Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna Chapter 74

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna Chapter 74

Chapter 74

“Who’s the father of your kid’s, Hazel?” Ethan asked softl

Hazel was visibly take aback.

His question lingered in the air.

Hazel felt a surge of emotions, a mixture of surpriseanxiety, and a flicker of something deeper that she struggled to name.

The father of my kids,” Hazel echoed slowly, the weight of the unanticipated question settling in the air. The idea of Ethan finding his way back into their lives hadn’t crossed her mind. She certainly hadn’t imagined having to address this question from him one day. “Hazel?” He called snapping her out of her trail of thoughts. She met the searching look in his eyes, he was waiting intently for an answer.

The father of my kids, he’s staring at me right now. You’re the father, Ethan. But the words. remained locked within her. She couldn’t bring herself to say it.

“Why are you so curious about him, Ethan?” she finally responded in a low tone, her voice carrying a touch of defensiveness.

Taking a deep sigh, he continued, “It sounded like you were alone, you and your kids. Like they were all you have. Also, I’ve never heard the kids mention a dad.”

A heavy silence enveloped them, as if the room held its breath, witnessing the unearthing of long–buried questions.

“The man at the airport, he isn’t their father, I know that,” Ethan stated firmly, his unwavering.


“What man?” Hazel asked, her expression partly confused, a tinge of surprise coloring her features.

“That day I met you at the airport,” he responded, prompting Hazel to revisit a particular memory. “The man you were with. Nathan.” He jogged her memory with a touch of hesitancy.

You investigated me?!” Hazel’s voice raised a notcha mix of shock and indignation coloring

her words

“Hazel.” Ethan muttered, his tone tinged with guilt. The admission hung in the air, acknowledging that he had indeed delved into her life.

The man Hazel met upon her return to the country wasn’t her husband, nor did he to be the father of her kids. So who was?


“Why would you do such a thing?! My kids have nothing to do with you. They’re no business of yours, Ethan. How could you go behind me, poking around my life?!” Hazel’s words, fueled by a combination of frustration and a fierce protectiveness over her family, reverberated through the charged atmosphere. That was why she had felt watched the first few days upon retuning to the city. She could feel someone watching her and her kids. That was Fihan! The thought infuriated her.

She had no idea but Ethan had done even much worse.

Im sorry. I needed to be sure. I shouldn’t have Hazel. I’m really sorryEthan admitted, his apology hanging in the air.

Hazel sighed, the weight of Ethan’s admission settling around them. Discovering that

Nathan wasn’t their father wouldn’t have taken much research anyway, it wasn’t a guarded. secret. However, Ethan’s intrusion into her life unsettled her

“It’s not like it was a secret, but you have no right to look into me and my kids, she retorted. her words drawing a clear line. She was grateful to him and all, but that was one thing she wasn’t going to take, digging up things about her

“You returned to the country suddenly, years after being hidden. I couldn’t help but be curious. I initially thought the man with you was your husband and your kids father, but then I found out he isn’t. It didn’t matter, but when you mentioned being alone. I couldn’t help but wonder. That’s why. He admitted.

The kids, Hazel, who is he? where is their father

“He’s not part of our lives,” she stated, a declaration that resonated with both finality and a tinge of lingering emotion.

“How come? He didn’t know you were pregnant Ethan inquired, his silent frustration palpable, simmering beneath the surface.

– No. He didn’t know, and you still don’t know, she mumbled inwardly, a silent admission echoing in the recesses of her thoughts.

“He didn’t want them. Hazel disclosed, her words revealing a layer of pain and acceptance, Yet, within the confines of her mind, she couldn’t escape the echo: you didn’t want them.

What?!” Ethan’s eyes widened in genuine surprise.

“Hazel,” he mumbled softly.his tone sympathetic. The realization settling in. Hazel had indeed been alone. It left a bitter taste on his tongue

“How couldn’t he? A massive jerk he is!” Ethan stated angrily, his frustration finding a voice. “He’s married,” she revealed further, the admission hanging in the air.

-You’re married, Ethan,her thoughts echoed.

“Married?” Ethan questioned quietly

“Yes. So they’re all mine. My responsibility. I’m their mom and their dad as well,” she declared, her voice carrying the weight of both pride and vulnerability.

“So have I been alone? Yes. I’ve been alone,” she added, drawing in a shaky breath.

Glancing at Ethan, she clarified; “I don’t need sympathy. They’re the greatest things I’ve ever had,” she asserted, a smile gracing her lips even as her eyes betrayed the depth of emotion, tears brimming on the precipice.


my kids. I’ve never had anyone or anything to really call my own.

She couldn’t even find her mate. He husband rejected and didn’t want her. But she had her own kids now.

“For that, I’m grateful. And if I’ll be honest, I’m grateful their dad’s not in the picture. Yes, I’m selfish,” she asserted.

know,” she finished, the weight of her journey carried in those two simple words.

“It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. You did a great job, Hazel, all on your own,” Ethan reassured her, his words laced with genuine admiration for the resilience she displayed.

He has no idea what he’s missed out on, Hazel. Your kids are lovely,” Ethan stated honestly.

