Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin Chapter 106

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin Chapter 106

Chapter 106 

In the meeting hall on the second floor of the villa

Kendric pushed open the door, and everyone sitting there turned their 

heads to look at him

A faint sneer flashed his face as he took his seat. He calmly accepted their 

probing eyes

As Kendric expected, when they saw him appear, the surprise in these 

snobseyes was undisguised

So, what makes you to specially pay a visit here? Is there something you’d 

like to discuss?” 

Caden Bates was the first to break the silence. Kendric, we came here 

because of your grandfather” 

Kendric raised an eyebrow, my grandfather?” 

They exchanged glances. That Caleb being critically ill was a foregone 

conclusion, but they weren’t sure of his actual situation

We heardthat Calebhas passed away?” 

This time, Kendric was truly irritated, you heard? Who did you hear it from?His tone turned sepulchral. Mr. Bates, I heard that your company is heavily in debt and is on the verge of bankruptcy. Is it true?” 

Caden Bates had a sour face. His company did encounter some cash flow problems, and he had to rob Peter to pay Paul. He had managed to keep the news under wraps, so how did Kendric find out

Caden Bates put on an awkward smile, it’s just a rumor, of course. How 

Chapter 106 

could you take such rumors seriously?” 

Kendric sneered, oh yeah, rumors aren’t trustworthy, then why did you rush here today to inquire about my grandfather’s condition?” 

Caden Bates tapped the table with his fingertip and fell into silence. He shot a meaningful glance on Kendric’s two uncles. Since Kendric entered the room until now, they hadn’t uttered a single word

Kendric’s uncle took a relatively polite tone, since that’s a rumor, and your grandfather is in good condition, we can rest assured.” 

Kendric coldshouldered him

ButKendric, there’s also news that you fell illhis another uncle added 

with a concerned tone, is it serious?” 

Kendric interlocked his hands on the table. Uncle, what do you mean? You 

think I shouldn’t be here right now and should be in a hospital ward?” 

No, no, we are genuinely concerned about you. You grew up without a father, and your grandfather is now getting old. Your mother is not around, and 

you don’t have anyone to take care of you. Weare really worried about you

Perhaps it’s better to let you mother move back” 

They were deliberately poking at Kendric’s sore spots

Back then, when he made the decision to send his mother back to Quinn 

family, many people criticized him behind his back for being heartless. Later

he was openly rejected by Celeste in their engagement party, and now his 

grandfather fell seriously ill. One by one, they left him. Everyone said he was 

cursed to be alone

Chapter 106 

Although Kendric never showed that he cared about these gossips, actually 

he did put them in heart

The hall was silent, and Kendric gradually tightened his fist

Mr. Quinn,Celeste said

Kendric’s father passed away early, but luckily he has his grandfather’s 

company over the years, so he is not truly alone.” 

As for Kendric’s motherit’s because she did some notsogood deeds that 

Kendric decided to let her move out. But her monthly alimony has never been


When it came to alimony, Kendric’s two uncles gritted their teeth. Initially

when their sister was still in Melville family, she allocated million dollars 

annually to Quinn family. Now, Kendric only provides a pitiful few hundred 

thousand dollars each month for Madelyn. Given her spendthrift nature, it’s 

only enough to buy a bag. 

Kendric’s uncles grew displeased and vented the anger to Celeste, who are 

you to speak here!” 

Celeste wore a smirk and raised her chin. Look at where I’m sittingMr. Quinn, do I have the right to give my opinion?” 

Kendric sat at the top center of the seating arrangement, and Celeste sat beside him

She added, so, the matters of Melville family will be resolved by us. No need for your excessive concerns.” 

Kendric raised his hand, and gestured Cade to prepare for the lunch


Other guests descended the stairs, except Caden Bates

He was a cunning fox, Kendric, don’t beat around the bush. I want to sell the factories jointly owned with your family.” 

Mr. Bates, according to our contract, you can’t sell those factories without my consent.Kendric chuckled, I might consider agreeing if you politely came to discuss. But today, you come with a group of people to pressure me, it really displeased me. Oh, and I remember you just said that the financial issue is just a rumor, so why do you have to sell the factories?” 

Caden Bates suppressed his anger, Kendric, you can’t forever keep your grandfather’s critical condition a secret, can you? He is lying in the intensive 

care unit now, and once the ventilator is removed, he will die

Kendric darted the tea cup in his hand toward Caden. It narrowly missed 

his cheek, and crashed to the floor

Shut up!” 

Caden Bates calmly wiped the tea off his cheek, I didn’t expect you to 

discharge from hospital just three days after the surgery.” 

He glanced at Kendric’s abdomen, they didn’t believe my words, so

brought them to you.He took a step forward, this strong facade of you won’t last long, right?” 

He touched Kendric’s coat, there should be gauze wrapped inside, right? Perhaps a gentle punch from me would make your stitched wound split open. Who knows, you might even bleed inside your stomach, and then you really will have to lie down for ten days or half a month.” 

Celeste was so shocked by his menacing words. Beads of sweat appeared on 

Chapter 106 

her forehead, and she immediately tried to pull Kendric away

Rudeened From Caced Love 

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/28/2023 Native Language: English
"Redeemed from Caged Love" by Karrin is a gripping novel that explores the transformative journey of love and freedom. Through compelling characters and intricate plot twists, the author weaves a tale of redemption and liberation, transcending the confines of traditional romance novels.  

 Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin


Redeemed From Caged Love After Celeste and Kendric's breakup, paparazzi captured photos of Kendric entering the mansion with a mysterious woman late at night. This caused a stir, and this wealthy family was bombarded by various media outlets. During a phone interview, the gossip reporter asked Added  

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Title:  Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English

Redeemed From Caged Love By Karrin/ Review

"Redeemed from Caged Love" by Karrin is a poignant tale that navigates the complex realms of love, redemption, and self-discovery. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a love that was once confined, like a bird in a cage, now seeking liberation. The protagonist, whose heart was once ensnared in the constraints of a suffocating relationship, embarks on a transformative journey of self-realization and healing. Karrin skillfully weaves a narrative that explores the depths of emotional entanglements, capturing the essence of a love that, at first, seemed unbreakable. The cage symbolizes the emotional barriers and limitations imposed by the past, and as the story unfolds, readers witness the protagonist's gradual liberation from these confinements. As the narrative progresses, the protagonist undergoes a profound metamorphosis, breaking free from the chains of a love that was more confining than liberating. Karrin delves into the complexities of human emotions, portraying the highs and lows of love, and the ultimate triumph of resilience. The story is not only a journey of redemption for the protagonist but also an exploration of the power of self-love and the importance of embracing one's true identity. Through vivid storytelling and evocative prose, Karrin paints a vivid picture of the protagonist's emotional landscape, inviting readers to empathize with the struggles and triumphs of the human heart. "Redeemed from Caged Love" is a compelling narrative that speaks to the universal themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of personal freedom. Karrin's storytelling prowess shines as the story unfolds, leaving readers captivated by the transformative power of love's redemption.


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