Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin Chapter 16

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin Chapter 16

Chapter 16 

In their love story, Kendric’s always the one calling the shots, while Celeste 

is the one to follow

He’s dead certain that Celeste is head over heels for him, so when he 

blurted out these words, he couldn’t care less about how she felt

Because she’s so in love with him, he is given the courage to trample all 

over her heart without any consequences

With all her might, Celeste shoved him away, and the momentum made her 

take a step back and plop down on the sofa

II’ll try my best to stop loving you.” 

She stood her ground. Even if it’s not possible right nowI’m damn well 

gonna forget you in the future.” 

Kendric’s frosty mask cracked as he heard her declaration

He tried to hide the turmoil inside him. He said all high and mighty, you 

won’t get a chance.” 

He’s not gonna give her a shot at forgetting him, and he sure as hell won’t 

let her stop loving him

That little bit of love left in Celeste’s heart was torn to shreds as well. She 

hated the fact that Kendric took her love as poker chips

This man is powerful and proud. Now, he’s treating her the same way he 

treats his rivals in the business field, calculating his own advantages and chips

and he’s come to one conclusionshe won’t leave him

I’ll give you a day to cool off. Day after tomorrow, I’m coming to pick you 

Redeemed From Caged Love 


Celeste stared at Kendric, trying to come up with a firm rebuttal. But she 

just couldn’t find the words to argue

No one believed back then that Celeste could be so passionately in love with 

Kendric for years, just like now nobody believed she would leave him

After Kendric left the apartment, Celeste sat alone on the couch like

statue, hugging her knees

The sliver moonlight streamed in through the spotless windows, falling on 

her. A wave of immense sadness washed over her, almost suffocating her

How did things get this bad between her and Kendric

They used to be the closest of lovers. Even when he wasn’t the influential 

Mr. Melville he is today, she stood by his side

For Kendric, the first five years of taking over family business were like 

handling a ticking time bomb. No one knew if Melville family was getting better 

or worse under his leadership

Only Celeste invested whole trust on him

But when Melville family started doing better and Kendric’s ambitions

grew, it seemed like she became less important

Honestly, she should have realized this sooner and ceased her waiting. Now 

her flame of hope was put out

Redeemed From Caged Love 

The next morning, Celeste went to the studio as usual. Her frequent visits 

put pressure on Sienna

At lunchtime, Sienna brought food over, tomorrow is Prof. Becker’s 

birthday. What should we get him as a gift?” 

Celeste quickly checked the calendar. Sure enough, tomorrow was Prof. 

Becker’s birthday

Prof. Becker is Sienna and Celeste’s teacher in college. He’s been teaching 

for over twenty years. He’s a person with a great deal of moral and academic 



Celeste smacked her forehead. How could she nearly forget such a crucial 

We’ve got to choose a gift this afternoon.” 

Sienna chimed in, absolutely, you’re her favorite student. I’m sure the gift 

you pick out will suit her taste.” 

Celeste is one of the few students who have made Professor Becker proud

not because of her current achievements, but because Prof. Becker genuinely 

adores her art works

During her sophomore year, Celeste received an invitation to Prof. Becker’s 

birthday party. At the time, she was quite strapped for cash, and she didn’t have 

much to spend on a gift. So, she secretly snapped a photo of Prof. Becker gazing 

out the window at falling autumn leaves during a break and then painted

watercolor based on it

She presented the gift on Prof. Becker’s birthday, the most modest gift 

among the bunch. However, Prof. Becker showered it with endless praise. She 

Redeemed From Caged Love 

cherished it a lot

In the afternoon, they headed to the mall

Celeste found herself in a dilemma. She took nothing with her when moving 

out from Melville family, including credit card. She couldn’t afford these 

expensive items

After racking her brain for ideas, the most heartfelt gift she could come up 

with was to paint a picture herself

At that time, the portrait Celeste painted of Prof. Becker really tickled her 

fancy. Perhaps it was that dancing and falling sycamore leaves in autumn that 

got her heart

Thus, Celeste decided to use sycamore as the theme of her painting again

She spent the whole afternoon at it, immersed in painting without a break 

until deep into the night

After she finished the drawing, she displayed it to Sienna who couldn’t stop 

singing its praises. This drawing was Celeste’s most stunning piece of work in 

the last couple of years

Bright and early the next morning, Kendric came to pick her up, just as he 


Naturally, he needed to attend Prof. Becker’s birthday party

Prof. Becker’s husband, Mr. Foster, was a distinguished economist, and he’d 

been an advisor for Kendric for years. It could be said that Mr. Foster was his 

guiding light in his career life

Celeste put on a bit of makeup today. She picked a black velvet evening 

Redeemed From Caged Love 

gown, highlighting her curvy figure. The offshoulder neckline revealed her 

shoulders, accentuating her graceful and trim neck

It looked like you could easily wrap your hand around her neck. With that 

thought, Kendric extended his hand to touch her neck

Celeste instinctively dodged, her eyes betraying surprise and wariness. 

A shadow of discontent crossed Kendric’s face. He gave a slight pinch on the 

back of her neck, as if to warn her

He’d gotten used to Celeste’s tenderness and submission, while now she’s 

showing repulsion to his touch

Celeste quietly gazed out of the window

When are you going to cease your tantrums?his tone carried a subtle 

hint of anger, as if reproaching her for her irrational behavior

I’m not throwing tantrums. And everything I have said means serious.” 

Kendric knew she was referring to the breakup thing, but he clearly didn’t 

wanna dwell on this topic

I gave you a day to cool yourself off, rather than dwelling on this issue.” 

Celeste fell silent. Besides this topic, there was nothing more to discuss with 


Redeemed From Caged Love 

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/28/2023 Native Language: English
"Redeemed from Caged Love" by Karrin is a gripping novel that explores the transformative journey of love and freedom. Through compelling characters and intricate plot twists, the author weaves a tale of redemption and liberation, transcending the confines of traditional romance novels.  

 Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin


Redeemed From Caged Love After Celeste and Kendric's breakup, paparazzi captured photos of Kendric entering the mansion with a mysterious woman late at night. This caused a stir, and this wealthy family was bombarded by various media outlets. During a phone interview, the gossip reporter asked Added  

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Title:  Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin/ Review

"Redeemed from Caged Love" by Karrin is a poignant tale that navigates the complex realms of love, redemption, and self-discovery. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a love that was once confined, like a bird in a cage, now seeking liberation. The protagonist, whose heart was once ensnared in the constraints of a suffocating relationship, embarks on a transformative journey of self-realization and healing. Karrin skillfully weaves a narrative that explores the depths of emotional entanglements, capturing the essence of a love that, at first, seemed unbreakable. The cage symbolizes the emotional barriers and limitations imposed by the past, and as the story unfolds, readers witness the protagonist's gradual liberation from these confinements. As the narrative progresses, the protagonist undergoes a profound metamorphosis, breaking free from the chains of a love that was more confining than liberating. Karrin delves into the complexities of human emotions, portraying the highs and lows of love, and the ultimate triumph of resilience. The story is not only a journey of redemption for the protagonist but also an exploration of the power of self-love and the importance of embracing one's true identity. Through vivid storytelling and evocative prose, Karrin paints a vivid picture of the protagonist's emotional landscape, inviting readers to empathize with the struggles and triumphs of the human heart. "Redeemed from Caged Love" is a compelling narrative that speaks to the universal themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of personal freedom. Karrin's storytelling prowess shines as the story unfolds, leaving readers captivated by the transformative power of love's redemption.


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