Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora Chapter 20

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora Chapter 20

Chapter 20 A Good Citizen 



Charte 20 A Good Clien 

Chapter 20 A Good Citizen 

Renee blinked her shining eyes. You’re the only one I’ve kissed, for only you are so nice to me.” 

She looked so cute and innocent

Tristan was always indifferent. He didn’t need others to know about his pain and he couldn’t have empathy with others. But now, he thought that the Fletcher family had gone too far

Maybe Renee was so short because she was always starved

Tristan suddenly said, Shelton.” 

Yes, Mr. Duran.Shelton stood outside the door. As he heard Tristan’s voice, Shelton immediately replied, What can I do for you?” 

Tristan said, From now on, send three meals every day to Swallow Court.” 

Tristan glanced at Renee. If you want to eat something, just tell Shelton.” 

Renee was so happy. She wanted to kiss Tristan again. However, he held up a finger and pressed against her forehead, preventing her from getting close to him. Tristan said seriously, Did I allow you to kiss 


Renee didn’t care about it and thought, No kiss? It’s okay. As long as he gives food, it’s great.She quietly sat on the chair and drank the juice

Shelton thought he had to think twice about Renee’s importance


Although Tristan was indifferent and didn’t even care about his father, he was extremely possessive. As long as he wanted something, no one could lay a finger on it. Obviously, he wanted to protect Renee. Even if he ignored her, no one could bully her

Tristan had lunch as he asked, So you’re 19?” 

Renee nodded. Yeah.” 

Are you at university?” 

Hearing this, Renee looked down. She pursed her lips. Tristan got it, but he just said it frankly, I heard that you got bad marks at school. You didn’t get in any university?” 

Before Rence came to Ampleshire, many people heard that she was not beautiful and had a bad temper. It was said that when she was in Peace. Town, she usually bullied her younger brother and didn’t respect the elders. She got bad marks at school and managed to get into high school. It seemed to be normal that she couldn’t get into university

Joanna, on the other hand, was beautiful, gentle, and excellent. This year, Joanna got in the top three universities, Ampleshire University. Many people attended her grand graduation ceremony yesterday. Rence wasn’t a patch on her

Renee said in a low voice, I didn’t do well in the college entrance exam.” 

The night before the exam, Helen was afraid that Renee would cost too much money if she went to the university. So she beat Renee up and locked her in her room. Luckily, early in the morning, someone opened the door and Renee finally made it to the exam. However, because of the fever, pain, and hunger, she didn’t do well

Seeing her wronged expression. Tristan said indifferently. If you want to get into the university, just beg me.” 


Chapter 20 A Good Citizen 

Renee widened her eyes. Mr. Duran, do you wanna help me?” 

Tristan said, I just need to donate two buildings.” 

Renee couldn’t understand the rich people’s thoughts

Renee said, We can’t do illegal things. Although I didn’t get into my dream university, I’ve been admitted to one at least.” 

It was just that she couldn’t afford the tuition fees

Renee figured that when she came to Ampleshire, the Fletcher family would probably lend her some money despite the fact that they didn’t like her. However, her dad and brothers didn’t even want to see her. She thought she should do some parttime jobs before the school started

For the first time, someone advised Tristan not to do illegal things. He thought it was interesting. Tristan laughed. I’m a lawabiding good citizen. Why would I do illegal things?” 

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Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife" by Aurora is a captivating novel that explores the dynamic between a demanding employer and his affectionate spouse. The story delves into the complexities of love, power, and the delicate balance between professional and personal relationships in a compelling narrative.

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

  Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora SUMMARY Renee Fletcher, a true member of the Fletcher family, was switched at birth. At the age of 19, she was finally brought back by her family. Ironically, they did it only because they wanted her to marry a deceased man in place of their adopted daughter. Everyone thought that Renee was done for, but to their surprise, Tristan Duran, her fiancé, was perfectly fine and even pampered her. No one knew why Tristan, who was notoriously known for his ruthlessness, fell prey to her charm. Tristan let Renee call him "honey" jokingly at their first meeting. Little did he think that she would really be his honey.

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Title: Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: Spanish    

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora


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