Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S Chapter 9

Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S Chapter 9



You’re late for breakfast. You won’t be getting any food today.Luna Opal announced when we joined them at the breakfast table. By then, their 

breakfast was almost finished. I thought it was the rule of the royal family, but in front of me, Zera came running and joined them at the breakfast

So, they had two types of rules for daughters and daughters- inlaw

Come on, Bri. Join us,” Zera said


She won’t. She is late for 

breakfast, and if she is hungry, then we are all almost done

She can have all the scraps left from breakfast.” 

Luna Opal,Queen Aviva, tried to interfere

She is going to be my daughterinlaw, Queen Aviva. I will appreciate it if you mind your own business.Luna Opal dismissed the matter and looked at me with a smirk

I knew what she was doing

She was taking revenge for the drama that I created at the party by bringing a mouse and introducing it as Apha Tristan


Rory, collect the scraps left from breakfast and bring them 

to my room. I will feed it to 

Alpha Tristan when he visits 

  1. me

Youuuu,Luna Opal growled and came rushing towards me, likely to hit me. And the 

moment she raised her hand to hit me, I grabbed it and broke it, not caring about the consequences of my action. Luna Opal screamed in pain while I quickly moved away from her

YouYou!!Luna Fern and Luna Kali growled at me, rushing near Luna Opal to help her, but none of them dared mess with me, scared 



that I might do the same with them

Leaving her in pain, I left from there with Rory

You shouldn’t have done that, Bri.” 

She is the mother of both the Lycan King and Alpha Tristan.” 

Well, even I was the Lycan’s king mate and Alpha Tristan’s fiancee,I wanted to say to her face, but I couldn’t. Before I could reach my room, my path was blocked by the guards, and the next thing I knew, I was thrown into a dungeon as a punishment for breaking Luna Opal’s hand


I didn’t know who announced that punishment for me; was it him

Well, I couldn’t blame him if he had done that because I had hurt her mother

No food or water was given to me till night. Luna Opal came later to me and assured me to forgive me if I apologized to him after eating those leftover dinners of the royal family

The hell that was going to happen was that, and I refused it right away. I would die before eating those

She is not allowed to sleep. The moment she will, I will allow you to force her to eat 


these,Luna Opal ordered to the guard outside the dungeon


As the day passed, I stayed standing, sitting, or leaning against the wall, making sure to keep my eyes open even though I was longing for sleep. My legs started to feel numb, and my body longed for food and water

I’m not hungry. I’m not feeling sleepy. I kept chanting in my mind

Where did you send me, Dad? Was this your way to get rid of me? Or was this your way to break my stubbornness


Either way, that wasn’t going to happen


What’s the update?I asked, feeling restless

The same, Kiel,My Beta, Wren updated. Hearing it, I clenched my fist in anger, as I was unable to do anything for my mate. If I did, then it would draw everyone’s attention towards my action, and I didn’t want everyone to learn that she was my mate or that I would have to reject her


Well, that was the plan. The moment I learned that she was my brother’s fiancee, I reached the engagement party. Though the party had almost finished, I had to attend it even for a minute. That was why I reluctantly left my mate in the woods and congratulated the new couple, only to learn that my mate was Tristan’s fiancee

My beast wanted to rip my brother’s head, but I had to control him from doing anything stupid and left there without meeting her

managed to convince him that we couldn’t fight in a family for a woman. That too, when she willingly wanted to 


marry my brother

I was all set to reject her at her welcome party, but all my thoughts about rejecting her vanished when I saw her. And 

like a coward that I never was

fled away 

away from the party. The pain was uncontrollable to see that the woman who was sent by the Moon Goddess for me was engaged to my brother

If that had been another person, then I would have killed him by now

So I decided to drown in 

alcohol that night

Surprisingly, I could sense her 

in the club as well, but

ignored my senses and was 


about to leave when a heel hit 

my head

I controlled my growl and wanted to break the hand that dared to throw heels at me, but before that, I wanted to kill my useless beta, who was looking around instead of guarding his. At the same time, another heel came flying in my direction, but before it could hit me 

again, Wren caught it

Bring that girl to me,I ordered

Please let it go, Lycan King. She is new in the pack and is drunk.I glared at him, hearing his words because it was clear 

that he was trying to protect 



someone. If he wouldn’t me that girl, then I would.

