The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 95

The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 95

Chapter 95 This Is What a Bad Teammate Looks Like

Although Titus was angry, he no longer underestimated his younger sister.

“She must have some tricks up her sleeve.”

“But Fiona won’t come out of this unscathed.”

“We have already destroyed all the evidence beforehand.”

“Unless the two people under my command reveal the past before going public, Fiona may have a chance to turn things around.”

“But that’s impossible.”

He was confident about this.

Reuben knew that his brother never left any loose ends. Moreover, it was all over a year ago, so it would be difficult for Simone and the others to find evidence.

He asked, “What are you going to do?”

Titus replied, “Expose the fact that Simone refused to let Zac fight for a good contract and opened her own studio instead.”

“Set the rhythm and make Zac’s fans turn against her.”

“Let the fans of the two of them fight first.”

“Also, create a rift between her and Zac.

Anyone would be angry if they were framed like this, especially someone like Zac, who was originally an arrogant and proud heir of a wealthy family.

He continued, “Then, release the news that Simone not only signed Fiona but also helped her appear on the next episode of that live reality show.”

“What is Fiona’s reputation? If Simone doesn’t mind tarnishing her own reputation, then I’ll help her add fuel to the fire.”

Signing a star like Fiona, who interfered with others, would also raise questions about Simone’s character.

I’ll let sock puppets set the tone, and Simone will be implicated by Fiona and get criticized:

1/5 –

He shrugged. “This time, it’s not me deliberately targeting her, but her own doing.”

Who asked her to go against them deliberately?

After thinking for a moment, Reuben said, “What if she finds evidence to clear Fiona’s name?”

Titus said, “Fiona was definitely caught red–handed back then. Unless she can retrieve the deleted photos and videos and get the chat records of several people, that is.”

“But that’s simply impossible.”

“As far as I know. Fiona had previously tried to recover them but failed. Otherwise, she wouldn’t still be in the shadows now.”

Reuben also agreed. “That’s true.”

Take it easy. Don’t go too far.” 

“Regardless, she is our sister, and we have had a relationship for over a year.”

If only Simone’s personality hadn’t been so stubborn and she had learned to be more flexible, they wouldn’t have reached this point,

Titus waved his hand. “I know. I just want her to admit her mistake.”

From beginning to end, he never intended to exterminate Simone. He just wanted her to realize her mistake and come back to apologize.

After returning home, they could live together peacefully without any hostility.

Although he was ruthless, he wasn’t crazy enough to kill his own sister.

“Once her studio collapses, I will offer her a better contract than Star Entertainment.” He added, “As long as she behaves and listens to me, I won’t hold her past against her and will support her with resources.” 

Reuben nodded. “That can be arranged.”

The two of them discussed further, and Titus went to make the arrangements.

Soon, a verified influencer revealed that Simone had rejected Zac and started her own studio,

Then, some people started spreading rumors, claiming that Simone intentionally refused to work with Zac. They said that by rejecting the great contract from Star Entertainment,


she had embarrassed Zac.

Zac received the news immediately. Without even checking, he knew that it was Titus doing.

He was afraid that his fans would be influenced by the sock puppets and blame Simone.

After obtaining Simone’s consent, he immediately posted on Facebook.

@ZacTurnery: Congratulations to Simone for going solo. Remember to treat us to a meal!

When Simone saw this, she also posted on Facebook.

@Simoney: Thank you, Zachy. Treating you all to a meal is a must.

Seeing how harmonious the two of them were, both Simone and Zac’s fans breathed a sigh of relief.

Zac’s fans had a different style compared to other fans, so they didn’t get angry at Simone

for rejecting the contract.

Instead, they admired her for being so independent.

As a result, the comments under their Facebook posts were filled with praise from Zac’s fans.

‘Simone is amazing. She has become the person I envy.

‘Simone is capable. Why shouldn’t she go solo

‘Zachy is not narrow–minded. Of course, he supports Simone’s decision.

“Those people online who try to manipulate others don’t think we can’t see through it. They are the ones who want to ruin the relationship between Simone and Zachy!

“Zachy and our fans won’t fall for it.

‘We are not stupid as Zachy’s fans. Simone is so talented, so we are more than happy to support her. How could we ever bring ourselves to criticize her?

