Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara Chapter 44

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara Chapter 44

Chapter 44 

Lola’s POV 

It’s been a month since I got to Crescent moon pack. Let’s just say it’s been eventful. Since the day I got back from the clinic and went off like a bomb on Adrian, to be very honest, I was a ticking time bomb, I had not spoken to him till date

It’s not like he did not try to speak to me but I wasn’t having it. If he decided to be a dick, he might as well go fuck himself with it, I did not care

But you do, Jasmine interrupted my chain of thoughts and I would have smacked her if she weren’t a part of me. You’re so lucky you’re a part of me, I’d have smacked the living daylights out of you, girl, I said to her but she just laughed wolfishly

If you hurt me, you hurt yourself durhhhhhh“, she snickered at me and I rolled my eyes. Yeah, Jasmine and I have been. more vocal and friendly now. We now communicate more because she’s not always sleeping from taking my pain. Save the occasional heartache we get from resisting the bond for a while, we were perfectly fine and our scars were slowly fading

Rose would give me ointment to apply to my wounds. Turned out that the ointment I applied to my scars a day after Adrian’s misbehavior was given to me by him. Little things like that are what made me want to get together with him but when I remember the reason I had to use the ointment in the first place, I come back to my senses


Training has been going fine with Jayden. I have to say I’ve been impressed at the rate at which I was growing physically and mentally. Jayden said I’m easily one of the best students he’s trained so far and my head couldn’t help but swell whenever he says it

I’ve gone from basic workout to learning how to fight and spar. I could withstand getting hit now because I can definitely land a mean hit too. Jayden said I’d soon learn how to fight in my wolf form but I wasn’t ready to show Jasmine to the world

There’s always been a reason my parents told me to keep her hidden. I don’t think it’s a good idea to let her be known to the world now

People still think I don’t have a wolf, I don’t understand how that’s possible. Only the few I told I had a wolf know that I have a wolf

It will be so nice to finally be able to move freely and find the wind in my fur too, Jasmine’s voice cake through our 

mindlink and I facepalmed

Stop listening to my thoughts, Jas, I snapped at her but I felt her roll her eyes at me. I can’t help it. You don’t put up a block, with that I blocked her out

Rose had been very helpful and I was glad I had Lyla and her by my side. She had been the mother I never had and Lyla and the girls and I have formed some kind of sisterhood. They’ve always been supportive

We’d randomly go shopping or go to volunteer in the pack clinic. They said I needed to learn it as the future Luna and no 


matter how hard I refused, they’d always drag my ass with them whenever that went

As if on cue, my phone rang and the caller ID showed that it was Lyla. Yeah, I figured how to use it and many more, all thanks to the girls. I picked the call, put it on speaker and placed it on the bed

And why are you not here, yet???She yelled out and I was glad I did not place the phone close to my ear. My hearing has been so sensitive lately, I pick up even the tiniest of sounds, like the fact that Lyla was trimming her toenails as she spoke to me. Or that Adrian was turning around restlessly on his bed

Blame the mate bond, please

Jeez, girl. I’m almost done dressing up. I’ll be with you soon, I lied to her. I wasn’t done but she did not have to know that. Soon? Lola, I know you haven’t started dressing yet. I give you 30 minutes to shower and get your ass over here before I come get you myself, she said and I almost giggled. She 

knows me so well

I heard the door open from her end of the call and two sets of footsteps entered the room. Is that Lola, is she almost here?Lotana was the one who asked. Pretty sure she hasn’t had her bath, Lyla replied

You haven’t taken your bath when my coming of age ceremony is just 4 hours away. You should have been here since morning. We’re the ALLL, remember?Avianca whined and I laughed

I promise you that I’d be there in 30 minutes. See you soon, guys, without waiting for a response, I hung up and shot into 

the bathroom to do my routine

It was a quick shower and I packed my clothes into a bag so I could go and get ready with the girls. I met Rose on my way out and told her I was going to get ready with the girls. We hugged before I left