Hazel turned away, blinking back tears that threatened to betray the emotional depth of the conversation. Ethan’s praiseher lies became overwhelming threatening to break her resolve

Nathan wasn’t their father wouldn’t have taken much research anyway; it wasn’t a guarded secret. However, Ethan’s intrusion into her life unsettled her.

“It’s not like it was a secret, but you have no right to look into me and my kids,” she retorted, her words drawing a clear line. She was grateful to him and all, but that was one thing she wasn’t going to take, digging up things about her.

“You returned to the country suddenly, years after being hidden. I couldn’t help but be curious. I initially thought the man with you was your husband and your kids‘ father, but then I found out he isn’t. It didn’t matter, but when you mentioned being alone, I couldn’t help but wonder. That’s why.” He admitted.

“The kids, Hazel, who is he? where is their father?”

“He’s not part of our lives,” she stated, a declaration that resonated with both finality and at tinge of lingering emotion.

“How come? He didn’t know you were pregnant?! Ethan inquired, his silent frustration palpable, simmering beneath the surface.

– No. He didn’t know, and you still don’t know, she mumbled inwardly, a silent admission echoing in the recesses of her thoughts.

“He didn’t want them,” Hazel disclosed, her words revealing a layer of pain and acceptance. Yet, within the confines of her mind, she couldn’t escape the echo: you didn’t want them.

What?!” Ethan’s eyes widened in genuine surprise,

“Hazel,” he mumbled softly, his tone sympathetic. The realization settling in, Hazel had indeed been alone. It left a bitter taste on his tongue

“How couldn’t he? A massive jerk he is!” Ethan stated angrily, his frustration finding a voice.

“He’s married,” she revealed further, the admission hanging in the air.

-You’re married, Ethan,her thoughts echoed.

“Married?” Ethan questioned quietly

“Yes. So they’re all mine. My responsibility. I’m their mom and their dad as well,” she declared, her voice carrying the weight of both pride and vulnerability.

So have I been alone? Yes. I’ve been alone,” she added, drawing in a shaky breath.

Glancing at Ethan, she clarified; “I don’t need sympathy. They’re the greatest things I’ve ever had,” she assertedsmile gracing her lips even as her eyes betrayed the depth of emotion, tears brimming on the precipice.

“Before my kids, I’ve never had anyone or anything to really call my own.”

She couldn’t even find her mate. He husband rejected and didn’t want her. But she had her own kids now.

“For that, I’m grateful. And if I’ll be honest, I’m grateful their dad’s not in the picture. Yes, I’m selfish,” she asserted.

know,” she finished, the weight of her journey carried in those two simple words. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. You did a great job, Hazel, all on your own,” Ethan reassured her, his words laced with genuine admiration for the resilience she displayed. He has no idea what he’s missed out on, Hazel. Your kids are lovely,” Ethan stated honestly. Hazel turned away, blinking back tears that threatened to betray the emotional depth of the conversation. Ethan’s praise, her lies became overwhelming threatening to break her


Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha's Regret: Pregnant, Rejected Luna" is a captivating novel that explores the resilience of a defiant Luna facing rejection. Brimming with emotions and unexpected turns, the story unfolds with a poignant portrayal of love, loss, and the strength found within one's own journey.

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Detail Novel

Title: Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna/Review 

Hazel had loved her Alpha, Ethan, for years, but they weren’t destined to be mates. After a one-night stand, she convinces him to marry her, hoping he will eventually love her, just like her parents who weren’t fated mates but fell in love. Believing his mate is dead, Ethan agrees to the marriage. However, months later, Ethan finds his mate. Suddenly, Hazel is shoved aside, framed, and accused of trying to harm the Alpha’s mate out of spite. Ethan plans to reject and divorce her. Just as he decides to do so, Hazel discovers she’s pregnant, a secret she must keep from Ethan, who now despises her and would demand an abortion.   To protect her unborn children, she misleads the pack into believing she isn’t pregnant and, knowing their father doesn’t want them, she flees. Three years later, Ethan unexpectedly encounters Hazel at the airport with two kids.*******”How old are they?” Ethan asked, his eyes filled with warmth as he gazed at the adorable twins.”They’re not yours. I had a pregnancy test before our divorce, remember?” Hazel replied, reminding him that the kids couldn’t be his, their dates and ages not adding up. Her words struck Ethan, she was right. The kids couldn’t be his. Yet, he couldn’t shake off the lingering connection he felt with them, nor could he forget Hazel, even though she wasn’t his mate. Her beautiful face stared up at him, stirring emotions he couldn’t ignore. As they faced each other, past wounds and untold secrets surfaced, leaving them both wondering if fate had more in store for them than they ever imagined. Review / Summery "Alpha's Regret: Pregnant Rejected Luna" is a captivating novel that delves into the complex dynamics of a werewolf pack. The story unfolds around an alpha who, in a moment of weakness, rejects his pregnant mate, the Luna. As regret consumes him, the alpha must grapple with the consequences of his actions, navigating the intricacies of pack politics and the profound bond between mates. The novel explores themes of love, redemption, and the enduring strength of the Luna, who faces the challenges of pregnancy and rejection with resilience. The characters are vividly portrayed, their emotions and struggles resonating with readers as they navigate a world where choices have lasting consequences. "Alpha's Regret" weaves a tale of transformation and growth, providing a nuanced perspective on the complexities of werewolf lore and the enduring power of love amidst adversity.


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