Mated in the Shadow of my Sister Chapter 64

Mated in the Shadow of my Sister Chapter 64

Chapter 0064

‘But surely she had to have figured it out from how strangely I behaved that morning?” I mind–link him


“I guess not,” Luke says with a shrug in his voice. “Let’s see how far she is willing to go with this lie.”

“Do you think she is lying or do you think Margie told her all this and she believes it?” I ask him.

“Well, I sense deception. So either she is lying, or she repeating a story that Margie told her that she

knows is a lie.”

“How do you know all of this, Mother?” I ask.

“Margie went for a walk after our meeting with you that morning. She found Lily in the woods, and Lily

confessed everything before she passed out. Margie had Robert help her carry Lily home, and Margie

stayed with her until she had to leave for the memorial. Before Lily passed out, she begged Margie not to

call a doctor for her; she felt like she deserved the pain.”

“When did you find all of this out?”

“Margie told us while you were in the coma. She was feeling really guilty and embarrassed. I am sorry

that I did not tell you, but Dr. Miller wanted us to avoid stressing you out, and then-


The “confession” and excuses from my mother went on for a while longer, but I do not remember many of

the details after that. I honestly stopped paying attention. I was too floored by the fact that the she–wolf

who raised me –my sweet, compassionate, loving mother- had somehow transformed into a co-

dependent, jealous, lying manipulator in the short span of just a few hours. Had I ever really known my


I guess not, because after the second “confession,” things got worse as my mother began to take multiple

steps to help bring me in line. Or at least that is what I assume she was doing.

First, she had my father immediately lift the ban on she–wolves coming to my room. That meant that

Sheila and the other she wolves that I had had “arrangements” with now expected to resume our regular

rotation again.

The first few nights, I kicked them out of my room, but my mother came to me and basically said that I

needed to move on and relax, and that she believed that having regular sex was a good way to deal with

my pent–up frustrations. This conversation was as awkward as it sounds, and it only served as yet

another reminder of how little my mother knew me.



Nevertheless, I did end up agreeing to let the she–wolves in my room again. It was easier than fighting

about it or causing unnecessary attention. As long as my mother felt I was occupied and compliant, she

would not be preventing me from doing the research that I needed to do. Or so I thought.

When I went to talk to Dr. Miller, I found out that my mother had ordered him to not talk to me about

anything having to do with Lily, Stephanie, or Margie.

When I went to review the investigation report that was done after Stephanie died, I found out that my mother had ordered that it be put under lock and seal in her office.

And when I went to look for clues in Stephanie and Lily’s rooms, I found both doors locked. I found an

omega and asked her to open the doors for me, but she told me that the locks on both rooms had been

recently changed and now only my mother, father, and Margie had keys.

Reaching out to Dr. Hyder again was an act of total desperation, I was both shocked and relieved when

he accepted my call. Then, I practically fell out of my chair when —after listening to me basically plead

with him through the phone— he seemed open to the possibilty of me seeing Lily.

Most shocking of all, Dr. Hyder called back a week later and proposed a meeting between Lily and I in Hawall. I won’t lie; a part of me wondered if I was being lured there to be killed. However, a bigger part of

me thought there were worse ways and places to go… especially because if I died, at least I would get to

see my mate one last time.

So… ready or not, it is time to make plans for a vacation.

J Lady Gwen Author

Are you Team Brady or Team James? Looks like we have a face–off coming soon

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Mated in the Shadow of my Sister

Mated in the Shadow of my Sister

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Status: Ongoing Released: 12/21/2023 Native Language: English
"Mated in the Shadow of my Sister" is a novel that explores complex relationships, secrets, and the intertwining lives of characters, set against a backdrop of familial bonds. The narrative delves into themes of love, rivalry, and self-discovery, unfolding in the shadows cast by a prominent sister figure.  

Mated in the Shadow of My Sister

James Anderson lost his future mate and luna, Stephanie, during a rogue attack. Stephanie's death left his entire pack in mourning; her death anniversary was even declared a pack holiday.Five years later, James discovers that Stephanie's younger sister Lily is his mate. But how can that be? Wasn't Stephanie supposed to be his mate? And would his pack even accept Lily as his mate and Luna—many have always blamed Lily for Stephanie's death, because Stephanie died trying to save Lily. For her part, Lily has lived in the shadow of her beautiful older sister for years. She knows very well that pack members and her parents wish that it was Lily that died that day instead of Stephanie. Lily had looked forward to the day that she would meet her mate and finally feel important to someone.Discovering that her mate is James is Lily's worst nightmare, especially when James reacts poorly to the discovery. Lily decides that she is unwilling to live in Stephanie's shadow any longer. She will not spend the rest of her life with a mate who wishes she was someone else. She rejects James, who all too quickly accepts the rejection.Soon afterwards, horrifying truths come out and James immediately regrets letting Lily go. He sets out to get Lily back and right the wrongs that have been done. But is it too late? Will Lily find love with James, or with someone else?


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