Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna Chapter 83

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna Chapter 83

Chapter 83

“Hazel’s at work,” Axel announced, walking into Ethan’s office.

Ethan looked up in surprise. He had initially told Hazel not to bother, to take the day off.

“There was an incident, one of the designs they were working on yesterday had an issue and came crashing down,” Axel explained.

Ethan frowned, absorbing Axel’s words, Concern etched across his face, he asked, “Is she okay? Was anyone hurt?”

Axel shook his head. “No one was hurt, but it’s a mess they need to sort out. I thought you should know.”

Ethan sighed, realizing the severity of the situation. The project was crucial, and any setback could have serious consequences. He had offered Hazel the day off, not anticipating such a turn of events. And that had to be why she had headed off to work.

“That would mean Liam would be at the hospital also, Daisy,” Ethan thought out loud with a smile. He could visit and spend time with the twins. One positive thing had come out from the disaster.

Axel sighed. “So we’re heading to the hospital, I guess?” He questioned, already knowing what Ethan’s answer would be.

“Yes,” Ethan affirmed.

Axel sighed. “I’ll take care of the renovations while you go play with kids,” Axel stated sourly.

Ethan ignored him completely. “You should have mentioned it earlier. Let’s go now,” Ethan said, standing up immediately to leave. The hospital visit seemed to brighten Ethan’s mood despite the challenges they were facing at work.

Liam couldn’t contain his restlessness, pacing around the room, eagerly waiting for the anticipated visit from “Mr. Princess”

The absence of their mom, Hazel, had left the atmosphere slightly different, and Daisy found herself trying to manage her brother’s impatience.

“Liam, go 

sit still. I can’t see,” Daisy finally said, her annoyance evident in her tone. Liam’s constant movement was blocking her view of the

Chapter 83

cartoon on TV.

But Daisy,” Liam whined, “you said Mr. Princess comes every day. Where is he?” His impatience was palpable, and the anticipation of meeting him was getting to him.

“He will come,” Daisy reassured him, a hopeful tone in her voice.

Daisy’s worry lingered as she wondered why Mr princess still hadn’t arrived. The idea that their mom and Mr. Princess might have had a disagreement weighed heavily on her mind. The memory of their mom’s upset voice the night before left her with an uneasy feeling.

“You don’t think mom and Mr. Princess had a fight, and he wouldn’t come see us anymore, right?” Daisy expressed her concern, her voice carrying a tinge of worry.

Liam, now equally concerned, asked, “What do you mean?”

“Mr. Princess was here yesterday, and Mom sounded upset,” Daisy


“Why? What happened?” Liam inquired, his concern mirroring Daisy’s.

“I dunno,” Daisy replied with a small shrug. “It’s just… she didn’t sound happy. I couldn’t understand, and then I fell asleep.” Daisy sighed, the worry evident in her young eyes.

The room fell into a somber silence as Liam and Daisy sat contemplating the absence of Mr. Princess. Liam, with a sense of defeat, finally stopped his restless pacing and sank into the cushions, propping his arms to support his neck.

“Hope he comes,” Liam murmured, his words carrying a mixture of longing and uncertainty. Daisy looked at her brother with empathy, understanding the shared sentiment. The anticipation of Mr. Princess’s visit had brought excitement and joy to their routine, and his sudden absence left a void in their young hearts.

Daisy reached out and placed a comforting hand on Liam’s shoulder. “He’ll come. Maybe he’s just busy today,” she offered, trying to inject a sense of hope into the situation.

“HeyEthan called from the door few minutes later.

Mr princessThey two squealed happily.

Chapter 83 

Ethan’s entrance brought an immediate wave of joy into the room. Liam, seeing his beloved Mr. Princess, rushed to him hugging his legs.

Ethan chuckled warmly, lifting the little boy off the ground. The room was filled with the sound of Liam’s giggles, echoing the relief and happiness at Mr. Princess’s visit.

Ethan approached Daisy, who still sat on the chair, her expression a mix of sadness and relief. “Hey,” he greeted with a small smile. Daisy looked up at him, her eyes reflecting the worry that had consumed her moments


“I thought you weren’t coming anymore,” she confessed, her voice carrying a hint of sadness that tugged at Ethan’s heart:

“Hey,” Ethan repeated, crouching down to be at eye level with Daisy.

