. It wasn’t that I was scared of her. I knew how much Reign hated to be the subject of gossip or negative news, and if Lisa tried to bring me down, his name would be mentioned too. The fact that she pretended to like me in front of him, meant that she would never make good on her threat.


However, I did not want to come between a happy couple. Not that I had the ability to, but if my actions were enough to make her feel insecure, then I had to take a step back.


I thought about how best to do this and concluded that the best way was to avoid Reign as much as possible. For that to happen, I needed to ask him to transfer me to a different department. I hoped he wouldn’t get upset with me because of this since it was the only solution I had.


In the morning, I made breakfast for myself and Reign and quickly got ready for work. When I came out of the kitchen, holding the food flask in my hand, Lucas who was sitting at the dining said, “Good morning, Cora.”


“Good morning, Lucas,” I replied and proceeded to the exit door.


However, he said, “Come on, Cora. Isn’t it obvious that I’m waiting to also have a taste of your delicious breakfast? My day went so well yesterday, thanks to you. You are a great cook.”


I sighed. I could not understand what was going on with Lucas. I believed keeping to ourselves was for the best, but he was deliberately trying to be friendly.


Without a word, I left my bag on the chair and went back to the kitchen while still holding the flask in my hand. I quickly dished out what was left in the pot for Lucas and went out of the kitchen.


He was still sitting in the dining, waiting for me. I walked over to him and placed the plate of food on the dining table.


“There you go, happy now?” I asked.


He looked up at me and smiled, “Yes I am. Thank you, Cora.”


I rolled my eyes and was about to walk away when a familiar voice screamed, “How dare you, Cora?”


My eyes widened in shock when I turned and saw my sister, Avery. She looked elegant in her short baby pink dress, and she was seething with rage for reasons I could not understand.


Lucas seemed pleasantly surprised as he got up with his mouth agape.


“Princess!” He exclaimed.


Avery walked over to the dining and pushed the plate of food I had just served Lucas to the ground.


“How dare you make food for my husband?” She barked. “I made it absolutely clear that Lucas was off-limits to you. If I hadn’t struggled to come here, I would not have known that you are shamelessly doing everything in your power to steal him from me.”


“Calm down, Princess,” Lucas replied. “You already know that no one can steal me from you no matter what they do.”


I scoffed, unable to believe my ears.


“I do not have time for this nonsense,” I replied and walked away from both of them. I went toward where I kept my bag to pick it up and leave for work. However, Avery followed me, deliberately wanting to pick up a fight.


“Where do you think you are going?” She yelled. “Let’s trash this out, Cora. Tell me why you are so cheap and desperate. Why would you cook for my man when we have hired chefs for that purpose?”


Despite how angry her words made me, I refused to say a word in reply. I was relieved she was back, as it meant putting an end to the humiliating arrangement I had been tricked into.


I picked up my bag and wanted to leave but Avery snatched the food flask in my hand and threw it on the ground, causing the food inside to pour out and splash on my legs and my dress.


I became livid and slapped her so hard that she staggered backward but was caught by Lucas before she could fall.


He charged at me, eyes red with fury, and lifted his hand to hit me. My eyes darted around the living room for a weapon I could use in retaliating.


However, Lucas’ hand paused midway and he took it back. “This should be the last time,” he warned before going back to hold Avery who was now crying.


I glared at both of them as I tried to control my breathing. When he led her toward the couch and made her sit on his thigh, I went back into my room.


I sat on my bed and sighed. It was obvious that Avery had wanted a reaction from me and I wasn’t surprised by her action, but Lucas could have done better.


I looked at my time quickly washed my legs and changed my clothes. I couldn’t make breakfast for Reign again, because then, I would be late.


On my way out, I spotted them sitting intimately on the couch and kissing. I rolled my eyes and walked toward the door. Just as I opened it, I heard Avery say, “Make love to me, Lucas.”


I knew she deliberately said it to my hearing to make me jealous but I couldn’t care less. The only man my eyes could see at this time was Reign, even though he was beyond my reach.


