Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora Chapter 21

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora Chapter 21

Chapter 21 GoodTempered 

Shelton glanced at the gun which Renee casually put on the shelf and found Tristan’s words absurd

Sure enough, no matter how cold and serious a man was, he would know how to coax the girl he liked

Tristan had something to deal with. After lunch, he had to go. He stroked Renee’s head and said, If you don’t want to kneel, just refuse it.” 

Renee said. I’I don’t kneel, Mrs. Diane Duran will scold me. She’s fierce.” 

Tristan said. Can’t you scold her too? I heard that you had a bad temper and your grandma oflen got hospitalized because you pissed her ofl.” 

Rence was lost for words

Tristan went to the porch and put on his gloves. The thin leather 

His fingers looked long and powerful as if he could snap one’s neck 

gloves fit his fingers are hands. However, he just pinched her 

soft face. Why are you afraid of her? I’m the head of the Duran family. Even if I died, that loser Rick can’t control the Duran family.” 

He patted Renee’s cheek and said casually, You’re my wife. You can do whatever you want. Understand?” 

Rence was surprised. Is that so?” 

Tristan said, Of course. Do you think you have to be buried with me? That’s really a stupid thought.” 



Renee said seriously, Then I want five dishes for dinner!” 

Tristan paused for a while and then smiled, That’s the only thing you ask for?” 

He turned around and left. Renee went to the door and waved at him. Mr. Duran, be careful.” 

Tristan nodded

Tristan and Shelton walked for a while. Suddenly, Tristan looked back and found Rence was still at the door. There was an albizia tree behind her. The flowers fell just like pink rain

Tristan understood the feeling of having someone waiting for him at home

There were 

more guests in the afternoon. Renee didn’t kneel and felt better. The servants looked at each other. Finally, Diane’s trusted maid, Trisha, said to Renee in a low voice, Ms. Fletcher, what do you mean by this?” 

Rence said, My knees hurt. I don’t want to kneel now.” 

Trisha sneered, How can you not kneel just because you don’t want to?” 

Rence looked at Trisha seriously. Trisha was somewhat scared. Why do you look at me like this?” 

Renee said slowly, I’m thinking about who you are.” 

Trisha straightened up her back and said, I’m Mrs. Diane Duran’s personal maid.” 

36 165 

Renee said. So, you’re still a maid.” 

So what?” 

Trisha thought. Even though I’m a maid, my position in the Duran family is higher than yours.” 

Renee asked her. Then do you know who I am?” 

Trisha felt strange and said sourly. Of course I know. You’re Mr. Tristan’s wife.” 

Renee said softly. Since I’m Mr. Tristan’s wife and you’re just a maid, how dare you talk to me like that? Didn’t Mrs. Diane Duran teach you the rules and manners? I know little about noble families. Are the maids more noble than the masters in Ampleshire? If that’s the case. I’ll apologize.” 

Trisha froze

The servants around them all lowered their heads

How could the maids be more noble than the masters? Trisha just thought Diane could protect her

Trisha gritted her teeth and said, You’re really sharptongued. Even Mrs. Diane Duran didn’t reprimand me like this.” 

Renee exclaimed. Mrs. Diane Duran is really goodtempered. She pays for you and you make her annoyed. I can’t accept it. If you wanna bully me, I’ll be angry.” 

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife" by Aurora is a captivating novel that explores the dynamic between a demanding employer and his affectionate spouse. The story delves into the complexities of love, power, and the delicate balance between professional and personal relationships in a compelling narrative.

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

  Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora SUMMARY Renee Fletcher, a true member of the Fletcher family, was switched at birth. At the age of 19, she was finally brought back by her family. Ironically, they did it only because they wanted her to marry a deceased man in place of their adopted daughter. Everyone thought that Renee was done for, but to their surprise, Tristan Duran, her fiancé, was perfectly fine and even pampered her. No one knew why Tristan, who was notoriously known for his ruthlessness, fell prey to her charm. Tristan let Renee call him "honey" jokingly at their first meeting. Little did he think that she would really be his honey.

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Title: Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: Spanish    

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora


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