Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora Chapter 16

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Go Hungry 

Minna angrily shouted, What do you mean by that?” 

Renee calmly replied, This is my husband’s memorial hall. Ms. 

Denver, please don’t make loud noises. Mr. Duran has a bad temper. If he gets angry, he might come haunting you in the middle of the night.” 

Renee added sincerely, Have you met Mr. Duran? You know that his temper is really bad.” 

Minna instinctively glanced at the black and white portrait

When Tristan was alive, Minna had only seen him a couple of times, but from a distance. She had never clearly seen his appearance because her status was much lower than Tristan’s. They were not even in the same world

But this didn’t stop Minna from hearing legends about Tristan

It was said that Tristan was cruel, vicious, unpredictableEvery word was an accurate description of him

Even though Tristan was dead, no one dared to touch the property under his name. They were all waiting and observing

Minna pursed her lips and said, Stop talking nonsense. Even if there are ghosts in this world, how could Mr. Duran be interested in you?” 

But Minna was somewhat afraid of that coffin. She said, I’ll settle the score with you later.Then she fled away

Everyone went for lunch, and the memorial hall became quiet. Renee finally had the chance to stretch her limbs

No one cared about her, so naturally, no one brought her food

Renee sighed and thought that Klein had said something wrong. The Duran family didn’t provide her with a luxurious life. They didn’t even give her food

Renee looked at the offerings on the table and broke off a banana

Upon careful consideration, Renee thought it would be better to be by Tristan’s side. At least he wouldn’t let her go hungry

Hey.Suddenly, a voice startled Renee. When she turned around, she saw Klein standing in the courtyard, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Renee quickly put the banana back in the fruit tray

Klein glanced at the partially eaten banana in disbelief and said with disdain. Do you think I’m blind or stupid?” 

Renee glanced at Klein, took the banana back, and continued eating. Klein clicked his tongue. Why don’t you keep pretending?” 

Since you’ve seen it. I may as well finish it.Renee vaguely replied

Klein walked up to Rence and watched her eating like a hamster. feeling disgusted. Look at you. You are not like a noble lady at all.” 

Renee paused and said. But I’m not a noble lady.” 

Klein was lost for words

He didn’t know why he chose to come back. Perhaps it was because of what he saw before leaving. Renee was kneeling desolately

surrounded by many people, but none of them had any goodwill towards her, which annoved Klein

Regardless, Renee was a member of the Fletcher family and shouldn’t be treated like this


14 Ga Hungr 

You have been brought back to Ampleshire, so you represent the Fletcher family from now on.Klein glared at her and said. If you embarrass yourself outside, the Fletcher family will be embarrassed too. Do you understand?” 

Renee finished the banana and secretly took one of Tristan’s peaches. She discovered that the offerings for Tristan were quite tasty

Klein was furious. Did you hear what I said? Stop eating!” 

Renee swallowed the peach in her mouth and slowly said, I heard you.” 

She added seriously, Or maybe you should just send me back to Peace Town. That way, your family won’t be disgraced.” 

What do you mean by your family?Klein pinched Renee’s chubby cheek and said, Aren’t you a member of the Fletcher family?

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife" by Aurora is a captivating novel that explores the dynamic between a demanding employer and his affectionate spouse. The story delves into the complexities of love, power, and the delicate balance between professional and personal relationships in a compelling narrative.

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

  Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora SUMMARY Renee Fletcher, a true member of the Fletcher family, was switched at birth. At the age of 19, she was finally brought back by her family. Ironically, they did it only because they wanted her to marry a deceased man in place of their adopted daughter. Everyone thought that Renee was done for, but to their surprise, Tristan Duran, her fiancé, was perfectly fine and even pampered her. No one knew why Tristan, who was notoriously known for his ruthlessness, fell prey to her charm. Tristan let Renee call him "honey" jokingly at their first meeting. Little did he think that she would really be his honey.

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Title: Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: Spanish    

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora


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