The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania Chapter 4

The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania Chapter 4



Welcome to my humble abode,” Lance chirped as soon as I felt my bare feet on the cold mahogany floor. I stumbled and when I realized his hand was on my waist, I pushed him away. And without support. I fell to the ground with a thud

I glared at him and he was looking at me with that amused look on his face

For someone who was almost burned to death, you sure are enthusiastic,he said and stuffed his hands into his pockets. There was a hint of mischief in his eyes and I could tell he was thinking of something I could never decipher

A grin curved the corners of his mouth and he said, It’s interesting how you kill me with your eyes and compliment me inside your mind.” 

Stop reading other people’s minds,I hissed and did my best to stand. I had been shaking tremendously before he scooped me into his arms and transported me into this place

Oh, trust me, sweetheart, I am not reading your mind. Your thoughts are presenting themselves to me like food on a silver platter. Maybe you should work on that.” 

How the heck am I supposed to do that

I glared at him one more time as I finally gained my balance. The amused smile on his lips just fueled my anger. Where am I and why am I here?” 

I dared not to remove my gaze from him. Who knows what he’s going to do once I let my guard down? In my periphery, this place doesn’t look like a castle or anything that could symbolize his status as the Alpha King. It looked like a simple townhouse in the middle of nowhere. I wonder where the dungeons are. Perhaps this house only looked normal from the outside but actually has dungeons several feet underground and I am going to be thrown there

I can’t let that happen. I immediately made myself note the windows, doorsany possible exits I could use

Perhaps you were too shaken by your neardeath experience earlier that you weren’t able to process. my declaration properly.He placed a hand on his chest and went on. I am your mate.” 


Exactly my reaction the first time I realized it but here we are,” he said and looked around the house. I stole a glance but it was quick and I was just able to note the wide floortoceiling glass window on my left side. Would it hurt if I jumped there and fell down? How high are we on

To answer your question, you are in my private residence and this is in the outskirts of my territory. There are barriers around the house so no one can enter unless I allow them to.” 

Terror filled my heart. Does that mean I am trapped here

No, you are not,he answered, reading my thoughts once again. You can freely leave the house but I would advise you to consider that carefully. This may be my territory but some of mymore violent subjects roam the woods.” 

I said stop reading my mind!” 

I felt my anger rising inside of my chest and yet, I still couldn’t feel Violet

Where’s my wolf? Why can’t I feel her? What did you do to her?” 

He merely waved a dismissive hand before saying. There is nothing to worry about. Your wolf is just sleeping inside of you. I shall let her out once I make sure you won’t kill me in my sleep.” 

My brows furrowed and dread settled in. What are you saying that you’re sleeping here?” 

Well, this is my home so yes, I am sleeping in my residence.” 



Let me go, asshole. I can’t be here!” 

The smile on his face went widerno, it was feral

And where do you think should you be? Your pack? Ohhe placed a dramatic hand on his chest as if to sympathize. I forgot you left your pack after the heir of the Alpha rejected you as his mate and chose your sister instead. That was cruel, I must say.” 

It is none of your business-” 

Or perhaps you’d like to go back to the bayou where they can execute you for killing one of the skilled wolf warriors?” 

You are an absolute prick-” 

I don’t think you realize the situation you are in now, little wolf. I saved your ass and you’re welcome,he cut me off, his voice was low but his statement was sharp enough to cut through my brave front

Fear sunk its teeth in me as he said those words. Of course, I am very well aware of the situation I am in now. Either I get thrown into the dungeons or he’ll force himself in me. There is no way I would accept this man as my mate. I have just been rejected and the pain from that was too much and I don’t think I would ever recover. I have already set myself to venture the world out there and live as normal as possible

And then he comes and declares I am his mate? He’s the Alpha King! How absurd is that

I don’t feel the mating bond and therefore, I can’t accept you as my mate-” 

I flinched as cold wrapped itself on my body. I stood frozen on my feet and I looked at him with wide eyes. He wasn’t doing anything. He was just standing there, hands in his pockets. He was looking at me with that cool gaze. But I know what exactly he was doing. His shadows, although, just a little of them were peeking from his back. They looked like they were just waiting to be released and caused. destruction and chaos

Tendrils of dark power wrapped themselves on my wrists, my ankles, and everywhere in my body as if keeping me in place. The power was too much, it was too overwhelming. The wolf instincts inside. of me were thrashing, telling me to run in the other direction

As I said before, little wolfhe trailed, and dark whisps of power swirled around me, caressing my face ever so gently. can’t reject the Alpha King” 

My eyes met his and he wasn’t even moving. If anything, he looked bored. I could never imagine how powerful this man is. Subduing a wolf with just half a thoughtit was enough to terrify me.. Every cell in my body was screaming for me to kneel and ask for forgiveness. But another part of me is telling me to fight and not be bullied anymore

AAnd what are you going to do to me? Are you going to throw me into a dungeon? Threaten me to do whatever it is that you want?” 

