Your Guise is Slipping Miss Pearl Chapter 21

Your Guise is Slipping Miss Pearl Chapter 21

Chapter 21 

Emily could scold Pearl, but if it involved the WaldorfsWhen she thought of the Waldorfspower, she shuddered in fear

Pearl did not want to dwell on the past with this old classmate, so she lowered her gaze. I’m glad you understand. Now, you’re disturbing my work, Miss Emily ” 

This statement was the final blow for Emily. Her face turned livid as she gaped, but she could not refute Pearl. She straightened up and said fiercely, Why youYou may be engaged to the Waldorfs and are under their protection, but you’ll still be fired sooner or later if you prove useless since this is a place of work.” 

Pearl remained unconcerned. She smiled. We’ll see about that.” 

Emily glared at Pearl before she stomped away angrily, thinking of ways to vent her anger

At eleven o’clock in the morning, Pearl emailed her proposal to Emily an hour in advance. Emily quickly rejected it without any comments. There was only a vague order attached

[Redo it.

As expected, Emily always found ways to make things difficult for Pearl 

Pearl was confident in her proposal, so she emailed it to Emily again without any modifications. And as expected, Emily refused it again. Pearl could not be bothered to discuss this with Emily, so she immediately went to the president’s office with the proposal

Richard was working. When he saw Pearl come in, he asked indifferently, What is it?” 

She placed the proposal before him and smiled. Richard, your department manager thinks my proposal isn’t good enough. Would you please take a look at it?” 

Pearl was wearing a professional suit with a rather low collar. When she bent over in front of him, her vaguely exposed bosom made it hard for him to look at her directly

Richard averted his gaze and looked at the proposal on the table. Fine, I’ll look at it.” 

He read it through briefly, and his eyes gradually lit up. Pearl’s idea was unconventional and unexpected, making full use of many skills to achieve success. It just so happened that he had the same views as her in some aspects

When he was done, he looked up and asked, Is this the task Emily assigned to you

Mmhm.Pearl nodded and smiled

Richard told his secretary to call Emily to his office. When Emily saw Pearl there, she glared at the latter before asking cautiously, What can I do for you, Mister Richard?” 

Richard asked coldly, You gave this task to a new employee?” 

Emily trembled Mister Richard, I…..” 

This is the most important proposal of this season, and you gave it to a new employee. You’re just mishandling your subordinatesHow dare you, Emily!” 

Richard was not quick to anger, but today, Emily trembled in fear when she heard the chill in his voice

Deduct two monthssalary from her pay.” 

Emily became furious but did not dare to express it. She cursed Pearl in her heart and yearned to slap the latter

After Emily left, Richard looked toward Pearl

You differentiate between reward and punishment well, Mister Richard.” 

Pearl was not fully satisfied with this result but at least she managed to teach Emily a lesson

Richard looked at her grinning face while his thoughts ran a mile an hour. As expected, she had not let him down. She was full 

Your Guise is Slipping, Miss Pearl

Your Guise is Slipping, Miss Pearl

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 12/20/2023 Native Language: English
Your Guise is Slipping, Miss Pearl" is a captivating novel that explores the complexities of identity and deception. As the protagonist, Miss Pearl, navigates a web of secrets, the story delves into the consequences of maintaining a false appearance in a world full of hidden truths.

Your Guise is Slipping, Miss Pearl


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Title: Your Guise is Slipping, Miss Pearl
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English


An explosive piece of information became the highlight of Enswood’s news lines today. [Following a deal made in the past, the wealthy and influential Mister and Missus Waldorf ask a girl to choose one of their five sons to be her fiance.]Everyone was flabbergasted, and the media soon dug out the girl's photo. She was a country bumpkin—tanned and plump. The netizens screamed their disapproval, saying she did not deserve any of the Waldorf brothers. But when her true identity was revealed, everyone was humiliated.She was the mystery chairperson of the Cerubleu Corporation, the globally famous singer, Nancie, and a top race driver!As her guise was slowly peeled away, nobody dared to say she was undeserving of the Waldorf brothers.It turned out to be the exact opposite!


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