Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora Chapter 12

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Ms. Fletcher 

After Rence had brownies reluctantly, Shelton brought her to the mourning hall and said, Mrs. Duran, I need to go to Mr. Duran and can’t come inside with you.” 

Renee grunted and waved her hand. Bye.” 

Shelton smiled politely, Goodbye, Mrs. Duran.” 

Many guests had arrived at the mourning hall and Diane was obviously in charge of the event. She was wearing a griefstricken face. Anyone who didn’t know the truth would think she was devastated over the death of Tristan

Diane,a rich woman spoke up. I heard that Mrs. Freida Duran brought the Fletcher girl over. Where’s she?” 

The Fletcher girl?one person chimed in. Do you mean Joanna? She’s the most soughtafter woman in Ampleshire. I doubt the Fletcher family would agree to send her here.The person looked at Diane apologetically. I’m sorry, Diane. It came out wrong. The daughter of the Fletcher family is lucky to marry into the Duran family. But Tristan 


The rich lady crossed her arms and scoffed, Of course, Joanna won’t come here. She’s the precious daughter of the Fletcher family. They value her very much and will never let her marry a dead man. I mean the biological daughter of the Fletcher family, the one that grew up in a small town.” 

The Fletcher family’s switched daughters weren’t fresh news for many people in Ampleshire. Chloe Gibson, Renee’s mother, was in poor health after having three sons, but she insisted on having her daughter


Because she was too weak and had to go to a remote place called 

Peace Town for recuperation. She planned to return to Ampleshire half a month before her due date. But she had premature labor and was sent to a small hospital in town

Another woman gave birth to a girl at the same time at that hospital. Due to the slack management of the hospital, a nurse made a mistake and switched the two baby girls. As a result, the real rich girl had to live in poverty in a small town while the other was being doted on in a rich household

Normally, when they found out about the switch, the Fletcher family should bring their biological child back. After all, the Fletcher family was one of the top families in Ampleshire and was more than capable of raising another child. But, fearing hurting Joanna’s feelings, they pretended that Renee didn’t exist and just let her stay in the small 


If the Duran family didn’t demand them to fulfill the engagement, they wouldn’t bring Renee back

Diane smiled dryly and said, Ms. Renceis still sleeping. She’s from a small place and doesn’t know the rules. I’m just Tristan’s aunt and have no right to discipline her. So, I have to come here to hold the fort” 

Really?one highpitched voice shouted. One day of living here and she thinks she’s the queen? No wonder her parents abandoned her.” 

I knowI heard that she’s hideous and has a bad temper. She’s no match for Joanna at all.” 

The crowd giggled in mockery and belittled Renee viciously as if they were sworn enemies of hers

Diane hurriedly said, Alright. That’s enough. The Fletcher family’s 



people are coming. It’ll be embarrassing if they hear it.” 

Why? In my opinion, the Fletcher family doesn’t even think she’s a family member. She arrived here yesterday. But neither her father nor her brothers had come over to see her. It explains a lot.” 

At that moment, a gentle female voice cut in. Ladies, please stop talking about my sister like that.” 

They paused and looked in the direction of the voice. A young woman in a white dress was standing elegantly in front of them. She looked graceful and pretty. Although she wasn’t gorgeous, her polished demeanor made her stand out in the crowd

A young man in a black suit was behind her

He looked like a playboy even though he was wearing an official suit. The playful glimmer in his fine eyes added to his charm. The smirk formed by his thin lips could sweep all the young women off their feet

They are Ms. Joanna and Mr. Kleinsomeone said in a small voice

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife" by Aurora is a captivating novel that explores the dynamic between a demanding employer and his affectionate spouse. The story delves into the complexities of love, power, and the delicate balance between professional and personal relationships in a compelling narrative.

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora

  Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora SUMMARY Renee Fletcher, a true member of the Fletcher family, was switched at birth. At the age of 19, she was finally brought back by her family. Ironically, they did it only because they wanted her to marry a deceased man in place of their adopted daughter. Everyone thought that Renee was done for, but to their surprise, Tristan Duran, her fiancé, was perfectly fine and even pampered her. No one knew why Tristan, who was notoriously known for his ruthlessness, fell prey to her charm. Tristan let Renee call him "honey" jokingly at their first meeting. Little did he think that she would really be his honey.

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Title: Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: Spanish    

Ruthless Boss and His Sweet Wife By Aurora


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