was pissed at my situation, at the Moon Goddess, and at everyone in the world

I wanted to pour my anger somewhere

Either at a man’s face or a woman’s hole, whatever I found first. That was until my eyes landed on the woman in gold dancing without heels

My mate

She was laughing and enjoying herself, but I could smell the pain that was hidden behind her fake mask. Immediately, I saw her whimpering in pain when another girl landed on 


her naked feet. I quickly 

reached by her side and swooped her into my arms. I took her off the dance floor. I forgot everything about her being my brother’s fiancee 

when she called me Mate,‘ 

Brother, you can take her. Pick someone else because she 

belongs to Tristan,Zera’s voice rang in my mind

Too bad, he isn’t here to protect this precious gold,’ I said, eyeing the goddess in my arms who was resting her head on my chest as if she had 

found her solace. I took her to my penthouse, as the whole building belonged to me


I wasn’t planning to take advantage of her drunken state or take her into that state 

because I was afraid that she 

might not remember anything in the morning

I didn’t know she had a habit of speaking so much. She tried to come close to me, which I rejected in the beginning. Out of nowhere, she started 

howling that no one loved her or wanted her. When I tried to calm her out, she started arguing, which I lost. I devoured my goddess softly and gently, something that I wasn’t sure I was capable of, but then it was her first, and I didn’t want to be hard on her


The next morning, I was all set to reject her. Not because I was done tasting with her, but because this mate bond was 

messing with my family relationship. I was positive that she would do the same after learning who I was

But my thoughts to reject her went flying out of the window when she told me how her wedding arrangement with my brother was baseless and was 

based on a deal between them.” 

That was the moment

decided not to let her 

  1. go

They’re thinking that it is easy to defeat a human girl, but she already survived five days 



without food, water, and sleep,Wren added. She is stronger than any omegas that I know.” 

If situations had been different, then I would have been proud of my friend for being so strong, but not at this moment. I couldn’t believe that Tristan was the one who was torturing her in this way by using my 


My lips thinned in anger, and I asked Wren to call Alpha Warren, asking him to send his loyal person who could serve Brielle and make her feel at home in this new place, along with keeping him updated as everyone knew that both father and daughter didn’t get along



Alpha Warren had already warned Tristan as a father that if anything happened to his precious daughter, then it 

would be a trade war between Lycans and Werewolves

This marriage alliance was also proposed after thinking about political reasons

In an hour, I learned that Brielle was shifted to the infirmary, and healers were asked to heal her as soon as possible so that she wouldn’t look like she got punished by 


You won’t like it after learning whom Alpha Warren is sending?Wren said


Lady Brielle’s stepsister, Jade,” 

Great! Just great!

I wanted him to send a hero for his daughter, and he was sending a snake




Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S

Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/21/2023 Native Language: English
"Lycan King's Unloved Mate" by Prachi S is a paranormal romance novel that revolves around the tumultuous relationship between a Lycan monarch and his neglected mate. Filled with passion, suspense, and supernatural elements, the story explores love's transformative power amid a world of mystical intrigue.

Lycan King's Unloved Mate By Prachi S

  Book Review Lycan King's Unloved Mate By Prachi S We shouldn't be doing this. This is... wrong," she whimpered as pleasure consumed her."And?""But... but it feels so good."*Brielle's father arranged her marriage with the Lycan King's brother, Tristan Deacon without her consent.She had no choice but to plan her elopement with her boyfriend Jameson, only to find out about his adultery with her stepsister, Jade. Hurt and angry by their action, she agreed to marry her arranged husband.She soon learned that her arranged husband was using her to get his first love. Feeling rejected, unloved, and suffocated with her life, she got herself wasted in a pub, only to wake up naked beside her fated mate, which she wasn't allowed to have the moment she agreed to the marriage alliance.She fled from there, returning to her arranged husband only to meet his twin brother, Ezekiel Deacon, Lycan King, the same man from the previous night, her fated mate.Caught between the ex-boyfriend, arranged husband, and fated mate, Brielle, who was once unloved, was now desired by all three of them.  


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