Lisa was gone and I was seated behind a table in my home office, trying to work just to get the thoughts of her out of my head.


The feel and taste of her lips kept distracting me from work. I never felt like this. Work had always been first for me and nothing at all ever got into my head once I was working but now here I was, trying hard to get myself working while distracted by that thought of a woman in her twenties, a woman whom I should treat as a daughter.


But I had really liked the feel of her ass in my hand and her sweet moan. Fuck! How sweetly would she moan if I was to bury my face in between her legs and….


My phone rang, interrupting my thoughts and I was so glad about that cause what the hell had I been thinking about? I reached for my phone and grabbed it from the table.


It was an unknown contact calling and I narrowed my eyes at the numbers. With a hardened look, I picked the call and took the phone to my ear, staying quiet.


For the first few seconds, the other line was totally quiet until someone spoke up in a familiar voice.


“Hello, Lucius” he greeted and I leaned back into my chair.


“Why did you call?” I questioned.


“I heard you are back in the country and you are a billionaire now” he replied with a chuckle.


“Do you have anything to say?” I questioned in a stern voice.


“How many lives did you waste to get that much money?” He asked, his tone now stern as well.


“Just enough to get me here” I replied.


“There’s a huge job and I thought I should get you onto the job….”


“I don’t do it anymore. I stopped a year ago” I cut him off and the line went silent for two seconds before he burst into laughter.


“You don’t do it anymore? Since a year ago? You mean to tell me you haven’t soiled your hands in a year?”


“I don’t intend on getting back to it.”


“Lucius Devine is telling me that he hasn’t killed in a year. That is the last thing I would ever believe. You are always blood thirsty, you can’t stop. You know that, Lucius.”


“If you don’t end the call right now, I might get blood thirsty enough to drain life out of you” I threatened.


“Fine, I will end the call but I am sure you will be back soon. You can’t leave, you know it but by then you would have lost this huge deal” he said and ended the call.


I dropped my phone back onto the table with a groan and glared hard at the shelf of business books opposite me.


Once you are into dirty business, leaving was difficult. No, it was impossible. Yet a year ago, I had done the impossible and left the mafia.


But even I, Lucius Devine could not leave completely. Leaving completely would mean exposing my life to dangers and getting myself killed instantly. I was just inactive and I planned on keeping it that way until I fucking died.


I was done with the business that took everyone away from me but still I knew that Ronald was right, I was too blood thirsty to be completely done.




The next day




I and Francesca were in our usual cafe shop and Francesca would just not stop rambling on and on about how much I was going to like Bryant, the guy she was going to introduce me to.


“He is so fucking handsome and the girls he has been with all say he is good in bed!”


“A playboy?” I asked Francesca, frowning a bit.


“Nah, not a playboy. I would never introduce you to a playboy. He is a nice and loyal guy as I have heard” she replied and my face relaxed a bit.


I was here with Francesca but I could only think back at someone else.


“Oh, he is here” Francesca said excitedly, readjusting in her seat. I looked behind me and saw Bryant approaching me.


He flashed me a small smile as he walked over to our table.


“Hello ladies” he smiled at me first and then at Francesca.


“Hello” I smiled back at him and he glanced at the empty chair and then back at me.


“Oh, please do. Have your seat” I said quickly, getting what he was asking about.


“Thank you” he said sweetly and sat down on the chair opposite me.


“Bryant, this is Lisa, my best friend. And Lisa, this is Bryant” Francesca introduced us.


“Nice meeting you, Lisa. You look so beautiful now that I am sitting close to you” he said and leaned in across the table a bit more.


“You look very handsome too. Uhm… Francesca told me you are good looking and seeing you now, I do think that she is more than right” I replied and he chuckled.


“Seems like the both of you click really well, I should just leave the both of you be now. I have somewhere to be. You both should get to know each other better” Francesca gave me a quick wink as she got on her feet.


“Bye then” Bryant waved her and Francesca left.


“Uhm, Lisa. I see that you are only have a cup of coffee, would you like something else?” Bryant asked.


“No, not really but you should get something for yourself” I replied.


“That’s right but I am fine for now. Listening to your voice makes me feel better than any edible would make me feel right now” he said with a charming smile and hear me out, I would have fallen for those words. I would have liked his choice of words but the only person I could think of right now was my father’s best friend. Lucius Devine.


I couldn’t help but note how much deeper his voice was compared to that of Bryant. How taller he was and how much bigger his build was and I was just so sure that Bryant’s cock was in no way comparable to that of Lucius.


Damnit! The only reason I had come to see Bryant was in hopes that seeing someone else would make me stop thinking about Lucius and about how hard he kissed me last night and about how much I suddenly want that man. Yet, this clearly wasn’t working.


“Are you okay?” Bryant’s voice interrupted my thoughts.


“Yes, I am good” I replied him quickly.


“Glad” he mumbled.


“I have actually been seeing you around these past few weeks and I have been liking you a lot. You don’t know how happy I was when Francesca told me she would be introducing me to you.”


“You are one of the hottest guys in school and you have eyes for me?” I tried to act interested in the conversation as I also leaned closer, over the table.


“Is it that you don’t know how hot you look? Or you are just being really really humble?” He asked and I laughed softly.


“Do you have a girlfriend?” I brought up the question.


“No but I will be having one soon. You.” He replied but I couldn’t help but notice that he didn’t sound so confident with those words and even though he was looking right at me, his gaze didn’t make me feel even a quarter of what Lucius’s gaze made me feel.


‘This desire is sinful, Lisa. You should not be craving for your father’s best friend. You need to snap out of this. You need to get that man out of your head and build a relationship with Bryant.’ I scolded myself mentally, determining firmly that I would get Lucius Devine out of my head totally…..


Well, at least I thought I could.

Yes Daddy by Red Inkling

Yes Daddy by Red Inkling

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Artist: Released: 2024 Native Language: English

Yes Daddy by Red Inkling Read Online

"Good... I want to see you play with yourself and unless you have my permission, you can't f*cking c*m" "Yes, Daddy" * MONALISA I thought I had a problem being aroused. My ex boyfriend broke up with me for being insensitive to his touches and I thought I really had a problem with myself until I met him, Lucius Devine, my late father's best friend. He could make me wet just by staring at me and his slightest touches could make the 'insensitive' me shudder and c*m. Yet, he wanted boundaries, he wanted to be a father figure to me but I didn't want him as a father. I wanted him. I wanted him to be my daddy. I wanted to be his little submissive sl*t and I was going to break his boundaries until I become Daddy's Little Sub.


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