Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin Chapter 78

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin Chapter 78

Chapter 78 

חר 30 

Celeste widened her eyes, why are you here?” 

Kendric shut the door and explained, I brought the medication grandpa 


It was a rather unconvincing excuse

Caleb motioned Celeste to help pass him the medicine

It’s their first meet after over a week. Celeste had thought that after what had happened, Kendric should hate her

She strolled toward him, reaching out for the medicine. Her eyes briefly flickered to Kendric’s ring finger

He was still wearing the engagement ring, the one that had witnessed his anticipation and humiliation

She moved her eyes away

Kendric’s expression grew gloomier when perceiving her indifference

Caleb observed them in silence, you go fetch a wheelchair for me. I’d like to take a walk downstairs.” 

Celeste agreed and then left the room. Kendric followed her

Although there were many caregivers around, Caleb specifically requested that Kendric and Celeste went fetch the wheelchair. His intention was obvious

As they stepped outside, Celeste didn’t look back and said, you stay here. I can handle it on my own.She hurriedly walked away

Soon she came back with the wheelchair

Redeemed From Canadia 

Let me do it.” 

She didn’t reject and handed him the wheelchair

In the ward, Caleb was in the middle of an examination, and it would be

while before he could head downstairs

Celeste thought it’s time for her to leave

But then Caleb stopped her, I’ll be going back to the nursing home. Stay 

and have lunch with me today.” 

It was clear that this message was meant for both of them. Celeste halted 

her paces and instead headed to the waiting area outside the ward

It was early summer, and the hospital’s air conditioning was on full blast. She took a sip of water and cracked open her laptop

Kendrie was standing not too far off, engrossed in a phone call. He was 

always like this, occupied by work

Kendric finished his call just as Caleb’s checkup ended. The three of them 

then went downstairs for a walk

Caleb was still in decent health, but after walking around for a while, he’d have to take a seat and catch his breath, so he would use the wheelchair

With a cane in hand, he linked Celeste’s arm for support

Kendric followed behind, pushing the wheelchair. It was something he’d never done before

The weather outside was pleasant, and the atmosphere was fairly agreeable

Redeemed From Caged Love 

But Kendric didn’t hang around for too long. Luke reminded him of the 

schedule several times

It was clear that he hadn’t scheduled this visit in advance

Caleb waved his hand, alright, Ken, just go back to your work if you’re 


After Kendric left, Celeste and Caleb continued their walk outside

Just a few steps later, Caleb raised his head and gazed at the gently swaying 

leaves in the trees

Cely, if there comes a day when I leave this world, I hope you and Ken can be truly happy.” 

Celeste disliked talking about separations and farewells, so she quickly interjected with a furrowed brow, Grandpa, you’re still in good health.” 

Caleb shook his head and smiled, I’m not forcing you and Ken to be together. I just hope that no matter what kind of life you lead in the future, you can both find your true happiness.” 


Cely, don’t harbor hatred toward Ken.” 

Celeste kept her head down, Grandpa, I don’t hate him. He’s just a stranger 

to me now.” 

Caleb’s heart felt even colder, for him, your indifference is the most piercing thing. Treating him as a stranger is the harshest punishment.” 

Grandpa, he doesn’t even care.” 

Caleb shook his head. On the contrary, it was caring too much that made 


him appear as if he didn’t care at all


After leaving the hospital, Celeste had not contacted Kendric at all

From the moment of their breakup, they seemed like two parallel lines that 

would never cross. Celeste spent her time in her cramped studio, painting her 

dreams onto canvas day and night

Meanwhile, Kendric never seemed to take a break, continuing to build his legendary business empire

Celeste couldn’t completely cut off from Kendric’s world. Sometimes, she still could see him on television or magazine

This might be how their lives originally were. If Celeste hadn’t moved into Melville family at the age of eighteen, she and Kendric might have never met

Now, it felt like everything had returned to its initial state

Days passed, and there came the midsummer

Celeste forestgreen long dress today


Finally, you finally look better today,Sienna remarked

Celeste smiled, what do you mean by look better? Did I look pale before?” 

Sienna pulled a chair over. Seriously, yes. You kept working late in the 

office, and you looked as pale as a ghost, like a vampire!” 

It’s not that exaggerated.” 


Cely, you haven’t completely gotten over it, I know.” 

Celeste didn’t even lift her head. I’m fine. I have moved on.” 

Move on? By locking yourself up in this tiny office?Sienna commented

Don’t bother finding excuses for yourself! Back in college, every time you were 

in a bad mood, you’d stay alone in the room.” 

Then she added, it’s exactly the same as now!” 

Celeste touched her nose. Really?” 

Sienna nodded her head emphatically. You know what’s the best way to 

move on from a failed relationship?” 

What is it?” 

To start a new love story, of course.” 

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/28/2023 Native Language: English
"Redeemed from Caged Love" by Karrin is a gripping novel that explores the transformative journey of love and freedom. Through compelling characters and intricate plot twists, the author weaves a tale of redemption and liberation, transcending the confines of traditional romance novels.  

 Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin


Redeemed From Caged Love After Celeste and Kendric's breakup, paparazzi captured photos of Kendric entering the mansion with a mysterious woman late at night. This caused a stir, and this wealthy family was bombarded by various media outlets. During a phone interview, the gossip reporter asked Added  

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Title:  Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin
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Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin/ Review

"Redeemed from Caged Love" by Karrin is a poignant tale that navigates the complex realms of love, redemption, and self-discovery. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a love that was once confined, like a bird in a cage, now seeking liberation. The protagonist, whose heart was once ensnared in the constraints of a suffocating relationship, embarks on a transformative journey of self-realization and healing. Karrin skillfully weaves a narrative that explores the depths of emotional entanglements, capturing the essence of a love that, at first, seemed unbreakable. The cage symbolizes the emotional barriers and limitations imposed by the past, and as the story unfolds, readers witness the protagonist's gradual liberation from these confinements. As the narrative progresses, the protagonist undergoes a profound metamorphosis, breaking free from the chains of a love that was more confining than liberating. Karrin delves into the complexities of human emotions, portraying the highs and lows of love, and the ultimate triumph of resilience. The story is not only a journey of redemption for the protagonist but also an exploration of the power of self-love and the importance of embracing one's true identity. Through vivid storytelling and evocative prose, Karrin paints a vivid picture of the protagonist's emotional landscape, inviting readers to empathize with the struggles and triumphs of the human heart. "Redeemed from Caged Love" is a compelling narrative that speaks to the universal themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of personal freedom. Karrin's storytelling prowess shines as the story unfolds, leaving readers captivated by the transformative power of love's redemption.


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