That’s right; with Zachy protecting Simone, how can we not protect her too?”

Those people trying to set the tone are idiots with no brains.

Congratulations to Simone for going solo as castanet. We and Zachy’s fans send blessings!


Many comments copied this sentence.

It also meant that many of Zac’s fans had crossed over to fans, enthusiastically calling her “wife”

Simone and become her

Simone’s fans were even more excited, continuously calling her “wife.”

Titus never expected this outcome.

He was speechless and couldn’t comprehend Zac and his fans‘ thought process.

Simone really embarrassed them, and yet Zac happily became her stepping stone without a care in the

World. He must be a

Just as Aaron said, Zac was not an ordinary person.

The first plan failed miserably, and he felt unlucky.

So, he had someone spread the news that Simone’s studio would be signing a contract with Fiona tomorrow.

Keira and Eric saw the news on Facebook and asked Simone privately if she was really starting a studio.

After receiving confirmation, they also posted a Facebook message similar to Zac’s, congratulating Simone and asking her out for a meal.

When Leyla saw this, her agent advised her to ride the wave of popularity.

After all, they appeared on the same variety show, and it would make sense for her something similar.

to post

Leyla still remembered how the Gray Family siblings treated her before, so she posted a similar Facebook message.

Besides riding the wave of popularity, she also wanted to provoke them.

She posted it, and now it was up to them to respond.

Leyla’s move really provoked Jodie.

She already knew about Titus plan.

She had been waiting to see Zac’s fans criticize Simone, but little did anyone expect that Zac, the seemingly disinterested straight guy, would not only harbor no anger but also come out in support of Simone.


And to everyone’s surprise, instead of criticizing Simone, her passionate fans found all sorts of ways to shower her with praise. They had to be out of their minds.

This infuriated her even more, and she couldn’t fathom why Simone deserved such treatment. Then she stumbled upon Keira and Eric’s Facebook post, which was hardly surprising.

After all, the four of them were a tight–knit group, so it didn’t matter if they didn’t make a post, but Leyla betrayed them.”

Jodie cursed Leyla for seeking attention, claiming she had no shame.

And what about the other three? Should they make a post or not? It seemed that no matter what they did, it wouldn’t please anyone.

Before she could decide on a course of action, she suddenly came across Aaron’s Facebook


@Aaronv: Congratulations to Simone on becoming the lead castanet player!

At least he had some self–awareness and didn’t ask Simone out for a meal, but his Facebook post only fueled Jodie and Titus‘ anger

This was what a bad teammate looked like

Synopsis The Heiress’ Return & Revenge

Synopsis The Heiress’ Return & Revenge

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/9/2023 Native Language: English
The Heiress' Return & Revenge Novel depicts the compelling tale of a wealthy heiress who, after facing betrayal, embarks on a journey of retribution. Fueled by determination, she returns to reclaim her legacy, navigating a web of deceit and intrigue to exact vengeance on those who wronged her.  

Synopsis The Heiress' Return & Revenge

Read Synopsis The Heiress' Return & Revenge 

In her past life, Simone and her adopted sister got kidnapped. Surprisingly, her parents, five brothers, and even her boyfriend, who had grown up with her, all chose to rescue her adopted sibling, and this led to Simone's unfortunate end. After being reborn, Simone decided to cut ties with her parents and her lousy brothers. She also broke up with her boyfriend because she'd had enough of all of them. To make a living, she had no choice but to dive into the entertainment industry. Simone's eldest brother had wielded immense influence within the industry. In the blink of an eye, however, Simone's management studio ascended to the top tier.
Her second brother, a top-tier talent agent, quickly found himself outperformed by Simone, who had become the industry's foremost agent. Her third brother, a mega-popular singer, saw Simone's debut song set the world on fire in an instant. The fourth brother, a distinguished and up-and-coming director, gazed in envy and admiration as Simone's directed movies achieved remarkable box office success. Her fifth brother, the hottest young sensation, watched as Simone transformed into an award-winning leading actress in no time. Upon witnessing her astounding accomplishments, Simone's parents, brothers, and even her ex-boyfriend pleaded for her forgiveness. "No way!" Simone firmly replied.

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Title: Synopsis The Heiress' Return & Revenge
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   
Synopsis The Heiress' Return & Revenge


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