Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara Chapter 7

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara Chapter 7

Adrian’s POV 

No. This is not happening. Why does the moon goddess keep fucking with me like this

Daxon keeps bugging me to go back to see her, he finally found his mate and I’m keeping him from her. He wanted to take over my body but I had to stand my ground. Rogues took something special to me, I can’t be with one of them

Mate doesn’t smell like them. She’s not wild or feral, she looked afraid of us. We did not even get her name before you stormed out of there, We need to go back and get her out of there, Daxon growled in my head and I blocked him out

I did notice all what he stated but it doesn’t matter. She might be a spy, she could be a witch, she could be anything sent to destroy us. I can’t allow myself fall into another trap again

I felt presence behind me and turned to see Nathan. Hey man, you good?, he asked, placing a hand on my shoulder

I don’t know how I feel about this whole thing, Nate. I’ve waited for my mate for a long time only to be blessed with a rogue, I think the Moon goddess is toying with me on purpose. I hung my head in sadness and Nathan just sat there and listen

I don’t know if this helps but I think she was genuinely running from something or someone. She was covered in blood that did not smell like hers when she entered the pack lands. Also, when I went to the dungeons before you came in, she looked really terrified when I tried 


to get close to her to ask her questions, Nathan sounded sincere, almost like he sympathized with the rogue

Mate has been hurt? I’ll find everybody that’s ever laid a hand on her and kill them without mercy. She’s mine and mine alone!, Daxon thundered in my head and I rolled my eyes at him 

I thought I blocked you out?, I sighed into the mindlink

We need to go and get mate! We need to talk to mate, we need to hold mate! I don’t want to be away from her any longer. Don’t make me forcefully take control, Adrian, it will not be good for everybody, he growled threateningly in my head and I mentally face palmed myself. I was about to reply him when I felt Mom trying to mindlink me

Adrian Lucas Woods!!! I need you back at the house now!!, She yelled in my head and I groaned. This is the second time Mom will get angry at me today. You’re having fun, Selene

I got to home and met a fuming Mom on the couch in the living room. Dad was beside her trying to calm her down and I took a deep breath before I moved towards them

I heard you found your mate, Adrian. Why is she not with you at the moment?. Mom said suddenly calm and I almost looked away in fear. A calm angry Mom is worse than the one that yells, that means Ezra is the one in control

Mom, she’s a rogue. The rogue that was caught on the pack lands today is my mate. You know what rogues took from us, I can’t allow myself fall for same thing twice. I tried to reason with her silently pleading to Dad that he should come to my rescue but he just sat still not saying anything. Great, I have to deal with two angry wolves

She’s your mate for moon’s sake, I don’t understand why you left her alone in that dungeon. I’m sure Daxon doesn’t agree with your 



decision. The situation was dillerent 8 years ago, Daxon tried to warn us but you were adamant. What is wrong with you, Adrian?. Mom said angrily and I just sighed in distress 

I can’t be with her. I don’t care what Nathan or my parents think. She’s dangerous, they’re all dangerous, she’s not any different

I want mate, human! We need to go and get mate. Daxon growled and moved around restlessly in my head, giving me headache in the 


Go, son. Go and get your Luna, as your father and Alpha, I command you to go get me the rogue, Dad said, using his Alpha tone on me

Another reason why I wanted to find my Luna carly. Father is still the current Alpha King even though the pack reports to me. He can easily control me with his Alpha tone and I don’t like it

Why are you still here? I said go and bring me the rogue!!. Dad growled at me. I growled back and went in the direction of my room, disobeying his orders

I sincerely wanted my mate. I want to hold her and cherish her forever but the circumstances surrounding it is holding me back. It’s like the Moon goddess is having fun playing with my love life

Why can’t I get a normal relationship with a normal mate? I want to be able to love my mate without holding back on anything or having suspicions about her but I get that is out of the book now

As I lay on my bed. I mindlinked Nathan. Where are you, Nathan, I asked once I felt him lower his barrier to the mindlink

I left for the pack house. Alpha. Is there a problem. he asked and I almost groaned with the order I was about to give him. Stupid mate 


Get the rogue and take her to the pack house. Find a befitting job for her, either as a maid or something. I don’t know. Just take her out of the dungeon. I reluctantly said

I didn’t want her to get out of the dungeon alive if I had my way, but Daxon wants his mate and Mother and Father wants me to be with her too. I hate my life

I’m going to go ahead with making Fay my Luna, she’s strong, beautiful enough, already understands what being a Luna entails and is not a motherfucking rogue

You’re not going to do that. Adrian! You won’t treat mate like she’s a slave, she’s our fated one we’re supposed to cherish and love forever and you’re not going to throw it out the window because of a stupid mistake you once made, Daxon snarled in my head

I’m mating with Fay the next full moon and that’s it, Daxon. We’re the Alpha King, we need a powerful female beside us to rule our people, not some weak rogue wolf. At least she’s going to be alive, I’m not killing her like I originally planned, deal with your emotions, man, I said to Daxon and cut off the mindlink

I’m going ahead with my plan. In two months, I’ll be mated to Fay, the rogue wolf should be thankful I even kept her alive

I got into bed and tried to get some sleep. hopefully I won’t have to deal with her again. I will reject her in the morning and everything will be over


Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
"Luna Lola: The Moon Wolf" by Park Kara is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of mystical adventures involving a unique protagonist, Luna Lola, who possesses a connection to the moon. The narrative unfolds with a blend of fantasy, magic, and suspense, creating an enchanting reading experience..

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara


Introduction Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

"You're the moon wolf, Lola. You're the wolf with the power of the Moon goddess", Serena said and collective gasps were heard in the room. After being rejected by her mate in Moonlit pack, Lola escaped on a full moon only to enter the territory of the next Alpha King who also happened to be her second chance mate. Adrian is the next Alpha King but he hasn't been able to assume his role because he needed a Luna by his side. A rogue that trespassed on his territory, whom he ordered be killed turned out to be his mate leaving him in a dilemma. Will Adrian reject Lola because she came into his territory as a rogue? Will he overcome what happened to him in the past and give Lola a chance or reject her and go ahead with Fay as his chosen Luna? What will happen when everyone finds out just how much power Lola wields and how she's supposed to protect her kind in an oncoming war? Find out in Lola - The Moon Wolf!

Detail Novel

Title: Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara


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