Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna Chapter 59

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna Chapter 59

Chapter 59

Axel’s day kicked off on a terrible note. The relentless yelps of a distressed puppy invaded his peaceful sleep, disrupting the tranquility of the night. The persistent cries echoed through his dreamscreating a dissonant symphony that refused to end. He stayed awake tossing and turning in bed. The dog finally took a short nap then woke again yelping even louder than before seemingly energized from the


Feeling a pang of concern for the canine, and needing to cease the dogs constant disturbance, Axel reluctantly abandoned his half–finished work and embarked on a journey to the local vet. The puppy, seemingly possessed by an incessant need to vocalize its discomfort, continued its relentless yelling all through the drive till they got to the clinic. Axel who was used to the solitude and calmness of morning drives now had an uncooperative and loud companion.

Upon arrival at the vet’s clinic, Axel deposited the agitated pup onto the counter, its cries escalating to new heights.

Axel, visibly frustrated, expressed his exasperation to the vet, “This creature won’t stop crying.”

The friendly vet approached the distressed furball. With a gentle demeanor, she engaged in a playful interaction while conducting a thorough examination. Although she had a hunch about the root cause of the pup’s distress, she diligently performed a routine check to ensure a comprehensive understanding.

After a considerable amount of time, the vet sighed, her smile revealing a mix of empathy and amusement. There was nothing wrong with the dog. She approached Axel, who had become engrossed in his phone during the wait.

“There’s nothing wrong with the dog. The woman said with a small smile. Upon learning that the dog was in perfect health, Axel felt a sense of relief, audibly expressing.

“Oh, good.” However, the mystery behind the incessant yelping still loomed,

tranquility, the puppy had disrupted Axel’s carefully orchestrated routine, introducing an unexpected symphony of bawling into his once serene. environment.

casting a shadow over Axel’s peace of mind. Aed to solitude and

“You’re sure it isn’t broken?” Axel quizzed.

“I mean if nothing is wrong with it then why won’t it stop yelping? I’m about to lose my mind,” Axel groaned, his voice tinged with genuine distress. The puppy’s presence had brought about an unwelcome shift, in just two days it had turned Axel’s life to something else. It was very demanding asking for attention in ways. he hadn’t anticipated, from having to care for something; from nurturing and feeding then to enduring the constant chorus of yells and whimpers. The adorable yet demanding creature seemed to have a knack for interrupting his

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Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

solitude. Axel’s eyes showed sincere weariness. He was drained.

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“He wakes up, he cries. After eating, the same bouts of yelling and whimpering. Once I put it down, the very same thing! It only goes silent sometimes when I pick it up. I can’t be holding a puppy every single minute…” Axel poured out his frustration, searching for answers to the enigma that had become his daily struggle.

Amid Axel’s exasperation, the vet calmly interrupted, “It’s a husky.” The words. hung in the air, leaving Axel with puzzled expression. Sensing his confusion, the woman elaborated, shedding light on the peculiarities of the husky breed. “They are really expressive and really loud. That’s just how it is.”

Axel, frustrated sought clarification, his voice echoing his exasperation..

“So, its yelling is normal? Not that it’s broken, or hurt or something?”

The vet, adopting a reassuring tone, replied, “Pretty much. Although when he grows up, he would get better. Now, it’s just an adorable little baby. Aren’t you a little buddy? Yes, you are. The puppy responded with enthusiasm, wagging its tail and playfully sticking out its tiny tongue, embodying the epitome of canine charm.

This was going to be a problem an expressive and vocal husky, a stark contrast to his accustomed quietude.

Curiosity sparked, the vet inquired, “What’s his name?”

Axel’s gaze lingered on the happily playing puppy. “He doesn’t have one.”


The puppy, engrossed in its newfound toy, displayed a charming distraction. As it frolicked about, the toy seemed to hold an enchanting allure, momentarily quieting the energetic husky. Then it hit him, the puppy was practically a baby. but it didn’t have any toys.

The woman, taken aback by Axel’s response, expressed a mix of surprise and curiosity. Axel, with a calm yet earnest demeanor, leaned in slightly and lowered his voice. “Listen, do you happen to know anyone who desperately wants a puppy?”

“Ah, a rescue?” the woman inquired.

“I found it on my porch,” Axel revealed.

“So you found each other, she stated, almost dreamily.

Axel went on explaining why he still had the puppy even though he didn’t want it “The shelters are full. They couldn’t take him in. So I’m keeping him for now.” The woman’s expression softened with understanding. “That’s really nice.” Axel sighed

The puppy, now thoroughly exhausted, yawned and stretched, its little pink tongue peeking out in an adorable display. Axel couldn’t help but chuckle at the cute sight, momentarily forgetting the chaos the little canine had introduced into his life over the past two days.

Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

“Sure you don’t know anyone who wants an adorable, bawling dog?” Axel questioned, a hint of desperation coloring his tone.

“I’m sorry, but no,” the woman responded sympathetically. Axel nodded in understanding, letting out another sigh

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“I should probably stop by a store to get earplugs,” Axel mumbled, expressing his defeat in dealing with the incessant puppy cries.

The woman chuckled, a glint of amusement in her eyes. “But I know how I can help you,” she declared, offering a potential solution to Axel’s predicament. “Oh good, you’ve got earplugs? That would be saving me a trip to the store,” Axel quipped, hopeful for a quick fix to the canine–induced noise pollution.

The woman laughed. “You are going to need earplugs. But huskies are a handful,” she warned, acknowledging the challenges of dealing with this particular breed. “Oh really? I never knew that,” Axel replied with a touch of sarcasm, realizing that his hasty adoption decision had come with unforeseen complexities.

“What do you feed him?” she inquired, shifting the conversation to the practical aspects of puppy care.

“The regular,” Axel replied nonchalantly, giving a shrug as if to suggest it was a simple matter.

“Okay, I’ll give you a list of dog foods and medications you’ll be needing,” the woman said, fetching a piece of paper to provide Axel with the essentials of responsible puppy parenting. “And you’ll need to bring him back in a couple of weeks, a month actually, to get him a vaccine,” she added, emphasizing the importance of routine veterinary care.

“Oh no, I won’t be keeping him that long.” Axel responded.

The woman regarded him with a thoughtful expression. “Here, just hold onto it in case,” she suggested, handing him the piece of paper. “I’ll keep it, for whoever takes and decides to keep him.”

Picking up the small dog, Axel headed back to his car, mentally preparing for the ongoing adventure and challenges that accompanied his unexpected role as a puppy parent.

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Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha's Regret: Pregnant, Rejected Luna" is a captivating novel that explores the resilience of a defiant Luna facing rejection. Brimming with emotions and unexpected turns, the story unfolds with a poignant portrayal of love, loss, and the strength found within one's own journey.

Read Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna

Detail Novel

Title: Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

Alpha’s Regret Pregnant Rejected Luna/Review 

Hazel had loved her Alpha, Ethan, for years, but they weren’t destined to be mates. After a one-night stand, she convinces him to marry her, hoping he will eventually love her, just like her parents who weren’t fated mates but fell in love. Believing his mate is dead, Ethan agrees to the marriage. However, months later, Ethan finds his mate. Suddenly, Hazel is shoved aside, framed, and accused of trying to harm the Alpha’s mate out of spite. Ethan plans to reject and divorce her. Just as he decides to do so, Hazel discovers she’s pregnant, a secret she must keep from Ethan, who now despises her and would demand an abortion.   To protect her unborn children, she misleads the pack into believing she isn’t pregnant and, knowing their father doesn’t want them, she flees. Three years later, Ethan unexpectedly encounters Hazel at the airport with two kids.*******”How old are they?” Ethan asked, his eyes filled with warmth as he gazed at the adorable twins.”They’re not yours. I had a pregnancy test before our divorce, remember?” Hazel replied, reminding him that the kids couldn’t be his, their dates and ages not adding up. Her words struck Ethan, she was right. The kids couldn’t be his. Yet, he couldn’t shake off the lingering connection he felt with them, nor could he forget Hazel, even though she wasn’t his mate. Her beautiful face stared up at him, stirring emotions he couldn’t ignore. As they faced each other, past wounds and untold secrets surfaced, leaving them both wondering if fate had more in store for them than they ever imagined. Review / Summery "Alpha's Regret: Pregnant Rejected Luna" is a captivating novel that delves into the complex dynamics of a werewolf pack. The story unfolds around an alpha who, in a moment of weakness, rejects his pregnant mate, the Luna. As regret consumes him, the alpha must grapple with the consequences of his actions, navigating the intricacies of pack politics and the profound bond between mates. The novel explores themes of love, redemption, and the enduring strength of the Luna, who faces the challenges of pregnancy and rejection with resilience. The characters are vividly portrayed, their emotions and struggles resonating with readers as they navigate a world where choices have lasting consequences. "Alpha's Regret" weaves a tale of transformation and growth, providing a nuanced perspective on the complexities of werewolf lore and the enduring power of love amidst adversity.


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