Your Guise is Slipping Miss Pearl Chapter 17

Your Guise is Slipping Miss Pearl Chapter 17

Chapter 17 


Richard looked down at Pearl, who was in his arms. She looked to be in pain, covered all over in injuries. He quickly rushed her to the hospital. And as they were family, he brought her straight to Hugo’s office

After Hugo attentively inspected Pearl, he frowned

What’s wrong with her? Is she severely hurt?As Richard observed Pearl curl up in pain, his expression turned solemn

She sustained several heavy injuries and a slight concussion.Hugo cleared his throat. But she’s in this much pain because she’s on her period and is feeling weak.” 

Richard’s ears turned red when he heard Pearl was on her period, but he maintained a neutral expression. Is there any way to relieve her pain?” 

Hugo put both hands in his pocket and shrugged. No, she just has to bear it. All right, I have a surgery to get to. You can stay and help her with the hospitalization procedures. Her injuries will take some time to heal.He walked out, and a silence fell over the room

WaterPearl slowly opened her eyes and covered her aching belly. She said weakly, I want water.” 

Here.Richard got her a glass of warm water. Seeing beads of sweat on her forehead, he handed her a tissue.” 

Thank you. I really do like you. You’re quite attentive.” 

Even when in deep pain, Pearl did not forget to tease him

Richard frowned. Miss Pearl, I’ve already made myself clear the other day. I hope you’ll stop with these jokes.” 

Relax. You’re such a dud.” 

I don’t like jokes.” 

Pearl pursed her lips and lowered her head to sip her water

Suddenly, Richard was called to an urgent meeting. He stood up and said, I have work to attend to. I’ll have the hospitalization procedures done later. Rest well.” 


After he left, Pearl’s phone rang

Miss Pearl, are you okay? I heard you’re in the hospital,a worried Wayne said anxiously

Pearl was shocked. How did you know?” 

Haven’t you 

been reading the hot pages? The news of Hanzel’s fan kidnapping you and Richard rescuing you is all over it. He even carried you to the hospital! The paparazzi got it all on camera. The whole Internet is talking about you and Richard.” 

Pearl quickly scrolled through the articles. As expected, the top three trending articles were discussing this

[Mister Richard shows utmost concern for his fiancee, Miss Pearl.

[They’re secretly in love with each other.

[Richard and Pearl’s love blooms.

Help me get rid of the articles and manage the company for a few days. Call me if any problem arises.” 

Okay, Miss Pearl,Wayne then added scornfully, By the way, I’ve already dealt with that fangirl. She’ll be locked up in jail 

for the rest of her life.” 

Mmhm.Pearl felt that it was not that simple

And Waldorf Enterprises wishes to cooperate with us. They’re offering great profits but there is a condition. They wish to meet Cerubleu’s president.” 

Chapter 17 

Pearl frowned. They’re insisting on meeting with me?” 

I know it’s inconvenient for you, so I turned it down. I told them we’d work together if we get a chance in the future.” 


Pearl hung up and smirked. You wish to meet me? Oh, Richie, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” 

Your Guise is Slipping, Miss Pearl

Your Guise is Slipping, Miss Pearl

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 12/20/2023 Native Language: English
Your Guise is Slipping, Miss Pearl" is a captivating novel that explores the complexities of identity and deception. As the protagonist, Miss Pearl, navigates a web of secrets, the story delves into the consequences of maintaining a false appearance in a world full of hidden truths.

Your Guise is Slipping, Miss Pearl


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Title: Your Guise is Slipping, Miss Pearl
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English


An explosive piece of information became the highlight of Enswood’s news lines today. [Following a deal made in the past, the wealthy and influential Mister and Missus Waldorf ask a girl to choose one of their five sons to be her fiance.]Everyone was flabbergasted, and the media soon dug out the girl's photo. She was a country bumpkin—tanned and plump. The netizens screamed their disapproval, saying she did not deserve any of the Waldorf brothers. But when her true identity was revealed, everyone was humiliated.She was the mystery chairperson of the Cerubleu Corporation, the globally famous singer, Nancie, and a top race driver!As her guise was slowly peeled away, nobody dared to say she was undeserving of the Waldorf brothers.It turned out to be the exact opposite!


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