Read The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Chapter 24

Read The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Chapter 24

Chapter 0024

He watched me but he didn’t say anything.

“Thank you, Your Royal Highness, I

1 didn’t do it for you.” His gaze fell to Elva, who looked so small in her hospital bed. “No harm will come

to any child in this palace.”


“Even so.” I was grateful for his help, no matter the reason he gave it. “Thank you.”

The doctor glanced between us. “If you will excuse me, I will personally take Elva’s prescription to the

pharmacist. It seems safer that way.”


“Thank you,” I said, as Nicholas said, “That would be best.“.

When the doctor left the room, Nicholas kicked off the bookcase and came closer. He peered down at Elva from her bedside, a soft look on his face.

I remembered his interview. Nicholas loved children. He wanted a big family. That kindness must have extended to Elva.

“Truly.” I said, “I don’t know how to thank you for this.”

His soft look hardened when he gazed up at me. “Children are separate from our situation, Piper. Elva is innocent in all of this.”

It was clear then, that he didn’t want me to take this gesture personally. He wanted to maintain distance from me. But he was still willing to help Elva, and that was what really mattered.

I wished I could think of a way to convince him that I wasn’t here to chase a crown or rekindle what we

had If Julian knew I was only here as a publicity stunt, then surely Nicholas must have also known.

Yet he held onto his anger for me, and wrapped it around himself like an impenetrable shield.

He’d likely never warm to me. I had to just accept that.

Looking at Elva, I knew I had bigger things to worry about anyway.

The doctors in my room. When they were leaving, one of them said, “Perhaps leaving the palace would 

for herr

sald that

want to harm Elvar Hell You

Immediately, I thought of the flash of Lena I had seen leaving the hallway just as I’d arrived.

She hated me. Would that be enough reason to endanger my child?

“From now on, only my personal physician will tend to her,” Nicholas said. The gold in his eyes flashed dangerously. It might have been a trick of the light.

Elva stirred. “Mommy?”

“I’m here, honey.” I inched closer. “How are you feeling?”

“Okay now,” Her curious eyes shifted from me to Nicholas. “Who are you?”

Nicholas placed a hand on his chest. “I’m Prince Nicholas.” 


Panic surged through me. “Oh, no, no, Elva. We address him as ‘Your Royal

“It’s okay,” Nicholas said, stopping me. “Nicklass is fine.”

Elva smiled. She reached her arms out to him. “Up, please.”

Nicholas leaned down. Elva wrapped her arms around his neck. Holding her close, he lifted her from the


My whole heart melted into a puddle of warm goo. Elva had made a new friend. Nicholas was so good

with children.

In a different life, this could have been our family.

Immediately, I shut down that thought. Nicholas resented and hated me, and I had no delusions that Would change. I might have regretted breaking up with him, but though the guilt remained, whatever

eelings I’d had for him were buried in the past.

This was a flash in the pan kind of feeling. I saw something cute and my heart reacted.

didn’t mean lingering feelings were involved.

cholis shifted Elva in his arms, and (caught the wince he tried to hide as he bent his right wrist



Read The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story

Read The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/6/2023 Native Language: English
The Luna Choosing Game” by Jane Above Story is a captivating novel that explores a mysterious world where individuals must navigate a complex game to determine their destiny. Filled with intrigue and suspense, the story unfolds as characters make life-altering choices in a unique lunar setting. The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story

Read The Luna Choosing Game

Piper gave up her dream and served as waitress to raise her sister’s abandoned baby.,She bumped into her prince EX, Nicholas, in the crazy Luna choosing game.Nicholas: How could you hide my little girl?!Piper: EXM? She’s not yours!Nicholas: You had a child with someone else right after we broke up?!  

Detail Novel

Title: The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story
Publisher: Noveltik
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   


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