Mated in the Shadow of my Sister Chapter 13

Mated in the Shadow of my Sister Chapter 13

Chapter 0013

(James POV)

Agreeing with Luke’s suggestion, I head towards the waterfall. Shifting into Luke’s wolf form would have been faster than walking, but my human body needs the distraction and the exercise.

that they want to force us “Why are you so calm, Luke?” I ask him through the link. “Doesn’t it bother you that they want to force

to take a chosen mate?”

“No,” he responds simply.

Something is off. Luke never responds with a one–word answer to anything. In fact, come to think of it,

he has not said very much since last night.

“What is going on, Luke?” I ask. “Why aren’t you talking? Why doesn’t it bother you that they are going to force us to take a chosen mate? You are the one that is always going on and on and on about waiting to

find our mate. Well, our second–chance mate.”

“We are not going to take a chosen mate, James.”

I feel myself becoming frustrated. “Were you not paying attention in that meeting, Luke? We either take a

chosen mate or we lose our position as alpha.”


responds angrily.

“Is something going on that you are not telling me? Because I know d—n well that you are not willing to

let someone else be alpha.”

“I have been feeling restless since last night. That usually means

Suddenly, the most amazing scent hits my nose. It is chocolate mixed with raspberries. “MATE!” Luke

exclaims. “Mate is here!”

I do not see anyone yet, so I continue to walk towards the scent. I notice that we are quickly nearing the


“How did you know our mate would be at the waterfall?” Lask Luke.

“I didn’t. But the waterfall always makes us feel at peace. It makes sense that she would be here. She

must be connected to this place somehow.”

I take a few more steps towards the waterfall, and that is when I see her. Her back is to me, and she is

Just ten minutes ago, I was protesting the idea of giving up my chance to find a second chance mate. But now that I have one, I have to wonder if I am ready. A part of me knows that I need to move on from Stephanie, but at the same time, I am scared to do so. I loved her so much, and she brought so much love and happiness to the pack. Am I really ready to let someone else replace her?

“She is not our second–chance mate, James, she is

I cut the link with Luke when the she–wolf stands up. She dusts something off of her jeans, and then

turns. Our eyes lock.

I cannot believe what I am seeing. The she–wolf in front of me is absolutely gorgeous. Easily the most gorgeous she–wolf that I have ever seen. She also reminds me of someone… but who?


I slowly begin to move towards her so that I can get a better look, and as I do so, it suddenly hits me who she reminds me of. The she–wolf in front of me has Stephanie’s same body type: the same small waist; the same medium to large breasts; the same button nose and high cheek bones. In fact, as continue to walk towards her, I am struggling to find any meaningful differences. Her hair is different, of course, but….

Then it hits me. Oh, my Goddess! Before I cut off the link, Luke told me that this she–wolf is not our second–chance mate. That can only mean… this IS Stephanie! Oh, my Goddess! This is Stephanie! THIS


“James, please do not misunderstand. James, this is

Luke keeps trying to reestablish our link so he can tell me something, but I am too overwhelmed by the mate bond and the feelings of relief. I have spent so many nights grieving for Stephanie and praying that

the Moon Goddess would somehow find a way to return her to me. And now, after six years, here she is.

I do not know how it is possible, but we never found Stephanie’s body. So maybe she survived somehow? Maybe she was kidnapped? And now she has escaped and come back? Maybe she was hurt

and lost her memories? The guilt starts to hit me hard. Could Stephanie have been alive all this time?

Could she have been waiting and praying for me to come and save her?

Being on her own, or being kidnapped and escaping, could definitely explain some of the differences in

her appearance. It would also explain the confusion and uncertainty I see in her eyes.

Oh, I just hope she will forgive me. I will explain everything to her. I will make this right.

“James, please,” Luke cuts in again. “Please listen to me. Do not ruin things with our mate!!”

Mated in the Shadow of my Sister

Mated in the Shadow of my Sister

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Status: Ongoing Released: 12/21/2023 Native Language: English
"Mated in the Shadow of my Sister" is a novel that explores complex relationships, secrets, and the intertwining lives of characters, set against a backdrop of familial bonds. The narrative delves into themes of love, rivalry, and self-discovery, unfolding in the shadows cast by a prominent sister figure.  

Mated in the Shadow of My Sister

James Anderson lost his future mate and luna, Stephanie, during a rogue attack. Stephanie's death left his entire pack in mourning; her death anniversary was even declared a pack holiday.Five years later, James discovers that Stephanie's younger sister Lily is his mate. But how can that be? Wasn't Stephanie supposed to be his mate? And would his pack even accept Lily as his mate and Luna—many have always blamed Lily for Stephanie's death, because Stephanie died trying to save Lily. For her part, Lily has lived in the shadow of her beautiful older sister for years. She knows very well that pack members and her parents wish that it was Lily that died that day instead of Stephanie. Lily had looked forward to the day that she would meet her mate and finally feel important to someone.Discovering that her mate is James is Lily's worst nightmare, especially when James reacts poorly to the discovery. Lily decides that she is unwilling to live in Stephanie's shadow any longer. She will not spend the rest of her life with a mate who wishes she was someone else. She rejects James, who all too quickly accepts the rejection.Soon afterwards, horrifying truths come out and James immediately regrets letting Lily go. He sets out to get Lily back and right the wrongs that have been done. But is it too late? Will Lily find love with James, or with someone else?


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