Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin Chapter 86

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin Chapter 86

Chapter 86 

The next morning, Celeste was awakened by glaring sunlight shining 

through the curtains. The rain had stopped, and the golden sun hung high in the 

clear blue sky

When she was in a call with Sienna, Kendric wheeled a dining cart into the 


He parked the cart beside the bed and signaled for Celeste to come and eat

She pointed at the phone, indicating she’d join in shortly

Yeah, the rain’s stopped, and the flood outside is slowly receding.” 

Don’t worry, Sienna, I’m okay.” 

What! You mean your brother is also here? Right in this city?” 

Just then, Kendric raised his voice, time for breakfast!” 

Sienna was scared by the sudden male voice coming from Celeste’s side

Celeste, who’s with you?” 

Celeste glanced at Kendric, who sported a sly grin and walked away 


She wasn’t good at fibbing, especially to someone close. Kendric.” 

Sienna gasped and then let out a scream, how did you end up with him again?” 

It’s hard to explain. Celeste couldn’t just shoo him away after what happened last night

No, it’s justjust a coincidence. This is a bit of a long story.” 

You just shook him off. How can you stay in the same room with him 

again? You know what he’s like, especially after you turned him down in front 

of everyone. He won’t just let you off the hook. Who knows what tricks he might 

be plotting!” 

Celeste stole a glance at Kendric, who had a stern face

She interrupted Sienna, it’s not like what you’re thinking, I’ll explain it 

when I get back.” 

Then, she hung up

Kendric was quietly preparing breakfast with his head down. The 

breakfast is ready. Take your seat.” 

Celeste sat down, feeling uneasy and guilty

To be honest, Kendric had indeed lent her a hand this time. Even if those 

words didn’t come 

directly from her, since Sienna was her friend, she had 

responsibility to offer apology

I apologize to you on Sienna’s behalf,she said with unease, not exactly scared but rather feeling somewhat embarrassed

Kendric frowned

In the past, Celeste had a bag of tricks to lift his spirits, like pecking his cheek or teasing his newly grown stubble. Her getting a tad closer to him usually put him in a better mood

But now, she had no intention of trying to please him in that way anymore

A frosty silence hung in the air


Celeste took a bite of her food. Unexpectedly, tears welled up due to the 

spicy pepper

Kendric handed a paper tissue over. I’m fine, don’t cry.” 

Celeste coughed even more

After breakfast, the people Kendric had arranged to pick them up arrived

When Cade entered, he flashed a meaningful smile at Celeste. 

Kendric instructed Cade to take Celeste home while he would head to the 

airport. Celeste didn’t want to trouble him and said she’d book a train ticket

However, Kendric insisted on Cade personally driving her back

He specially told Cade, don’t hang around here. Leave as early as 


On the way back, Cade eyed Celeste through the rearview mirror from time 

to time


you noticed Mr. Melville’s been acting a bit different lately?” 

Celeste remained silent. She knew that finally Cade would steer this conversation toward persuading her to reconcile with Kendric

She had forgiven him, but it didn’t mean she would rekindle the flame of love with him

Cade observed her reluctance and kept quiet as well

After coming back from J City, Celeste and Kendric didn’t contact with each 


With just a month to go before going abroad, Celeste planned to pay a visit 

to her hometown. She was flipping through the calender on her desk when it 

suddenly hit her that Kendric’s birthday was just around the corner

Since he turned twenty, she had been there for every single one of his 

birthdays. Yet this time, she would be absent

Sienna linked arms with her, come on, Cely. Let’s have a farewell dinner 


Celeste chuckled, hey, it’s not like I won’t return. Okay, you pick up the 

restaurant, my treat tonight.” 

Tears still hung in Sienna’s eyes, and she planted a kiss on Celeste’s cheek, breaking into a smile

Sienna chose à fancy restaurant meant for couples

Celeste gave her a skeptical look. Standing at the restaurant’s entrance, she questioned, why did you bring me here? Tell the truth.” 

Sienna blinked, just to have dinner, really.” 

Celeste pretended to turn away and leave. Sienna quickly grabbed her arm, alright, alright, I tell you.” 

My brother is inside.” 

Seeing that Celeste wasn’t pleased, Sienna held her arm, Cely, don’t be mad at me. I honestly think you and my brother will be a perfect match. He likes you, and you’re single now. Why don’t you have a try?” 


Celeste had gone to great lengths to avoid Manuel, yet Sienna was devoted 

to play matchmaker

Sienna’s eyes turned red. Don’t be mad. I won’t do it again next time.” 


Suddenly a voice interrupted their conversation from behind

Manuel approached this way. Cely, you don’t wanna see me?” 

Celeste smiled, Manuel, what brings you here?” 

I just drop by. How about we grab a meal together?” 


Manuel smiled and then turned to Sienna, only to find her 

What are you crying for?” 

Sienna stole a glance at Celeste

Celeste chimed in, I gave her a little scolding.” 

Manuel laughed, what did she do?” 

teary eyes 

He seemed really clueless about this encounter. Celeste suspected that 

Sienna had orchestrated this whole situation, keeping both her and Manuel in the dark

deened From Coged Love 

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/28/2023 Native Language: English
"Redeemed from Caged Love" by Karrin is a gripping novel that explores the transformative journey of love and freedom. Through compelling characters and intricate plot twists, the author weaves a tale of redemption and liberation, transcending the confines of traditional romance novels.  

 Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin


Redeemed From Caged Love After Celeste and Kendric's breakup, paparazzi captured photos of Kendric entering the mansion with a mysterious woman late at night. This caused a stir, and this wealthy family was bombarded by various media outlets. During a phone interview, the gossip reporter asked Added  

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Title:  Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin/ Review

"Redeemed from Caged Love" by Karrin is a poignant tale that navigates the complex realms of love, redemption, and self-discovery. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a love that was once confined, like a bird in a cage, now seeking liberation. The protagonist, whose heart was once ensnared in the constraints of a suffocating relationship, embarks on a transformative journey of self-realization and healing. Karrin skillfully weaves a narrative that explores the depths of emotional entanglements, capturing the essence of a love that, at first, seemed unbreakable. The cage symbolizes the emotional barriers and limitations imposed by the past, and as the story unfolds, readers witness the protagonist's gradual liberation from these confinements. As the narrative progresses, the protagonist undergoes a profound metamorphosis, breaking free from the chains of a love that was more confining than liberating. Karrin delves into the complexities of human emotions, portraying the highs and lows of love, and the ultimate triumph of resilience. The story is not only a journey of redemption for the protagonist but also an exploration of the power of self-love and the importance of embracing one's true identity. Through vivid storytelling and evocative prose, Karrin paints a vivid picture of the protagonist's emotional landscape, inviting readers to empathize with the struggles and triumphs of the human heart. "Redeemed from Caged Love" is a compelling narrative that speaks to the universal themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of personal freedom. Karrin's storytelling prowess shines as the story unfolds, leaving readers captivated by the transformative power of love's redemption.


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