Mated in the Shadow of my Sister Chapter 71

Mated in the Shadow of my Sister Chapter 71

Chapter 0071

“What now?” he growls.

“Apologies, Sir. My mate wants to know if our hotel is in Honolulu, or if we are planning to go somewhere


James glares at me. “I already told you that we are going to Honolulu. We are also staying in Honolulu. Tell your mate that if she wants any more information, she can meet you in Kansas City.”

The implicit threat is clear. He wants me to stop bothering him. Got it.

Me: “James just confirmed that we are staying in Honolulu. He is not happy with me, though, so please do not ask me to ask him anything else.”


[happy face emojis]

Me: “What?”

Jessica: “Dr. Hyder told me that Lily and James are meeting at a resort in Kauai. And an omega the packhouse told me that she overheard the conversation between Luna Jane, Sheila, and James.

Sheila basically invited herself on the trip. James must be planning to take a connecting flight and to abandon you all in Honolulu. This is great!!!!”



“Yeah, except that you know Sheila. She wants to be Luna. She is not going to let James

out of her sight.”



[sad emojil “You are right. You have to do something, Joey. Help him. Distract Sheila

I think for a minute, and then an evil idea hits me. It’s so genius that I want to pat myself on the back.

I mind–link Aiden. “Hey, Man, sorry you got stuck in coach.”

“You owe me, Dude. The humans back here are gross.”

“What if I told you I have a plan to make it up to you?”

“I am listening.”

“You have always had a thing for Sheila, haven’t you?” I ask.

Yeah, so?”

“What if I was able to get you some private time with Shella during this trip?” 


“How are you going to do that? All she wants is James.”

“No, Aiden. What she wants is to be Luna. Do you really think his dick tastes better than yours?”

“F&&k you, Dude. All the ladies like my dick.”

“Exactly. All she needs is a little taste, right? Then she will keep coming back for more. I will keep James occupied, and you keep Sheila occupied. Got me?”

“Why would you do that?”

“Bros help bros, Man. Besides, I think it is only fair that one of us know what our future luna’s pu&&y

tastes like, no?”

Aiden chuckles through the link. “Okay, dude. Now I get it. I will bang our future luna in your honor, and I

will share with you all the details. Jessica will never have to know you asked.”

“Thanks for understanding, Man. Just roll with my lead the next few days, okay?”


He cuts the link.

Step one, done. Now, on to step two.

(James POV)

I honestly could have ripped Joey’s throat out when he tapped me on the shoulder for the third time in

twenty minutes. My nerves were already fried, and I had already spent much of the trip fighting with Luke

through our link about what we should and should not do when we see Lily again.

But then Joey told me that he had observed that I was getting annoyed with Shella. He said he wanted to

help me get some time by myself without her so that I could relax. At that point, I almost wanted to kiss

him. I had spent so much time fighting with Luke that I had not had time to figure out how to ditch the 

three of them and make my flight to Kaual without getting caught.

I asked

what his plan was. He told me not to worry about it and to Just let him take care of it.

I did not know if I should rely on Joey, but at the same time, I did not care what his plan was as long as it worked. Plus, worse case scenario, I would just figure out a Plan B and he could enjoy Kansas City.

Mated in the Shadow of my Sister

Mated in the Shadow of my Sister

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Released: 12/21/2023 Native Language: English
"Mated in the Shadow of my Sister" is a novel that explores complex relationships, secrets, and the intertwining lives of characters, set against a backdrop of familial bonds. The narrative delves into themes of love, rivalry, and self-discovery, unfolding in the shadows cast by a prominent sister figure.  

Mated in the Shadow of My Sister

James Anderson lost his future mate and luna, Stephanie, during a rogue attack. Stephanie's death left his entire pack in mourning; her death anniversary was even declared a pack holiday.Five years later, James discovers that Stephanie's younger sister Lily is his mate. But how can that be? Wasn't Stephanie supposed to be his mate? And would his pack even accept Lily as his mate and Luna—many have always blamed Lily for Stephanie's death, because Stephanie died trying to save Lily. For her part, Lily has lived in the shadow of her beautiful older sister for years. She knows very well that pack members and her parents wish that it was Lily that died that day instead of Stephanie. Lily had looked forward to the day that she would meet her mate and finally feel important to someone.Discovering that her mate is James is Lily's worst nightmare, especially when James reacts poorly to the discovery. Lily decides that she is unwilling to live in Stephanie's shadow any longer. She will not spend the rest of her life with a mate who wishes she was someone else. She rejects James, who all too quickly accepts the rejection.Soon afterwards, horrifying truths come out and James immediately regrets letting Lily go. He sets out to get Lily back and right the wrongs that have been done. But is it too late? Will Lily find love with James, or with someone else?


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