Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna Chapter 67

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

As they sat down for a meal later that day, Hazel gently broached the topic that had been lingering in her thoughts. “Baby, you won’t mind staying alone or visiting Loulou at her ward while I go to work, and Liam goes to school, right?” she inquired, her concern for Daisy’s well–being evident in her eyes.

Daisy, with her innocent pout, contemplated the proposal ‘Okay” she agreed, her eyes lighting up with hope at the prospect of her anticipated visit from Mr. Princess. Hazel acknowledged her daughter’s response with a relieved sigh, recognizing that this arrangement would be beneficial for both of them. It was a decision made out of necessity. she had been absent from work for several days already. She couldn’t continue to take her colleagues for granted, she had a responsibility to them as well.

“Good,” Hazel affirmed, relieved Daisy didn’t mind the arrangement. Though the separation tugged at her instincts, she understood that maintaining a sense of normalcy, even within. the confines of the hospital, was crucial for Daisy’s well–being. Hazel couldn’t suppress a twinge of worry, but she reassured herself that this was a step towards resuming their routines and bringing a touch of normality to their lives amid the hospital’s sterile environment.

After gently settling Daisy in her ward. Ethan made his way to the hospital parking lot, where Axel patiently awaited his return. There was a subtle satisfaction in Ethan’s demeanor, a silent acknowledgment of the positive turn of events. Axel, perceptive as ever, couldn’t help but sense that their visits to the hospital were poised to become more regular.

As they embarked on the drive back to the office, the car became a cocoon of contemplative silence. The hum of the engine was accompanied by the soft rustle of paperwork scattered across the back seat. Ethan’s mind, undoubtedly, was navigating through the possibilities and challenges of the newly proposed school clinic, a venture that had seamlessly integrated itself into his responsibilities.

Ethan stepped out of the car as they arrived at the company’s building. The sleek glass facade of the building reflected the bustling city around them. Axel, however, had another destination in mind, the mall. His damaged phone from the previous night’s encounter necessitated a swift replacement.

“Get the copies of the Chevron deed. It’s with Bella; you can retrieve it on your trip to the mall, Ethan instructed, his tone carrying the weight of impending tasks. Bella’s office, strategically located near the mall, made it convenient for Axel to accomplish this errand. Axel nodded in acknowledgment. With a calm and purposeful demeanor, he drove off towards the mall.

Axel exited the electronics store, having successfully acquired a new phone, the document was very important and it was to be delivered to him by Bella himself. He has

communicated with her and she mentioned meeting a friend there and told him to wait for


Strolling towards the mall entrance, Axel found himself at the center of a bustling crowd. In the midst of the human flow, a woman emerged from the opposite direction, her hurried pace suggesting urgency. In an unexpected collision, she bumped headfirst into Axel. The encounter halted both of them momentarilyAxel, with his usual composed demeanor, extended a hand to steady her. “Are you alright?” he inquired, concern flickering in his eyes. The woman, slightly flustered, mumbled an apology

As Jasmine groaned and looked up, Axel’s features contorted from annoyance to shock. then settled into a puzzled expression. “You again?!” he muttered, his displeasure evident. “Hi, Jasmine replied awkwardly also in shock. Of all people at the mall she just happened to bump into him.

The mall, owned by Ethan, was strategically located in the heart of the city, surrounded by towering corporate buildings. Among these structures was the company where Jasmine worked.

The two familiar strangers stood there in a momentary pause. Jasmine’s lips parted several times, attempting to convey words, but each time she hesitated, unable to vocalize her thoughts. Finally, she closed her lips, her gaze fixed on Axel’s face. She noticed the small cuts, covered with bandages, and a twinge of guilt flickered in her eyes. Apologizing felt necessary, yet she was overwhelmed by where to begin..

With the conversation at a standstill, Axel decided to move off, heading toward the mall entrance to retrieve the deed Ethan had instructed him to collect. Jasmine, still lingering, observed him, contemplating the significance of their unexpected meeting.

“You’re at the mall,” she stated, breaking the silence and trying to initiate a conversation. Axel, without turning back, replied coldly. “I came to change my phone. After someone ruined it. The tone in his voice made Jasmine flinch; the weight of responsibility for the damaged phone weighed heavily on her.

“It was an accident. I really didn’t mean… Jasmine began her apology, but before she could finish, a cool voice interrupted. A woman sauntered over to where Axel stood.

Jasmine felt a sudden freeze coursing through her as she recognized the woman approaching Axel. It couldn’t be, she thought, attempting to reconcile the present with a figure from her past. It had been years, but she could swear she knew the person walking toward Axel.

Her eyes widened in a mix of familiarity and doubt. Could it truly be her?

The woman walked past Jasmine, seemingly oblivious to her presence, and headed straight for Axel.Doubt crept in, and Jasmine began to question herself. Maybe it was just a striking resemblance. Jasmine staggered away, her mind grappling with the possibility of a mistaken identity. There was no flicker of recognition from Bella’s side, no acknowledgment. The encounter left Jasmine shaken.