I got into my car and drove to work. Once I arrived at the parking lot, Reign called me. I thought I was late for work but heaved a sigh of relief when I checked my time and noticed I still had a few minutes.


“Good morning, Reign,” I greeted the moment I answered the call.


“Good morning, Cora,” he replied. “Come to the CEO’s elevator. I’m waiting for you.”


I quickly headed to his elevator and indeed, he was right there, looking dashing and sexy.


I smiled at him.


“Hey,” he said. “I went out briefly and spotted your car before getting here. Knowing your situation, I decided to wait here and escort you to our office.”


“That was really kind of you. Thank you,” I humbly replied.


He held my hand before opening the elevator doors. Once we were inside, my body tensed briefly but he intertwined our fingers.


I looked up at him and noticed that he was brooding, seemingly lost in thought. With his warm hands holding mine, I felt at ease and closed my eyes as we went up.


Once the elevator doors opened, he walked out still holding my hand, and led me to his office. He only let go when we were inside and walked toward his chair.


I sat down and began to think about what I had to tell him, and right at that moment, he asked, “Is everything okay? You seem bothered and probably forgot my breakfast at home.”


I smiled awkwardly, “I’m sorry, the flask fell off my hand and I couldn’t make another one because I didn’t want to be late.”


“It’s okay. Accidents happen,” he told me.


I decided to seize the opportunity, so I got up and said to him, “I was wondering if it would be possible for me to transfer to a different department.”


He stared at me in surprise, “You don’t want to work as my secretary anymore?”


I shook my head, “It’s not that….it’s just,” I didn’t want to mention that his fiancee was uncomfortable with how close I was to him, because I felt it was between me and her. But then, I didn’t know what else to tell him.


He noticed I was struggling to come up with a reason and said, “Okay. If you want to be transferred out of here, I’ll make that happen.


Have dinner with me at eight, let’s talk more about it and finalize where you would be. Will it be convenient?”


I nodded, “Yes, I would be free at eight.” Although it was for the best, I felt sad that I would not get the chance to see him every day.


“You don’t look too good. Do you want to share what the problem is?” He asked, seemingly noticing my sadness.


I forced myself to smile brightly, “I assure you, I am fine, Reign.”


He nodded, “Okay, take the day off.”


“What?” I stared at him in surprise.


“You look like you really need some rest,” he added.


I couldn’t go back home and face those two idiots. I was about to tell him that when my phone began to ring.


It was from Lucas and I had a strong urge to turn my phone off but Reign said, “Go ahead and answer your call.”


I nodded and answered it.


“Where are you?” Lucas asked.


“That’s a dumb question to ask me, considering the fact that I just left the house for work,” I replied.


“Stop being arrogant,” he snapped. “My grandfather wants us to have dinner with him. It is very important for you to be on your best behavior because I could get my inheritance today and we will both be rid of each other.”


“I really want that,” I replied. “Just tell me where and when and I’ll be there.”


“I’ll take you there,” he said. “And the time is eight.”


I gasped in surprise, “Eight?”

Billionaire Series; Falling Into You Billionaire by Rosa Kane

Billionaire Series; Falling Into You Billionaire by Rosa Kane

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: , Released: 2024 Native Language: English

Billionaire Series Falling Into You Read Online Novel Story

SEQUEL TO MY LITTLE SUNSHINE On the same day I got married, I learned a heartbreaking truth; I was merely a substitute; a stand-in bride for my husband's beloved. My dreams and feelings didn't matter to anyone but me. In the eyes of the public, I was his wife but at home, I had to live as a furniture and a prisoner. Refusing to live such a miserable life, I ran, faster than I had ever done in my entire life, but then, I found myself walking on thin ice. I was on the brink of a precipice when someone reached out his hand and gave me a lifeline. He was Reign Fletcher, and he became my everything.~~~~CORA She bumped into my life unexpectedly, and suddenly, what started out as an accident became the most important moment of my life. I never understood what it felt like to love someone else more than I do myself until I met Cora Gilbert.~~~~REIGN *THIS BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE*


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