I ran the distance from the house to the pack house in less. than 5 minutes, barely breaking a sweat nor out of breath. Yayyyyyy, Jayden would have been proud to see that

I was greeted by Jace and his mate, Greg as I entered the pack house. Yeah, that same Greg, who would have thought? Hi, gorgeous. Been a while since I saw you, he greeted me cheerfully and tried to leave Greg, who was holding onto him like a lifeline, to come and greet me but Greg wasn’t having any of it

Hey lovebirds, it’s good to see you guys too. Especially you, Greg, I teased and he became as red as a tomato. Hi, Lola, he greeted back shyly before grasping onto Jace more. I swear they’re inseparable anytime I see them

I was about to leave when Alex came in too. Hey Lola, looking extra nice tonight. Did you do something with your hair?He asked and I shook my head in disagreement. I noticed he sniffed the air quite a number of times and looked at me weirdly but shook it off

I’d see you guys around, I said before I dashed off towards -yla’s former room. She moved into Nathan’s house but we still meet here when we have a group outing

Hey guys, I greeted them as I entered and they all answered ne, even though I was chastised a little for being late. We all 

ressed up prettily

Avianca was in a strapless red gown that had no back, Lotanal was in a midnight blue gown that accentuated all of her curves, Lola looked stunning in her white gown that made sure all eyes were on her all night and I was in my signature black dress

We all did our hair and had minimal make up on. We left the room some minutes to 7 and all eyes were on us as we left the pack house. Or should I say, all eyes were on me? The guys we passed all looked at me with hunger in their eyes and sniffed the air like Alex did before

I shook it off and we entered the garden where the ceremony was to take place. We were altogether until Avianca had to go. on stage like Lyla did the last time

I suddenly felt hot but chalked it up to the black clothes | wore. I kept fanning myself and adjusting my hair that was almost reaching my back now. The heat was becoming 

unbearable by the seconds and I could feel my eyes trying to close on its own

I tried to tap Lyla but I couldn’t as I felt the heat turn into a raging fire, starting from my fingertips and consuming the entirety of my being

I screamed out disrupting the ceremony that was going on. I heard snarls and howls of male wolves around me and wondered what was going on

Lyla tried to touch me but she just made the pain worse, making me scream out again. She’s in heat, Lyla said to no one in particular. Jace and Greg were with us in a twinkle of an eye trying to wade off men that were coming towards me

What’s going on, what’s heat



Mate! I want mate!Jasmine whimpered in my head. As Jace and Greg tried to wave off the men coming towards me, a loud growl that shook the whole pack house was heard and everyone moved back from me

Someone held me in their arms and I felt slightly better. I opened my eyes to see who held me and it turned out to be Adrian. Mine! Mate!Jasmine kept chanting in my head

You can sleep now, baby. I’ll take care of you, he said to me softly and that was all I needed to close my eyes and be free from the pain


Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/16/2023 Native Language: English
"Luna Lola: The Moon Wolf" by Park Kara is a captivating novel that weaves a tale of mystical adventures involving a unique protagonist, Luna Lola, who possesses a connection to the moon. The narrative unfolds with a blend of fantasy, magic, and suspense, creating an enchanting reading experience..

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara


Introduction Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara

"You're the moon wolf, Lola. You're the wolf with the power of the Moon goddess", Serena said and collective gasps were heard in the room. After being rejected by her mate in Moonlit pack, Lola escaped on a full moon only to enter the territory of the next Alpha King who also happened to be her second chance mate. Adrian is the next Alpha King but he hasn't been able to assume his role because he needed a Luna by his side. A rogue that trespassed on his territory, whom he ordered be killed turned out to be his mate leaving him in a dilemma. Will Adrian reject Lola because she came into his territory as a rogue? Will he overcome what happened to him in the past and give Lola a chance or reject her and go ahead with Fay as his chosen Luna? What will happen when everyone finds out just how much power Lola wields and how she's supposed to protect her kind in an oncoming war? Find out in Lola - The Moon Wolf!

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Title: Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English   

Luna Lola-The Moon Wolf by Park Kara


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