Read The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Chapter 109

Read The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story Chapter 109

Chapter 0109

“Things haven’t been easy between you and me,” he said. “But I’m thinking that should change.”

“What do you suggest?”

He glanced back to Elva. Her flower crown stayed together this time. Smiling wide, she placed it on her


“Let’s be friends,” he said. Surprised, I looked at him. He watched me a moment, before adding, “For

Elva’s sake.”

“I’d like that.”

Just then, Elva ran over to us and offered her flower crown–to Nicholas. He dipped his head low to

accept it.

Later that afternoon, the other girls and I were brought into the parlor for an announcement regarding

the next challenge.

I had been in the room for approximately two minutes when the snickering began. It seemed, from what

I could overhear, that the girls had found out about my secret rendezvous with Julian and were most


As someone walked by me, they nudged me hard with their elbow.

“Hey!” I said.

“Oh,” said the girl. “I didn’t see you there. You really should be more careful where you stand.”

I rubbed my sore arm. “You could watch where you’re going.”

Tonly notice important things.”

“Careful,” said another girl. “Apparently she is Prince Julian’s favorite. Though who knows what she had

to do to earn it.”

“Not to worry,” said a third. “Prince Julian doesn’t take seriously the girls who put out right awayHe’ll

play around with her, have his fun, and cast her aside. The girl he marries will be of more virtuous stock.”

The first girl chimed in, “Aren’t we supposed to be virgins?”

The second girl laughed. “Can’t expect the girl with the kid to abstain from sex.”

I wanted to defend myself, but I didn’t want to make things worse. I didn’t think there was anything I

own agenda.

Linda glanced at the group of us, then surprisingly moved away without a word. Of anyone here, I thought she for sure would want to take a stab at me.

Instead it was Olivia who came to stand before me. The crowd parted for her like she’d already been chosen Luna, and all deferred to her as she spoke.

have some friendly advice for you, Piper, and I suggest you take it.”

“That really isn’t necessary,” I said.

“It is, actually. If you want to be taken seriously as a contender in this competition, then you really

shouldn’t keep doing things that make you look like a slut.”

My eyes went wide at such a blatant, derogatory term.

“Listen to her, Piper,” said another girl.

“You are embarrassing yourself,” said someone else.

Olivia flipped her perfect hair over her shoulder and continued, “Not even Prince Julian will respect you if you give everything away so easily.”

They had it all wrong. I could only allow them to push me so far. “Julian and my relationship is entirely


The girls stared at me for a moment, then erupted into a roar of laughter. Even Olivia chuckled, though

she covered her mouth with her hand.

“I’m serious!” I insisted.

“Julian? Innocent?” Someone snorted.

“Honestly, Piper,” Olivia said. “Do you think we are so gullible? Everyone knows Prince Julian is chasing you because you are the easy lay. You’re the only one here who isn’t a virgin.”

I was a virgin, but they didn’t deserve to know that. I lifted my chin up high, attempting to cling to my

sense of dignity.

But then Olivia struck a lethal blow. “You walk around like you belong here. But we all know you are here

for ratings only. Why would a girl like you ever think she could deserve one of the three princes?



Read The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story

Read The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/6/2023 Native Language: English
The Luna Choosing Game” by Jane Above Story is a captivating novel that explores a mysterious world where individuals must navigate a complex game to determine their destiny. Filled with intrigue and suspense, the story unfolds as characters make life-altering choices in a unique lunar setting. The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story

Read The Luna Choosing Game

Piper gave up her dream and served as waitress to raise her sister’s abandoned baby.,She bumped into her prince EX, Nicholas, in the crazy Luna choosing game.Nicholas: How could you hide my little girl?!Piper: EXM? She’s not yours!Nicholas: You had a child with someone else right after we broke up?!  

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Title: The Luna Choosing Game by Jane Above Story
Publisher: Noveltik
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   


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