Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S Chapter 6

Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S Chapter 6



You mentioned earlier having a white mouse as your pet.She nodded her head. Great. Can you give him to me for tonight? I was to take him as a substitute for Alpha Tristan.” 

Bri?She looked at me as if I had lost my mind, but I was damn serious about it because 

this girl woke up and chose


After a moment, I was standing behind the closed door

holding Cheeseball, Rory’s rat, carefully in my hand. My 



partner was extremely cute, covered with white fur, and had beautiful red eyes

Red eyes reminded me of my mate. I shook my head, brushed his thoughts away, and focused on the current 


The guards at the door lower their heads in respect before opening the double doors

Announcing Alpha Tristan 

  • Deacon and his fiancee, Lady Brielle Lopaz,” 

Really? Didn’t they see that I was alone? But maybe they were asked to say so. But

knew how to turn the table and careless Cheeseball’s back 


before walking inside the big hall with my chin lifted high. I walked confidently with a smile

Whispers and murmurs started among the guests or pack members, whoever was watching me alone with a rat. I looked around and walked towards the former Queen and King because I didn’t know anyone there, but before that, Zera got me

I didn’t know my brother turned into a rat.She spoke playfully, looking at Cheeseball

We live in a world where anything is possible with 


magic,I said, playing along with her. I can’t believe that you recognize your brother even in this form,I said, acting surprised, to which she burst into laughter

Well, if I won’t recognize him, then who will? After all, I’ve known him all my life,she said between her laughter

I greeted Queen Aviva and King Everest, along with his other three wives, Luna Opal, Luna Fern, and Luna Kali. I looked around in search of the Lycan King, but he wasn’t 

around. But then, a king had a lot of things to do rather than 

attend a party


Queen Aviva was the King’s 

fated mate and the mother of Zera, while Luna Opal was his first wife and the mother of 

Lycan King Ezekiel Deacon and Alpha Tristan

I don’t see what Tristan sees in her.” Luna Opal sneered and glared at Cheeseball. Except for her beautiful face, she has nothing.” 

Maybe that’s the reason he decided to marry her. To warm his bed,Luna Fern 


But why marry when you can have different women on a daily basis rather than sticking with a weakling for a lifetime?” 


Luna Kali added I bit my tongue from speaking against them. I wasn’t expecting an enemy in the family, especially Alpha Tristan’s mother

Don’t mind their words. They are sexually frustrated souls who didn’t get a chance to taste or have Dad’s dick, unlike you

who will have all the attention of your fiancee,Zera said, rolling her eyes

Zera!! Zera! Zera!!Three women growled at her, but she ignored them by shrugging her shoulders. The perk of being the daughter of the previous king’s fated mate. I couldn’t help but recall that back in my pack, only I had the power to 



say whatever I could, and no one stood against me

Was it because of Dad

Come on, sisterinlaw! Join my group with my rat brother,she jeered, taking me away from there

Thank you!” 

Don’t be, because this is not the end,Zera said, and the same thing happened. Even after I joined her group, two of them pointed out how Alpha Tristan left me alone, while others enjoyed the fake story of Alpha Tristan turning into


Not only was Alpha Tristan not 


on my side, but his bed warmers and his whore made 

sure to show me where I belonged in his life. It wasn’t that I couldn’t answer them, but I wanted to see everyone’s true color. So, I maintained a fake smile and swore not to cry at my fate. I kept my chin up and my back straight in the party, facing everything that came my way confidently, even though it was breaking me from the inside

I was afraid that if anyone ended up asking, Are you okay?‘ 

Then I would end up howling, which I was planning to do when I was finally alone



I watched couples dancing and enjoying the night. I did the same by holding Cheeseballs in my hand and sometimes letting him run on my hand until my shoulder

Happiness was a choice, so instead of standing in the corner, I enjoyed spending time with my new little friend. After all, this party was for me, and leaving wasn’t a choice

After a couple of hours, Zera reached me and said, “Come with me. The party is almost over, and we’re not required here anymore.” 

I sighed in relief because I badly wanted to return to my 





YED (92 


room, but Zera started taking me in another direction

Where are we going?” 

Into my room.” She kept her answer short

Why? I mean to have some 


Don’t lie to yourself or to me. We both know that you’re going to cry.Zera retorted, The night has ended for old people but has just begun for young people like us.She added it with a wink. I had no 

idea whether she was a friend or a foe or what I was planning. She mindlinked Rory to take Cheeseball

Walking inside her room, she 


Chapter 6 

toll (92 

revealed two sexy onepieces 

in black and golden colors. She threw a golden dress at me

Get ready. We’re going to party the whole night.” 


Don’t be a cockblocker, Bri. I always wanted to have a sister, but I didn’t have any, so hurry up because we’re leaving within ten minutes, and I’m not taking no for an answer because no one dares to defy me,” she demanded

Okay!” I agreed even though, after Jade’s betrayal, my guards for both my sister and 

were up 

my sisterinlaw


After reaching the club,


up drinking, even 

though that wasn’t my plan. I wanted to feel numb and 

forget whatever happened 

tonight. In the next second, we both joined the dance floor to shake our booties. I was getting irritated by my heels, so I opened it and threw it away in excitement. I hooted when the song changed and the DJ played Where Have You Been by Rihanna

Even though I was enjoying the song, I couldn’t help but think about my mate. I kept looking at Zera from time to time, who was dancing near 


me, I didn’t want to get ditched by her

I hissed when someone’s heel landed on my naked foot accidentally, My step trembled in pain when that woman removed her heels from my foot. I moved back only to hit my back with someone. I turned around to apologize, only to see a handsome man with a pair of red eyes

Wait, red eyes

Before I could have tried to 

connect the dots, he scooped me up into his arms. His touch sent a shiver through my whole body. He was indeed my mate. A lot of questions 


flooded my mind in his 

presence, but I pushed those thoughts away. I stared at his beautiful face, forgetting that Zera was dancing beside me

I raised my hand, touching his cheek with my fingers to 

confirm he was here, and not only did I feel a little spark, but even his eyes connected to 


Mate,” I whispered

MINE,he snared. It was his beast who said that, and trust 


it was scary and arousing 

at the same time. I was 

thankful that I wasn’t standing

or my thong would have landed on the floor







Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S

Lycan King’s Unloved Mate By Prachi S

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/21/2023 Native Language: English
"Lycan King's Unloved Mate" by Prachi S is a paranormal romance novel that revolves around the tumultuous relationship between a Lycan monarch and his neglected mate. Filled with passion, suspense, and supernatural elements, the story explores love's transformative power amid a world of mystical intrigue.

Lycan King's Unloved Mate By Prachi S

  Book Review Lycan King's Unloved Mate By Prachi S We shouldn't be doing this. This is... wrong," she whimpered as pleasure consumed her."And?""But... but it feels so good."*Brielle's father arranged her marriage with the Lycan King's brother, Tristan Deacon without her consent.She had no choice but to plan her elopement with her boyfriend Jameson, only to find out about his adultery with her stepsister, Jade. Hurt and angry by their action, she agreed to marry her arranged husband.She soon learned that her arranged husband was using her to get his first love. Feeling rejected, unloved, and suffocated with her life, she got herself wasted in a pub, only to wake up naked beside her fated mate, which she wasn't allowed to have the moment she agreed to the marriage alliance.She fled from there, returning to her arranged husband only to meet his twin brother, Ezekiel Deacon, Lycan King, the same man from the previous night, her fated mate.Caught between the ex-boyfriend, arranged husband, and fated mate, Brielle, who was once unloved, was now desired by all three of them.  


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