Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin Chapter 117

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin Chapter 117

Chapter 117 

Early the next morning, before Celeste even got out of bed, Kendric had 


He had been dealing with work till the late night yesterday, yet he managed 

to wake up even earlier than the rooster this morning

Celeste thought to her self, success doesn’t come easily for anyone

Celeste yawned and walked out from the bedroom. Kendric was standing 

there in his suit, frowning at her

Celeste covered her mouth and looked at him. Why is that look?” 

Kendric stepped forward to button the pajamas she was wearing, and then 

he closed the curtains in the living room. Is this how you dress when you’re at 


What’s wrong with it?She took a sip of water and retorted, should

wear a suit even at home like you?” 

People across can see

This apartment building was a highrise. There are considerable spacing 

between the buildings, and there were hardly any taller buildings around

Who would see it?” 

She held the cup. She didn’t bother to argue over his inexplicable 


Kendric brought breakfast. They sat down at the dining table

In these two years, Kendric had indeed changed a lot. When Celeste saw 

him sitting at the table with a packet of cereal in front of him, she widened his 

eyes in shock

I remember you don’t like cereal.she asked curiously

People change.” 

He handed her a slice of bread smeared with jam. What I was like before 

doesn’t mean I’ll be the same in the future.” 

After breakfast, Celeste went to pick up the car

Surprisingly, Kendric had rare free time to accompany her. Was everything 

smooth last night? I mean the emergency.” 

He nodded. He had completely shed the greenness he had when taking over 

the family, now handling things with ease. People like him were born to create


How much is your net worth now?She was curious

Kendric hadn’t expected this question from her, so he thought about it quite 

seriously for a moment, I haven’t really calculated it.” 


Oh god! She fucking envied him! He didn’t even know how much money he 


Any number change in her bank account would be a significant change for 

If you want to know, I can let Cade bring the audit report for you to see.” 

No, no, it’s just a casual question.” 


They arrived at the dealership. Celeste had already visited once before and had chosen a car model. Today, she planned to take it home directly

The car she selected was not highpriced, around four hundred thousand dollars. It was a type favored by young girls, and it sold well

However, Kendric didn’t fancy that car. His gaze went beyond various types 

of cars and stopped at a Porsche

How about this one?He pointed

This Porsche cost over two million and was not considered toptier in terms

of configuration among luxury cars. Celeste didn’t know what he found 

appealing about it

Not bad,she didn’t dislike it, but her wallet didn’t allow her to like it

Take this one for a test drive.” 

Celeste observed the Porsche. The interior features were a few levels above 

her BMW, which cost over four hundred thousand

At this price, she could still afford it. However, spending over two million 

on a car really made her hesitate

While she was test driving, Kendric sat on the passenger seat, I’ve paid it. If you find no problems after the test drive, you can drive it home directly.” 

Celeste turned to look at him, we’re now shopping at a dealership, not


Chapter 17 

They took the Porsche. Celeste paid for it herself

This displeased Kendric greatly. Celeste rolled her eyes at him, enough,

can afford it myself.” 


Although she felt a twinge of pain when she saw the bill

Kendric had long prepared this gift. He originally intended it as a surprise 

for Celeste, but it was rejected

What else do you want? I can get you something else.” 

Celeste shook her head, it’s enough. I don’t lack anything” 

She was not someone who placed great importance on material things. For 

her, a car was just a means of transportation

Then I give you a ride? Where are you going?” 

Celeste pondered for a moment, I need to head to the company.” 

Oh, we’re heading to a same destination.” 

Same destination?” 

I am the new investor in your project, just likeAdrian Katz

Celeste gritted her teeth, can you stop bringing up that man!” 

He put on a serious tone, please mind your words. I am your investor.” 

Is being an investor something great?” 

Kendric chuckled, maybe it’s not great, but I heard investors can dance with the chief illustrator.” 

He gave Celeste a meaningful look

Chapter 117 

She sneered, oh, you? A man in his thirties, trying to woo

twentysomething illustrator. You’re too old, man.” 

Kendric was struck by the blow, especially the words man in his thirties,” 

and old.He pursed his lips and remained silent

A man in his thirties can have his love!he finally retorted

Finally Kendric got in the new Porsche, and Celeste drove the car

She stopped a few hundred meters away from the company building. She 

looked around in all directions cautiously

You get off car first.” 

Kendric was puzzled, huh?” 

You, get out of my car. If we are caught getting out from a same car, who 

knows how many rumors will arise.” 

The word rumorssounded fresh and exciting to Kendric, and he asked 

with interest, your colleagues know nothing about our relationship?He 

emphasized the words our relationship.” 

Our relationship?She stretched her tone as if looking for the right wording to describe their relationship. We’re simply” 

Kendric leaned slightly closer, his expression serious. He listened quietly to what she would say next

Celeste caught on and realized she nearly walked into his trap again. She quickly changed her words, we’re simply friends.” 

Kendric held his breath for a moment, then suddenly burst into laughter 

Скарлет Chapter117 

upon hearing this phrase. Yeah, we’re FRIENDS” 

You are my girlfriend and I’m your boyfriend.” 

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/28/2023 Native Language: English
"Redeemed from Caged Love" by Karrin is a gripping novel that explores the transformative journey of love and freedom. Through compelling characters and intricate plot twists, the author weaves a tale of redemption and liberation, transcending the confines of traditional romance novels.  

 Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin


Redeemed From Caged Love After Celeste and Kendric's breakup, paparazzi captured photos of Kendric entering the mansion with a mysterious woman late at night. This caused a stir, and this wealthy family was bombarded by various media outlets. During a phone interview, the gossip reporter asked Added  

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Title:  Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin/ Review

"Redeemed from Caged Love" by Karrin is a poignant tale that navigates the complex realms of love, redemption, and self-discovery. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a love that was once confined, like a bird in a cage, now seeking liberation. The protagonist, whose heart was once ensnared in the constraints of a suffocating relationship, embarks on a transformative journey of self-realization and healing. Karrin skillfully weaves a narrative that explores the depths of emotional entanglements, capturing the essence of a love that, at first, seemed unbreakable. The cage symbolizes the emotional barriers and limitations imposed by the past, and as the story unfolds, readers witness the protagonist's gradual liberation from these confinements. As the narrative progresses, the protagonist undergoes a profound metamorphosis, breaking free from the chains of a love that was more confining than liberating. Karrin delves into the complexities of human emotions, portraying the highs and lows of love, and the ultimate triumph of resilience. The story is not only a journey of redemption for the protagonist but also an exploration of the power of self-love and the importance of embracing one's true identity. Through vivid storytelling and evocative prose, Karrin paints a vivid picture of the protagonist's emotional landscape, inviting readers to empathize with the struggles and triumphs of the human heart. "Redeemed from Caged Love" is a compelling narrative that speaks to the universal themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of personal freedom. Karrin's storytelling prowess shines as the story unfolds, leaving readers captivated by the transformative power of love's redemption.


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