You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone Chapter 271

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Beat Someone Up

Calista smiled lightly. Her eyes had a mischievous glimmer, yet she had a mocking smile.

“Do you think it’s a coincidence?”

Lucian released her and lifted his hand to tuck in the strands of hair behind her ear, saying, “No, it’s not a

coincidence. There are plenty of sleazy affairs in this industry, but I have never been involved in anySo 

don’t ask me if I know about anything in the future.”

“I’ve only been involved in one, and it’s with you. In that case, I was the one who willingly approached you.”

Lucian rarely sweet–talked. His attempt at flattery was straightforward and passionate, like those letters

Hector wrote back in their schooling days. They were filled with poetic phrases.

Therefore, she was unsure whether Lucian was confessing his love or answering her question. As she

was lost in thought, he had already changed his shoes.

“Til leave first. You did well. You should rest early.”

She was recently addicted to watching TV dramas and was reminded of how men would say that to

women after they slept with them.

Upon hearing these words, Calista’s face flushed, and then she realized that Lucian was referring to her

being the center of attention on the internet for the past two days.

She closed the door, planning to watch TV for a while before washing up and going to bed. However, after

just a few steps, she heard knock on the door.

Calista thought. Lucian might have forgotten something, but it was Yara at the door, holding fruits, snacks,

and pack of chips.

“I also ordered barbecue wings and beer. They should be delivered soon,”

She handed the items to Calista and took a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet to change into.

“By the way, I ran into Lucian at the elevator just now. Did he come to bother you again? He even spoke to

  1. me. It’s unbelievable.”

Yara might have misunderstood Lucian. Although she was Calista’s best friend, and Lucian, was her ex-

husband, they didn’t meet often.

Even if they did, she was reluctant to speak with him and he would respond coldly. It was hard for these

two to start a conversation, Calista placed the items on the coffee table.

“What did he say to you?”

“I asked where he was going, and he said he would beat someone up.”

Yara didn’t care where he was going. She just casually asked out of being polite as she ran into him. Unexpectedly, Lucian answered her.

Calista paused while placing the items and repeated, “What did he say?”

“To beat someone up.

“You can help yourself. I need to step out for a bit,” Calista said as she changed her shoes, grabbed her

car keys, and rushed out.

Lucian must be going to find Zachary.

She knew he would restrain himself and not cause any trouble, but Zachary was still in prison. He couldn’t

possibly go to the police station and beat him up, could he?

Calista grew

concerned as she thought of Lucian’s stormy face when he left.

It was against the law to assault someone in prison. He would be charged regardless of how bad the

assault was. Besides, since Zachary was in prison, no one could see him except his lawyer.

He couldn’t possibly be going there, could he? By the time Yara realized what was happening, Calista had

already run out.

“Who will Lucian beat up that has you so agitated?”

No one answered her as Calista had already entered the elevator. Yara thought for a moment but decided

not to follow. She would enjoy her chips instead.

After all, Lucian would be able to protect Calista. Calista was right. Lucian had gone to find Zachary.

Zachary was somewhat apprehensive when the police led him out of the prison cell. He only relaxed

when he saw Lucian. God knows the hardships he faced in prison.

Everyone was aware of the loan shark business. Law enforcement was used to turning a blind eye to their

affairs as long as they stayed in line

That night they were merely collecting debt. Although they roughed things up a little, it didn’t even amount

to minor injuries.

As for the instigation charges against Zachary, the recording couldn’t serve as key evidence: he could dery

If it weren’t for Lucian’s influence, Zachary would have been released after a short period in jail. It

wouldn’t have come to this.

However, Zachary was also anxious. Compared to staying in detention, he was more afraid of leaving. After so many days, he had no idea how much his debt had compounded.

Zachary approached eagerly with an excited expression. If it weren’t for the police officer holding him back, he would have reached out to shake Lucian’s hand immediately.

“Lucian! Did Calista ask you to bail me out? I knew it. She still cares about me and couldn’t bear to see

her dad suffer in jail

Lucian had no patience for his nonsense and interrupted, “Do you remember what happened at the

Golden Club?”

Zachary looked confused.

“The Golden Club? Wasn’t it shut down for illegal activities?”

“It seems you don’t remember.”

With a cold, mocking chuckle, Lucian’s demeanor shifted, making Zachary feel uneasy. Before he could

ask further, a punch landed on his face.

Zachary, over fifty and having indulged in wine and women for years, was physically weak.

He couldn’t withstand Lucian’s punch and was knocked to the ground, toppling several stools with a

clattering noise. Lucian grabbed him by the collar, lifting him.

Zachary, nearly unconscious, hung his head limply and mumbled“Why are you hitting me? What did I do?

At least tell me before you hit me.”

“Even if Callie isn’t your biological daughter, she has thought of you as her father for so many years. How

could you be so heartless as to send her to those scumbags when she was only in high school…”

Lucian hadn’t lost control like this in a long time.


Dazed by the beating, Zachary didn’t immediately recognize the unfamiliar name Lucian mentioned. As a

result, he received a few more solid kicks.

Zachary finally realized and cried in pain, “You’re mistaken. I was just Joking at the dinner table; I didn’t expect those two bastards would dare to do it. I never worked with them again.”

When Calista arrived at the police station, Zachary was already half–dead!

The interrogation room was in chaos, with blood strewn all over. Zachary was lying on the floor, unconscious or possibly dead, surrounded by many police officers trying to intervene.

However, Lucian was furious, and they dared not stop him. They could only hope he would restrain himself and not kill the man in the station.

Calista rushed over, raising her voice to call him, “Lucian!”

He paused in motion. Seizing this opportunity, Calista rushed over and grabbed his arm.

“He’ll die if you hit him again.”

Lucian frowned.

“Why are you here?”

Seeing Calista lowering her head to look at Zachary on the floor, he reached out and covered her eyes.

“Don’t look, it’s disgusting.

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/30/2023 Native Language: English
"You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Cora Smith is a poignant novel that explores the complexities of love, loss, and self-discovery. The story follows characters grappling with the inevitable departure of a loved one, delving into themes of resilience and the enduring impact of relationships.

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith



The day Calista Everhart gets divorced, her divorce papers end up splashed online, becoming hot news in seconds. The reason for divorce was highlighted in red: "Husband impotent, leading to an inability to fulfill wife's essential needs." That very night, her husband, Lucian Northwood, apprehends her in the stairwell. He voice was low as he told her, "Let me prove that I'm not at all impotent …"  

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Title: You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith
Ratings: 9.9 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

You’r Gonna Miss Me When I’M Gone By Cora Smith/ Review

"It's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Cora Smith is a captivating novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships, self-discovery, and the inevitable passage of time. The narrative unfolds around the protagonist, exploring her journey through life's highs and lows. Cora Smith skillfully weaves a tale that spans different periods of the protagonist's life, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and emotions. The title itself hints at a sense of departure, suggesting that the protagonist's absence will leave a void in the lives of those around her. This theme of departure becomes a central motif, as the novel explores the impact of choices made and the repercussions on both personal and interpersonal levels. The characters in the novel are vividly portrayed, each with their unique personalities and struggles. The author masterfully explores the intricacies of human connections, illustrating the fragility of bonds and the resilience of the human spirit. Through the protagonist's journey, readers are taken on a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the bittersweet nostalgia that accompanies the passage of time. Cora Smith's writing style is evocative, drawing readers into the emotional landscapes of the characters. The novel invites reflection on the transient nature of life and the inevitability of change. "It's Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" is a poignant exploration of the human condition, leaving readers with a lingering sense of introspection and a profound appreciation for the intricacies of the human experience.


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