“I’m sorry,” he sighed, bending to her height. “I should have been here earlier; something–came up.” He explained, realizing he had wasted more time than usual to come visit them. Initially, he hadn’t planned to visit, thinking Hazel would be at the hospital, but upon finding out she wasn’t, he was relieved he came. His absence, he observed, would have made them very sad.

“Is that why you looked upset when I came in?” He asked.

thought you weren’t coming anymore,” she explained with a sad look.

“Well, I’m here nowaren’t I?” he asked. Daisy gave him a small smile, nodding her head. He ruffled her hair a little bit, staring at the adorable little girl. Turns out, not only had he gotten attached to visiting daily, but she had too.

She still looked a little worried.

“I thought you and mom had a fight and you didn’t like us anymore.” She explained her eyes getting filled with tears.

“Dasiy.” He called softly then held her small hands

“I and your mummy didn’t fight, even if we did, I wouldn’t stop coming, Daisy. I promise,” Ethan said, sincerly and he meant it, he had absolutely fallen in love with these kids, he reached out to gently wipe away the forming tears on her cheeks. Daisy’s eyes widened at the warmth of his


Really?” she asked, her voice a mix of hope and uncertainty.


Chapter 83

“Absolutely. I’ll always come to see you and Liam,” Ethan affirmed pinching her Chubby cheeks.

Daisy’s eyes brightened as a smile slowly returned to her face. She nodded then hugged him.

“So, what do you want us to do today?” Ethan asked the twins.

“First, snacks,” Daisy corrected, giggling.

“Right,” Ethan replied, chuckling.

“I want cookies,” Daisy declared.

“And I want ice cream,” Liam added.

“Okay, let’s go,” Ethan said, hoisting Daisy into his arms and holding Liam with his other arm. The three headed straight for the elevator, the anticipation of a fun day evident in the children’s excited expressions.

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Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha's Regret: Pregnant, Rejected Luna" is a captivating novel that explores the resilience of a defiant Luna facing rejection. Brimming with emotions and unexpected turns, the story unfolds with a poignant portrayal of love, loss, and the strength found within one's own journey.

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Detail Novel

Title: Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna/Review 

Hazel had loved her Alpha, Ethan, for years, but they weren’t destined to be mates. After a one-night stand, she convinces him to marry her, hoping he will eventually love her, just like her parents who weren’t fated mates but fell in love. Believing his mate is dead, Ethan agrees to the marriage. However, months later, Ethan finds his mate. Suddenly, Hazel is shoved aside, framed, and accused of trying to harm the Alpha’s mate out of spite. Ethan plans to reject and divorce her. Just as he decides to do so, Hazel discovers she’s pregnant, a secret she must keep from Ethan, who now despises her and would demand an abortion.   To protect her unborn children, she misleads the pack into believing she isn’t pregnant and, knowing their father doesn’t want them, she flees. Three years later, Ethan unexpectedly encounters Hazel at the airport with two kids.*******”How old are they?” Ethan asked, his eyes filled with warmth as he gazed at the adorable twins.”They’re not yours. I had a pregnancy test before our divorce, remember?” Hazel replied, reminding him that the kids couldn’t be his, their dates and ages not adding up. Her words struck Ethan, she was right. The kids couldn’t be his. Yet, he couldn’t shake off the lingering connection he felt with them, nor could he forget Hazel, even though she wasn’t his mate. Her beautiful face stared up at him, stirring emotions he couldn’t ignore. As they faced each other, past wounds and untold secrets surfaced, leaving them both wondering if fate had more in store for them than they ever imagined. Review / Summery "Alpha's Regret: Pregnant Rejected Luna" is a captivating novel that delves into the complex dynamics of a werewolf pack. The story unfolds around an alpha who, in a moment of weakness, rejects his pregnant mate, the Luna. As regret consumes him, the alpha must grapple with the consequences of his actions, navigating the intricacies of pack politics and the profound bond between mates. The novel explores themes of love, redemption, and the enduring strength of the Luna, who faces the challenges of pregnancy and rejection with resilience. The characters are vividly portrayed, their emotions and struggles resonating with readers as they navigate a world where choices have lasting consequences. "Alpha's Regret" weaves a tale of transformation and growth, providing a nuanced perspective on the complexities of werewolf lore and the enduring power of love amidst adversity.


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