He let out a sigh before running his hand through his hair. If it were any circumstances and I didn’t know who he was and what he was capable of, I would have swooned

I am not sure why you keep on thinking about being put in a dungeon. You will have your own chambers and you are free to roam this house to your heart’s content. As much as I love chatting with you, I am afraid I need to be somewhere.” The tendrils of power disappeared and I did not realize I was not properly breathing until he withdrew his power

I mean it when I said you should consider first before you plan to escape. The woods are not exactly a friendly place, especially to a female wolf like you. And if worse comes to worst, I would be forced to claim you and I am certain you wouldn’t like that. At least not now.” 

My brows furrowed. Claim me? What does that even mean? I don’t like the sound of it

He turned and waved a hand but then I found myself following him




WaitI called out and he looked at me over his shoulder. IfIf we are mates, then why can’t I feel the mating bond? I can’t feel anything. And what do you mean by..claim?” 

He let out a soft chuckle. For your first question, we’ll figure it out. As for the second, I’d rather tell you about it when you feel less hatred about me.He said it with such finality that I wasn’t able to 


Then he went on. For now, there will be maidservants who will come to serve and help you settle If you plan to escape, make sure you get out of the forest alive so I can collect you still in one piece.He let out a wicked grin and it only fueled my fury

Before I could even stop myself, I ran to the nearest table picked up one small figurine of a lion, and threw it across the room. I watched as it flew and hit its markthe back of the Alpha King’s head

The figurine fell to the floor with a heavy thud and Lance halted. He might be the most powerful Alpha of this damned continent but that should have hurt him

Ever so slowly, he turned and faced me

I couldn’t read what the reaction on his face was but I was already preparing myself for death. But the gratifying feeling of hitting his head was enough for to quell my anger

I’ve got nothing to lose. Might as well go all out

Swift as lightning, I grabbed another figurine and started to aim his face

I dare you, little wolf,he said. His voice was laced with enough warning that should have scared met but I stopped caring a little while ago

I threw the figurine as hard as I could but with a flick of his wrist, the figurine changed direction and it flew straight to the opening door

The creak of the wood echoed inside it as well as the sound of the figurine hitting someone else’s forehead

It fell down the floor with another heavy thud and my jaw dropped as I saw there was another person in the room. Someone who just arrived

The man was equally shocked as I am. His eyes were wide as he looked at the figurine on his feet and then to Lance who was standing not far ahead

His hand went to his forehead, unable to believe what just happened. Then his eyes landed on me and my whole statebarefoot, almost naked with my torn clothes, and furious

As much as I’d like to know how there are flying figurines around here, I think I am more interested. in knowing who you are, my lady.” 

He bowed graciously and I couldn’t help but grimace at the gesture

Great. There is another conceited man in the house

I glared in Lance’s direction and he definitely read my mind screaming to be as far away as possible, as he said, Your chamber is on the second floor. First door to the right.” 

Without saying anything, I turned and ran straight to the stairs without looking back

The moment I saw the door, I immediately went in and closed the door. Even though I know a lock would be useless should he decide to barge into the chamber, I still locked it

It was then that I let my knees give up and I sat on the floor, letting everything sink in




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The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania

The Alpha King’s Mate by Misscesania

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/19/2023 Native Language: English
he Alpha King's Mate" by Misscesania is a paranormal romance novel that explores the passionate and tumultuous relationship between an alpha werewolf king and his destined mate. Filled with supernatural intrigue, pack dynamics, and steamy encounters, the story unfolds in a captivating world of fantasy and desire..

The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania

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Title: The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English
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e Alpha King's Mate Chapter 01: Gone "I'm sorry, Eleana," said Harold. Those three words managed to shatter my whole world. I stopped hearing things. Everything that Harold said after those three words was a complete blur. I felt like I was floating. "H-Harold. Please tell me this is just a huge joke—" "It's not, El. This is real. I reject you as my mate." Suddenly, breathing was hard. Every inhalation felt like she was being pierced by shards of glass. "But we were there! We felt it. We felt the mating bond. The moon goddess chose us to be mates. You felt it too! What is this?"
The Alpha King's Mate by Misscesania


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