Bella, engrossed in her own thoughts and tasks, remained oblivious to Jasmine’s presence. As she exited the store after passing the documents to Axel, she idly watched Jasmine’s departing figure. A flicker of recognition tugged at the edges of her consciousness. Where had she seen that girl before? Bella furrowed her brows, attempting to place the familiarity of Jasmine’s features, especially from the back.

Where have I seen that girl before?” Bella wondered, trying to place the face. The nagging feeling of familiarity lingered as she attempted to recall the context in which she might have encountered Jasmine. However, the bustling mall environment and her own busy schedule made it challenging to pinpoint the connection.

Axel, having successfully collected the deed, turned around to find the girl who had bumped into him earlier. Scanning the area, he couldn’t locate her, leaving only a bunch of keys on the floor as a trace of her presence. Connecting the dots, Axel surmised that these keys must have slipped from her possession during their unexpected collision.

Releasing a heavy sigh, Axel couldn’t shake off the irritation caused by her apparent lack of awareness. Not only did she exhibit an eccentric demeanor, but she was also clumsy

Determined to return the keys and perhaps gain some clarity about the bizarre situation. Axel strode purposefully towards the exit of the mall doors.

As he stepped into the open air. his eyes scanned the surroundings, and there, he spotted her–her back turned, walking away at a slow pace. Axel, with a sense of exasperation. quickened his steps to catch up with her and return the misplaced keys

Axel called out to her multiple times, but she remained unresponsive, lost in her own thoughts. Reacting on instinct, he gently seized her wrist, breaking through the trance that seemed to have enveloped her. Her eyes, wide with shock and daze, met his concerned


“Are you alright?” he inquired, his brows furrowed with genuine concern. Her sudden departure after encountering Bella had been peculiar, and Axel couldn’t help but wonder about the source of her apparent distress. The encounter with Bella had clearly unsettled her way she with the way she had reacted, freezing in place as if confronted by an unexpected ghost from the past.

Jasmine’s gaze flickered with a mix of fear and disbelief as she uttered. That woman,” Axel. perceptive to her unease, recognized she was referring to Bella.

“What about her? Do you know her?” Axel questioned, observing the evident distress in Jasmine’s demeanor. There was something unsettling about the recognition that had dawned upon her.

“I… don’t know,” Jasmine replied, her voice laced with confusion. The woman seemed both familiar and elusive, leaving her in a state of bewilderment.

Suddenly, she clutched Axel’s arm, her fingers digging into his wrist. “She’s evil Dangerous. Do you have any business with her?” she urgently inquired, her eyes reflecting a mixture of fear and urgency.

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Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha's Regret: Pregnant, Rejected Luna" is a captivating novel that explores the resilience of a defiant Luna facing rejection. Brimming with emotions and unexpected turns, the story unfolds with a poignant portrayal of love, loss, and the strength found within one's own journey.

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Detail Novel

Title: Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna/Review 

Hazel had loved her Alpha, Ethan, for years, but they weren’t destined to be mates. After a one-night stand, she convinces him to marry her, hoping he will eventually love her, just like her parents who weren’t fated mates but fell in love. Believing his mate is dead, Ethan agrees to the marriage. However, months later, Ethan finds his mate. Suddenly, Hazel is shoved aside, framed, and accused of trying to harm the Alpha’s mate out of spite. Ethan plans to reject and divorce her. Just as he decides to do so, Hazel discovers she’s pregnant, a secret she must keep from Ethan, who now despises her and would demand an abortion.   To protect her unborn children, she misleads the pack into believing she isn’t pregnant and, knowing their father doesn’t want them, she flees. Three years later, Ethan unexpectedly encounters Hazel at the airport with two kids.*******”How old are they?” Ethan asked, his eyes filled with warmth as he gazed at the adorable twins.”They’re not yours. I had a pregnancy test before our divorce, remember?” Hazel replied, reminding him that the kids couldn’t be his, their dates and ages not adding up. Her words struck Ethan, she was right. The kids couldn’t be his. Yet, he couldn’t shake off the lingering connection he felt with them, nor could he forget Hazel, even though she wasn’t his mate. Her beautiful face stared up at him, stirring emotions he couldn’t ignore. As they faced each other, past wounds and untold secrets surfaced, leaving them both wondering if fate had more in store for them than they ever imagined. Review / Summery "Alpha's Regret: Pregnant Rejected Luna" is a captivating novel that delves into the complex dynamics of a werewolf pack. The story unfolds around an alpha who, in a moment of weakness, rejects his pregnant mate, the Luna. As regret consumes him, the alpha must grapple with the consequences of his actions, navigating the intricacies of pack politics and the profound bond between mates. The novel explores themes of love, redemption, and the enduring strength of the Luna, who faces the challenges of pregnancy and rejection with resilience. The characters are vividly portrayed, their emotions and struggles resonating with readers as they navigate a world where choices have lasting consequences. "Alpha's Regret" weaves a tale of transformation and growth, providing a nuanced perspective on the complexities of werewolf lore and the enduring power of love amidst adversity.


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