Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara Chapter 59

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara Chapter 59

Chapter 59 

Lola’s POV 

After Lyla spoke, the room fell into a pin drop silence. We all looked at each for a while before we all erupted into shrill screams of excitement. We all hugged her once, making her fall back into the bed

I was the first to remove myself from the tangle of human bodies and I pulled both Avianca and Lotana back by the collar of their shirts effortlessly so they wouldn’t hurt the baby growing inside of her since they were laying on her front side

You guys are not trying to squeeze the baby out of her, no?I asked both of them sternly and they pouted. I swear, you guys act like toddlers sometimes I wonder how I got stuck with you, I said and Avianca stuck her tongue out at me while Lotana rolled her eyes

When we realized that Lyla wasn’t saying anything, I went to fit down beside her and held her hands. What’s the matter, chica? This is one of your dreams, remember? You want to be mated to the one you love and give birth to your pups at eighteen, nineteen latest. Why do you seem sad?I questioned her, trying to peer at her face but she kept her head downcast

Avianca and Lotana already stood in front of us with worried expressions on their faces. It was supposed to be a joyful occasion but Lyla was unhappy

She suddenly started crying and we were all shocked. Hey

Chapter 59 

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hey, it’s okay Lyla. You can tell us what’s going on, Aviancal said and we all waited expectantly for her reply but she kept on crying

Did Nathan say something mean to you or the baby, Lotana suddenly gasped out, I’m going to kill him, she turned towards the door. Lyla rushed up and dragged her by her elbow

No, please, he did not say anything to me. I haven’t even told him anything about it, she hiccuped. Why are you crying then?I asked her again and she looked up at me with teary eyes

I’m scared, guys, she sniffed. I’m scared I won’t be a good mother to this baby, she said, gently rubbing her ever flat stomach. I’m scared of failing as a mother. The fact that the responsibility of another soul will be on my shoulder is scary, guy, she said before bursting into tears again

Avianca pulled her into her chest and rubbed her back while she cried. That’s nonsense, Lyla, Avianca spoke up, you’re one of the most amazing people I’ve met and it’s going to show in every way you bring up your child, okay? And you have a very supportive mate and you have us“, Lotana and I nodded in agreement. We’re going to make it through this together, Lyla. We got you, she finished speaking and Lyla’s crying subsided

Sniffing, she spoke up again, Not to put pressure on Lola but we have to work hard to win this war, she looked at me with a pained look in her eyes and I felt like another boulder had been added to the weight on my shoulder

have to save everyone: I have to

Chapter 59 

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I plastered a smile on my face before I spoke, I might not know my full potential yet but I assure you that I will watch your baby grow before my eyes. I have to do everything within my powers to make sure you’re all safe, I said with a grin

And besides, I’m the Moon Wolf, add some respect to my name, I said with a flip of my hair and we all laughed

Ouuuu, that was such a great display of pregnancy hormones, Lotana said, earning her a slap on the shoulder from Lyla. That definitely was pregnancy hormones, it’s what anyone will do, she tried to defend herself

I definitely don’t see anyone crying here other than this feisty, pregnant shewolf, Avianca said and we all laughed while Lyla rolled her eyes at us before joining us too

We all joked and laughed all day before I decided to head back to the house as it was nearing nighttime already. We even missed lunch, we just munched on junks as we went through the day

Just as we got to the pack house’s living room, Fay came in with her minions supporting her as she limped. She saw me and rage overcame her face. She limped towards me and growled loudly but I just rolled my eyes

You! Look what you did to me, bitch“, she snarled but refrained from coming too close to me. At least, she learned her lesson, Jasmine laughed in my head and I almost laughed out loud too

Fay, it’s not so nice to see that you’re back, Lyla said to her. She glared at Lola before turning to face me with a killer gaze in her eyes

Chapter 59 

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I don’t know what you did to me or how you did it but I assure you that I’ll get back at you, I looked at her with a bored expression and it infuriated her further

She limped towards me but her minions stayed back. She was moving too close to me when Lotana spoke up. I wouldn’t move so close if I were you. You don’t want to go back to the room you’re coming from, do you?Fear crossed her eyes before she masked it and stood where she was

Whatever you do in this pack, watch your back, she snarled at me but I wasn’t fazed. I’m going to be the Luna of this pack and you’ll just be on the sidelines watching me without being able to do a thing, she laughed before turning back

I just pity you, that’s all. You’re a pathetic, power hungry she- wolf and it’s so sad to see, I said, earning gasps from people that were present in the room. What?She screamed as she turned back to face me

Just then, I smelled him before I felt him behind me. Fay’s eyes suddenly went from being murderous to loving and it was directed at the person behind me. Adrian. That psychotic, phony bitch

Adrian, she called out softly and I had the urge to punch her silly. Jasmine was trying to come out again but I reined her in. It was my battle and I was going to face it myself

Adrian, I called out to him. Yes, baby, he replied as he placed his hands on my waist. That simple gesture made the mad look in her eyes return and I smiled in satisfaction. She looked me in the eyes while gritting her teeth which made me smirk at her before turning around in Adrian’s arms

Immediately I turned around, I locked my lips with his, making 


Chapter 59 

gasps erupt within the room

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Chapter 60 

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

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"Luna Lola: The Moon Wolf" by Park Kara is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of mystical adventures involving a unique protagonist, Luna Lola, who possesses a connection to the moon. The narrative unfolds with a blend of fantasy, magic, and suspense, creating an enchanting reading experience..

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara


Introduction Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

"You're the moon wolf, Lola. You're the wolf with the power of the Moon goddess", Serena said and collective gasps were heard in the room. After being rejected by her mate in Moonlit pack, Lola escaped on a full moon only to enter the territory of the next Alpha King who also happened to be her second chance mate. Adrian is the next Alpha King but he hasn't been able to assume his role because he needed a Luna by his side. A rogue that trespassed on his territory, whom he ordered be killed turned out to be his mate leaving him in a dilemma. Will Adrian reject Lola because she came into his territory as a rogue? Will he overcome what happened to him in the past and give Lola a chance or reject her and go ahead with Fay as his chosen Luna? What will happen when everyone finds out just how much power Lola wields and how she's supposed to protect her kind in an oncoming war? Find out in Lola - The Moon Wolf!

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Title: Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
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Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara


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